No death penalty for Pro-abortion man who murdered girlfriend and child

According to the Seattle Times article, Prosecutors won’t seek death penalty for man accused of killing girlfriend, infant girl

A Seattle man accused of shooting his girlfriend and their 13-week-old daughter days before Christmas last year will not face the death penalty because he is mentally ill, the King County Prosecutor’s Office announced Thursday.

Last year, Daniel Hicks, 30, used a .45-caliber handgun to shoot Jennifer Morgan at least 12 times and his daughter at least seven times Dec. 21 inside their home on Seattle’s Beacon Hill, according to charging documents. Seattle police believe Hicks reloaded his weapon at least twice to kill Morgan, 28, and Emma.

Family members believe Hicks murdered the woman and child because he had learned his girlfriend of nine years was pregnant, and he wanted Morgan to have an abortion. Morgan told her mother Hicks was upset the baby was a girl instead of a boy, charges said.

A spokesman for King County Prosecutor Dan Satterberg’s office said Hicks’ mental illness was a crucial reason for not seeking the death penalty. “The defense presented evidence from experts suggesting that the defendant may have been acting under extreme mental disturbance,” spokesman Dan Donohoe said.


One Response to “No death penalty for Pro-abortion man who murdered girlfriend and child”

  1. Yes, so the mental stress of the murderer is more important than taking the life of a girl and her daughter. Seattle is a super liberal state. So she should have listened to him and had an abortion?

    What does this say to woman who get pregnant and whose boyfriends or husbands tell them they want them to have an abortion. You better do this or you may lose your life?

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