Another Pro-abortion man stands trial for attempted murder of girlfriend who refused his demand to abort the pregnancy


Report by KSBY:
The trial of Steven Smith began today in a San Luis Obispo courtroom, accused of shooting a woman pregnant with his child. The victim was allegedly shot by Smith three times back in November of 2009. She was struck by bullets in the face, head, and hand, but survived the attack. She gave birth to the child later that month who is now 13 months old. At the time, Smith was a volunteer assistant football coach at Paso Robles High school.

In opening statements from the prosecution Tuesday morning in court, they said Smith’s intentions to kill the woman were clear. “He shot at her five times…At close range,” said Deputy DA Andy Cadena.

His plan, according to Cadena, involved him showing up at the victim’s house with a 22 caliber handgun. “So with his boiling blood, these thoughts, these feelings of anger, he decides to go in and make final plans….He placed a pillow on her face, with the intentions of loving on her…Next thing you know, the victim is knocking away the pillow and she hears something. She hears a shot. She gets hit in the face. She gets hit in the chin. Then a second shot. She gets hit in the top of the head.”

A third shot hit her in the hand, while two others missed. The victim took the witness stand today and told of her relationship with Smith. She said they were not boyfriend and girlfriend, but had met back in 2008 and had sexual relations on multiple occasions since meeting. When she became pregnant, she claims Smith asked her to terminate the pregnancy. Unwilling to do so, the prosecution contends that Smith took the matter in his own hands and set forth to kill her, hoping to eliminate the problem.

The defense is expected to give its’ opening statements beginning on Wednesday.

Watch News Video Here

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