Could Obama’s support for Planned Parenthood be the reason support is slipping among Blacks and Hispanics ?

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Could Obama’s support for Planned Parenthood be…, posted with vodpod

Obama supports Planned Parenthood despite they are the nation’s top abortion clinics. They were founded by a racist Klan speaker and they are being accused by African Americans as targeting the black race for extermination.

From UPI:

U.S. President Obama’s approval ratings among blacks and Hispanics slipped in March, but both groups still approve of the job he’s doing, Gallup said Thursday.

Eighty-five percent of blacks and 54 percent of Hispanics asked said they approve of Obama’s job performance, but the ratings slipped to either tie or set new lows, results indicated.

Obama’s approval among whites, at 39 percent, remains above where it was in the latter part of 2010.

According to Gallup Obama, elected to office with strong support from minority voters, has averaged better than 90% approval among blacks, and 65% among Hispanics, during his term. Prior to March, Obama’s lowest monthly average among blacks was 88% in July 2010 and December 2010. The president’s 54% March job approval rating among Hispanics ties the low from July and August 2010.

The Fact that Planned Parenthood was founded in racism and the abortion lobby targets blacks has been documented in the film: Maafa21 now being viewed within the African American Community nationwide:

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