Black Genocide film Maafa21 motivates African Americans to take action against Planned Parenthood

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One Response to “Black Genocide film Maafa21 motivates African Americans to take action against Planned Parenthood”

  1. Thomas M. Hughes Says:

    I’ve been praying as leader of a group at the Planned Parenthood on Howard St. in Baltimore for several years, every week, from about 8:00 am till noon and have been hoping to find at least one black woman who’s willing to come during the time we’re there and counsel the women coming to Planned Parenthood to try to persuade at least some of them not to abort their babies. Our current active membership is all white and I thought perhaps a black counselor might have more credibility, as much of Planned Parenthood’s clientele consists of young, African-American women. Although not a counselor myself, I’m willing to be fully involved in any followup. In the past, when we had some full-time counselors, I’ve accompanied one of them in a visit to one of our mothers, bought her a computer so she could job-search, and Christmas presents for her children. I helped another one of our mothers pay her utility bills. I’m willing to do things like that, provide transportation to and from crisis pregnancy centers and more. I recently retired so I have the time and I’m in good health so I can get around. Right now it’s a very difficult situation because the other members have many other commitments with the result that I spend at least half the time praying alone. . We do not use graphic images. We have a poster depicting Our Lady of Guadalupe and a sign that says, “We are praying to end abortion.” We use prayer books compiled by Msgr. Reilly, who founded “Helpers of God’s Precious Infants” in New York so our prayers include a lot of Catholic devotionals like the rosary. If anyone would like to help, they can contact me at my email for more specifics.

    Tom Hughes

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