Parental Outrage oust Planned Parenthood from Knox County School

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Dozens speak about Planned Parenthood in Knox County schools
Posted: Mar 02, 2011 10:01 PM CST

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The controversy over Planned Parenthood in Knox County schools continued Wednesday night with dozens of passionate people speaking out at the school board meeting.

After complaints from parents, Superintendent Dr. Jim McIntyre recently decided Planned Parenthood and other outside groups would no longer be allowed to give sex education presentations to students.

“Planned Parenthood is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and it is prowling among our own children,” said Giannine Morris.

The parents who fought to get Planned Parenthood out of Knox County Schools still want to know how the controversial group got in the first place.

“To me, to allow Planned Parenthood to teach sex education in the public schools is tantamount to allowing the Ku Klux Klan to teach their radical racist wrong viewpoint of American history to innocent children,” said Barry Walker.

“Let’s not let anybody come back into our schools and tell them that anything other than abstinence only education works because it doesn’t,” said Matthew Parsons.
One of the complaints against Planned Parenthood was the graphic information available on its website and those linked to it.

“If you think these kids haven’t already been poking around the Internet the find out about sex, I think you’re naive,” said Ann Strange.

“I view sex as a confusing and sensitive issue for curious adolescents who have questions about changes that are occurring in their physical and psychological development. I do not view it as something inherently dirty or evil, a taboo to be swept under the rug while I stick my fingers in my ears and sing loudly, ‘Abstinence Only,'” said Julie Gautreau.

A Bearden High School student and Planned Parenthood peer educator was one of the last to speak at the meeting. “I think that as students, we have the right to information, no matter what it’s about, no matter how controversial it is,” said Kristin Maxwell.

Those opposed to Planned Parenthood are concerned about local teachers attending the group’s conferences with school funding. The superintendent said that is a possibility.

HT Fletcher Armstrong Blog: for this account:
Planned Parenthood: No child left beind?
Posted by Fletcher on March 3rd, 2011

Here are Shirley Moore’s remarks to the Knox County School Board last night:

My name is Shirley Moore and I live with my family in East Knoxville. We were among the first families to join the extended Magnet program. My children graduated from Austin East.

I witnessed the storm that ensued this Fall because a parent asked questions about a Planned Parenthood presentation at Hardin Valley. Sure enough she was ridiculed in the press in a poorly executed attempt at satire. When she called the administration, she was greeted with the sullen remark: “Oh, you’re that parent”. But I read in the plans for school reform that you “welcome parental input and community involvement.” Pardon me if I am skeptical after witnessing this.

Do I believe it’s settled because it’s reported in the news that “no outside presenters will be allowed to teach sex ed”? Well, I tried to believe it on Saturday. But then learned on Sunday that a Bearden health teacher was honored by Planned Parenthood as Runner-up for the “2007 Family Life Educator of the Year” award. This is the same person who would not claim any affiliation with them when asked recently. If the affiliation is honorable, why the reticence and secrecy?

Secrecy and deception are second nature here just as they were for the early founders of the sex education industry. Much of Planned Parenthood’s agenda is based on the ideology-driven research of Alfred Kinsey. In fact, Planned Parenthood and Playboy Magazine supported the Kinsey Institute in the early days. Today in 2011, the two institutes cited under “Research” at a Planned Parenthood regional website are: the Alan Guttmacher Institute and The Kinsey Institute. (

Scientists and medical researchers have refuted his dubious research for years. But Family Life Education is steeped in Kinsey mythology. Here’s Bill Taverner, director of the Center for Family Life Education at Planned Parenthood, featured on Kinsey Confidential, on the Kinsey Institute web site. (Printed web pages) (

And how did Dr. Kinsey get his own Institute at Indiana University? If you read his Kinsey Institute approved biography (Kinsey by James Jones, 1997), one reason was, President Wells wanted him off campus, because he was nervous about some of Kinsey’s partners. It became known to IU officials that Kinsey was collaborating with child predators. Predators sent Kinsey notes on the responses of children they were currently abusing.

One abuser was Rex King who introduced him to other deviants known as the “Rush Street boys” in Chicago. Kinsey engaged with them in sadomasochistic events in his home attic; he had his photographer commit the profane rites to film. (Also documented in the Jones biography.)

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. If you understand something about the obsessive perversions of Kinsey and those around him, you’ll understand why parents are perfectly right to question what is being taught their children and by whom.

The sex ed industry embraced Kinsey’s flawed data to support a shared ideology: Nothing is abnormal. Nothing: Alfred Kinsey’s long-held ambition was to wipe pedophilia off the legal books as a crime. Is it really a surprise that Planned Parenthood clinics can look the other way when victims of sexual abuse come through the door?

Any parent who questions the curriculum, where it comes from, who’s teaching and who trained them is smart. And deserves respect and answers that haven’t been forthcoming: Who brought them into the schools, who trained the wellness teachers? And why are they being allowed to continue the rest of the year? I never realized “unsuitable” had a sell-by date on it. If it was unsuitable last week, it’s unsuitable now, and it’s unsuitable tomorrow.

They are persistent. If Planned Parenthood didn’t get our children the first time around, they’re coming in the back doors of our schools for a second run. It gives new meaning to the phrase: “No Child Left Behind”.
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Get Planned Parenthood corruption away from our children.
Posted by Fletcher on March 2nd, 2011

Abortion for your child, behind your back.
Earlier tonight, more than two dozen citizens, including many parents of children in Knox County Schools, spoke out against the presence of Planned Parenthood (PP) at the monthly School Board meeting. Although PP has apparently been kicked out (for now), many parents are concerned that their corrupting influence will still endanger our children through teacher training programs and PP water-carriers in the Health Department.

As nearly as we could tell, few (three, according to a comment below) parents spoke on behalf of PP, other than their own staff members. That ought to tell you something. Of the next few days, FAB will publish the comments from many who spoke.

Here are my remarks:
My name is Fletcher Armstrong, a concerned citizen. Thank you for hearing my concerns.
Let me first acknowledge the decision to remove Planned Parenthood from our classrooms, effective at the end of the year. I urge you to make this removal effectively immediately. Planned Parenthood is the largest chain of abortion clinics in America and they make a lot of money at it. They should have no place in our schools to market their agenda and their “services” to our children.

Please don’t believe anything I’m about to say. Examine the evidence for yourself. Start with You will hear conversations between Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation abortion clinic personnel and a caller who identified herself as a 13-yr-old child, pregnant by her 22-yr-old “boyfriend.” This is statutory rape in every state. You will hear clinic workers acknowledge their own legal responsibility to report the evidence of this abuse, but still coach the caller to help them cover it up.

You could also visit and watch video of Planned Parenthood personnel offering to perform abortions on under-age girls, employing a “judicial bypass” as a way of getting around state laws that require parental consent or notification.
Put it all together, and you will see evidence that Planned Parenthood is willing and able to provide your children with abortions, behind your back. If your minor child is being abused, they are even willing to cover up the evidence and allow the abuse to continue.

Listen to the tapes. Watch the videos for yourself.

Beyond their deceptive business practices, Planned Parenthood promotes an unhealthy agenda for children. Their materials and philosophies are much worse than you think.

For example, consider the Planned Parenthood website On this website, teenagers are told that if you “trust each other,” “care about each other,” and “have fun together,” among other things, “you may be ready to have sex.” What sane parent would tell her 13-yr-old daughter that if she and any of her boyfriends “have fun together” and “care about each other,” they might be ready for sex? (Source:
(from I Didn’t Spew,

Consider the Planned Parenthood website, Take Care Down There (.org). In one skit, I Didn’t Spew, one teenage boy is engaging in oral sex. The adult figure walks over and gives his implicit approval of the activity. He complains only at the boy’s failure to use a condom. In the middle of this conversation, another boy stands up and wipes his mouth. Would you teach your teenage boy that this is normal sexual behavior? Before he goes out with his friends, do you encourage him to be this guy (standing there with his pants down) or this one (down on his knees)?

Some have tried to say that all of this is pretty tame compared to the other things that our children have seen. That’s beside the point. Yes, there are disgusting things on the Internet. The difference is that none of the porn merchants who put up those websites have been endorsed by the Knox County Schools as experts and role models. Until now, we haven’t promoted reckless sexual behavior as suitable for teenage “exploration.”
The effect of all of this, if not the purpose, is to break down all barriers and limitations on behavior. What has this gotten us? We used to worry about 2 STDs, now there are more than 25.

And rampant teen pregnancy. But not to worry. Planned Parenthood will perform your child’s abortion, and you don’t even need to know about it.
And why have they become so much more aggressive at marketing their “services” to your teens and ours? Follow the money. I’ve documented on my blog how Planned Parenthood could rake in billions of dollars by expanding their abortion business and getting taxpayers to foot the bill. (Source:

There’s a big profit to be made by marketing (first) sex and (then) abortion to our children, and Planned Parenthood is poised to get a huge share of it. It’s an outrageous conflict of interest.

Pam Strickland wrote a column in the News Sentinel entitled “Somebody needs to talk to kids about sex.” Maybe she’s right about that. Somebody should talk to them about smoking, too, but it shouldn’t be Philip Morris.

One more thing I have to tell you in all candor. I am the Southeast Director of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. At CBR, we expose what Planned Parenthood does.

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