Utah doctor’s license suspended in Maryland over botched abortion

The Salt Lake Tribune

First published Jan 31 2011 04:54PM
Updated Feb 2, 2011 08:32PM

The Maryland Board of Physicians has accused a Utah abortion doctor of falsifying information on her license application — and of misrepresentations on her application to get into the University of Utah medical school.

The Maryland board had already suspended Nicola Riley’s license in August on an emergency basis after she allegedly botched an abortion in that state. The administrative charges filed on Jan. 19 would allow the board to proceed with further disciplinary action after an April 6 hearing.

Meanwhile, Riley is still licensed in Utah. Utah’s Division of Occupational Professional Licensing (DOPL) has been investigating since October whether it can take action against Riley’s Utah license, according to a DOPL spokeswoman.

In a written statement, the spokeswoman said DOPL “has an open investigation into Dr. Nicola Riley’s medical license and therefore cannot comment on Maryland’s case and whether it could impact Dr. Riley’s Utah medical license. … [DOPL] is concerned about protecting the public and has been actively working with our counsel from the Utah Attorney General’s Office to research DOPL’s legal authority in this case.”

Neither DOPL nor the Attorney General’s office would address why their investigation has taken three months.

The University of Utah is aware of the allegations, but doesn’t believe it has a role in the matter. “It’s not really a University of Utah School of Medicine issue,” a spokeswoman said.

In the recent charges, Maryland’s Board of Physicians alleges Riley misrepresented the extent of her criminal past in her application to be licensed there.

Riley did acknowledge she had been convicted of a felony while she was an Army officer based at Fort Carson, Colo., and had spent a year in Fort Leavenworth. She said two soldiers under her jurisdiction had committed credit card fraud and she failed to report their crimes. She said she pleaded “no contest.”

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