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Strange Bedfellows: Wis. AFL-CIO Holds Rally With Eugenics founded Planned Parenthood

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Strange Bedfellows: Wis. AFL-CIO Holds Rally With Planned Parenthood

Over the weekend, the Wisconsin AFL CIO held a rally with Planned Parenthood. The two organizations stood in solidarity, opposing Gov. Scott Walker’s right-wing budget and unionbusting.

It might seem unusual that a labor federation which traditionally has shied away from such social issues would be willing to stand in solidarity with the hot button social issue of abortion. Many union members are social conservatives. Last year, the AFL-CIO refused to take a position on the Stupak amendment to the Affordable Health Care for America Act – the healthcare reform bill negotiated last year – which restricts women from using health insurance plans toward the cost of abortions.

So why, all of sudden, was the Wisconsin AFL-CIO standing strong in support of reproductive rights?

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