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Super-sized locust swarms invading New South Wales

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Church to Hold Funeral for Baby Found Outside Planned Parenthood

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Gay film festival attacked by masked Islamic protesters

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Where’s All the Love and Tolerance from the Islamic community and will this get NATIONAL news ?????

Members of the Islamic Defenders Front threaten to burn down Jakarta venue if screenings continue, Wednesday 29 September 2010

An international film festival celebrating gay cinema was yesterday targeted by masked Islamic hardliners in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

The protesters, members of the Islamic Defenders Front, chanted homophobic slogans and accused organisers of the Q! film festival, now in its ninth year, of blasphemy, threatening to burn down a venue if screenings did not halt. The event, which is being held at foreign cultural centres in Jakarta, opened last week and was scheduled to run until Wednesday night. It aims to raise awareness of gay issues.

Festival co-founder and director John Badalu told the Jakarta Post he and his team were committed to running the festival according to schedule. “We’re still going to go on,” he said. However, organisers admitted last night that they had been forced to cancel some screenings.

Showings at the Goethe Institute German cultural centre, which was being guarded by police, would continue, said Dinyah Latuconsina, the centre’s programme assistant. But staff at the French cultural centre and the Japan Foundation said they would not be showing any further films.

In the past, the Islamic Defenders Front has smashed bars, attacked transvestites and targeted other groups it considers blasphemous with bamboo clubs and stones. Indonesia, a secular country of 237 million people, has more Muslims than any other country in the world. Though most are moderate and oppose violence, a small extremist fringe has become more vocal in recent years.

Badalu said previous incarnations of the festival had attracted little in the way of protest, but suggested that increased publicity surrounding this year’s event might have fostered the unwanted attention.

Obama Says Teachings of Jesus Christ ‘Spoke to Me,’ then Defends Abortion

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By Kathleen Gilbert
ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico, September 29, 2010 ( – Following reports of widespread skepticism over his professed Christianity, President Obama on Tuesday invoked the teachings of Jesus Christ as the inspiration for his public agenda, which he called part of an “effort to express my Christian faith” – and in his next breath defended the legalized killing of unborn children.

When a teacher’s assistant asked him why he was a Christian during a townhall Q&A in Albuquerque, the president answered, “I’m a Christian by choice.”

The president admitted that his parents “weren’t folks who went to church every week” and that his mother “didn’t raise me in the church.” “I came to my Christian faith later in life, and it was because the precepts of Jesus Christ spoke to me in terms of the kind of life that I would want to lead – being my brothers’ and sisters’ keeper, treating others as they would treat me,” he said.

Obama continued: “And I think also understanding that Jesus Christ dying for my sins spoke to the humility we all have to have as human beings, that we’re sinful and we’re flawed and we make mistakes, and that we achieve salvation through the grace of God. But what we can do, as flawed as we are, is still see God in other people and do our best to help them find their own grace.

“That’s what I strive to do. That’s what I pray to do every day. I think my public service is part of that effort to express my Christian faith,” he said.
But the president then jumped to defend the legal killing of unborn children when the same woman asked about regulating the procedure.

“Now, with respect to the abortion issue, I actually think – I mean, there are laws both federal, state and constitutional that are in place,” he said. “And I think that this is an area where I think Bill Clinton had the right formulation a couple of decades ago, which is abortion should be safe, legal, and rare.”

Obama exhorted the audience to “recognize” killing unborn children as “a difficult, oftentimes tragic situation that families are wrestling with.” “I think the families and the women involved are the ones who should make the decisions, not the government,” he said, adding: “I do think actually that there are a whole host of laws on the books that after a certain period, the interests shift such that you can have some restrictions, for example, on late-term abortions, and appropriately so.”

As an Illinois and U.S. senator, Obama never once voted in favor of an abortion restriction, supporting even the gruesome partial-birth abortion procedure and voting against a state law to protect infants born alive during an abortion.

Since ascending to the White House, he has solidified his 100% pro-abortion record by pursuing greater funding for abortion groups both overseas and at home. In crafting the federal health care reform, Obama’s administration worked closely with abortion giant Planned Parenthood, whom he promised in 2007 that reproductive health would be “at the center, the heart” of his health care plans.

Obama’s devotion to abortion is not the only aspect of a public agenda in plain conflict with the Christian worldview.

Obama has taken an increasingly aggressive stance against Christian values on marriage and the family by courting the homosexualist lobby, and has pushed for an end to the federal Defense of Marriage Act, the repeal of the U.S. military’s ban on open homosexuality, and gay adoption. Obama also successfully championed the inclusion of “sexual orientation” as a federally protected trait alongside race and religion in federal “hate crimes” legislation.

A survey by the Pew Research Center in August found that nearly one in five Americans believe Obama is a Muslim, and only one in three believe he is an adherent of the faith he claims; 43 percent said they were unsure. The White House shot back at the polls, claiming that right-wing “misinformation campaigns” had produced the results.

Yet skeptics likely remained unmoved when, after the Pew results were collected, Obama vouched for a proposed Islamic community center and mosque near the site of the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City. The president announced his support at a White House dinner celebrating the Muslim fast of Ramadan.

Christian leaders have expressed frustration at Obama’s claim to Christianity despite failing to attend church services regularly since winning the 2008 presidential election, including Christmas Day 2008 and 2009.

Hate crime charged against black men who beat a white teen for “enslaving our people”

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2 charged with hate crime in beating of teen

Two men are accused of committing a hate crime in the robbery and beating of a Seattle teen.

The Associated Press

SEATTLE —Two men are accused of committing a hate crime in the robbery and beating of a Seattle teen.

Ahmed Mohamed and Jonathan Baquiring have each been charged with first-degree robbery and malicious harassment, the state’s hate crime statute. Baquiring was arrested Tuesday evening; police are looking for Mohamed.

According to court documents filed this week in King County Superior Court, 16-year-old Shane McClellan says he was walking home from a party early on May 25 when two men asked him for a light. He told police the two robbed him and beat him for four hours, whipping him with his own belt. According to a police report, the two men, one black and one Filipino, made comments like, “How do you like it, white boy?” and “This is for enslaving our people.” McClellan is white.

Court papers say a police officer later encountered two men with dried blood on their hands and took samples. The state crime lab recently reported the blood matched McClellan’s DNA.

Republican and Democrat Elites tied to black genocide from abortion, so says controversial documentary

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Maafa21 DVD NEW WEBSITE According to one reviewer, a documentary called Maafa21 which details how the Elite has been targeting African Americans since the days of slavery has some juicy info in it regarding Elite politicians behind Black Genocide. Maafa21 begins in the mid-1800s with Francis Galton, the British statistician who coined the word “eugenics,” or “selective breeding as proposed human improvement.” From there, Maafa 21 weaves a chilling tale of the efforts of racists in the United States to eliminate African-Americans from the population. Hitler credited them with influencing his European agenda. Through the 20th century these influential bigots planned tactics such as injecting a sterilizing agent into public water supplies. The documentary explains how their racist efforts continue to the present day and provides a legitimate explanation of the relatively unchanged size of the black population as compared with other races in the United States.

Obviously guilty parties, such as Planned Parenthood, whose founders were deeply connected to Eugenics and even had ties to racism and the Nazis, are highlighted in the film, but Maafa21’s does not shrink from pointing the finger of blame at less expected perpetrators. Maafa 21 exposes support of the abortion industry and the eugenics movement from both Democrat and Republican sources.

So, I have listed a glimpse of some of Maafa21‘s guilty elites:


A 1913 letter written by Theodore Roosevelt to American Eugenics Society founder, Charles Davenport, Roosevelt writes, “society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind. ..Some day we will realize that the prime duty the inescapable duty of the good citizen of the right type is to leave his or her blood behind him in the world; and that we have no business to permit the perpetuation of citizens of the wrong type.”

Dwight_D._Eisenhower,_official_photo_portrait,_May_29,_1959 (1)

In 1965, former Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, complained that the United States was spending money to slow the population growth of responsible families while at the same time providing financial incentives for ignorant, feebleminded and lazy people to have more babies. He said that history would rightly condemn the United States if we didn’t link welfare to family-planning.


At that time, Eisenhower was the co-chairman of a Planned Parenthood fund-raising campaign along with former Democratic President, Harry S. Truman.

LBJ Sanger Award

Lyndon B. Johnson’s views were apparently shared by his Republican successor as well. According to the nation’s largest abortion clinic – Planned Parenthood: Lyndon B. Johnson in 1963, Johnson signed the Fulbright bill into law, which funded international population research and assistance. In 1964 Johnson said, “America’s progress toward a society of decency has been marked and measured by our attitudes toward the role and toward the rights of women.” Remembered for the Vietnam War, the War on Poverty, and the Great Society, Johnson was also the first U.S. president to back federal support for birth control in social welfare and public health programs (at the urging of a Republican representative from Texas, George H. W. Bush). Margaret Sanger died midway through Johnson’s presidency in 1966, shortly after the 1965 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Griswold v. Connecticut, which legalized birth control for married people.

In 1965, President Lyndon Johnson stated in a speech, that every five dollars the government spent on population control was worth more than a hundred dollars invested in economic growth. In 1966, Johnson accepted Planned Parenthood’s highest award (the Margaret Sanger Award) for his policies pushing family planning on foreign countries. (Sanger founded Planned Parenthood, was a racist member of the American Eugenics Society who admitted she gave a Klan Speech)

In 1966, (LBJ) Lyndon B. Johnson accepts the Margaret Sanger Award and it is mentioned that Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman are co-chairs of a Planned Parenthood honorary council- here
( SOURCE: Lodi News-Sentinel – Oct 10, 1966)

And here ( SOURCE: Tri City Herald – Oct 10, 1966 )

LBJ Birth Control Cited: “President Johnson has been the major force in shaping a virtual revolution in government thinking to help meet the global population crisis. ” Planned Parenthood- World Population ( Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Oct 11, 1966)

LBJ Faces up a Crisis: Johnson also stated, “Nations with food deficits must put more of their resources into voluntary family planning programs.” ( SOURCE: Lewiston Evening Journal – Feb 2, 1967 , from Johnson’s 1967 State of the Union Address )

1965- At the White House Conference on Civil Rights sponsored by Lyndon Johnson, NAACP’s Cecil Moore made this attack on population control, “ And I have noticed that every time that we talk about population and planned parenthood, the only country I find that wants to limit poverty by limiting the poor- they always want to do it in Africa and South America and Asia , but I never heard them talk about doing it in Paris or England. Then I hope I am not belaboring the point, but don’t take that away from Negroes because we don’t have much else.” ( SOURCE: The Historical Journal, Vol. 41, No. 1 ( Mar., 1998) pp. 259-282, The 1966 White House Conference on Civil Rights, by Kevin L. Yuill, quoting transcript records of the WHCCR)

Then In One chapter on Birth Control in Black Journalist Samuel Yette’s Book: The Choice

Yette exposes President Nixon’s White House Conference on Food and Nutrition of December 2-4, 1969. In Mr. Yette’s words it, “was worse than a farce.” President Nixon opened the conference with 3 recommendations designed to reduce the number of hungry people! He suggested no measures for the relief of hunger in America.

1. He wanted everyone to have a guaranteed minimum income of $1,600 a year. (This is less than welfare was paying at that time.)
2. A supposed expansion of the food stamp program that would be tied into and compliment the welfare reform package in #1. (His plan would have actually reduced the amount of food stamps. Less money + less food =more hunger.)
3. Provide family planning services to at minimum 5 million women in low-income families.

This last proposal was part of a plan formulated by Dr. Charles Lowe of the National Institute of Health. The plan recommended Congress pass a law that:

1. Made birth control information and devices available to any and all girls over the age of 13 with or without parental consent.
2. Allowed mandatory abortions for unmarried girls within the 1st three months of pregnancy.
3. Mandatory sterilization for any unmarried girl giving birth out of wedlock for the 2nd time.

In that book, Yette describes how black activist, Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer was there for the Conference on hunger. When she heard about the birth control proposals she grabbed about a dozen young black men, walked into the room, and demanded to be heard. She spoke about ten minutes on the evil results of this plan and the conference dropped it from consideration.

Listen to clips from Maafa21, of Richard Nixon’s conversation with his staff – defining who will support abortion:

NIXON: A majority of people in Colorado voted for abortion, I think a majority of people in Michigan are for abortion, I think in both cases, well, certainly in Michigan they will vote for it because they think that what’s going to be aborted generally are the little black bastards.

Nixon: … as I told you and we talked about it earlier, that a hell of a lot of people want to control the Negro bastards.
Unidentified Staff: Yeah
Nixon: Isn’t that really true?
Unidentified Staff: Yeah
Nixon: And the Puerto Ricans (Not Audible) bus station vasectomies

Nixon: You know what we are talking about – population control
Unidentified Staff: Sure
Nixon: We’re talking really – and what John Rockefeller really realizes – look, the people in what we call “upper class” control their populations. Sometimes they’ll have a family of six, or seven, or eight, or nine, but it’s an exception.
Unidentified Staff: Sure.
Nixon: People who don’t control their families are people in – the people who shouldn’t have kids.

Later the following tapes were released when Nixon said abortion should be allowed when the baby is between a “White and a Black”

John Ehrlichman, who was an assistant to President Richard Nixon, wrote that Nixon once told him that African-Americans could not really benefit from federal programs because they are genetically inferior to whites. Later, Nixon would label birth control a national priority and sign legislation to make it available as a service of the U.S. government. Then in March of 1972, the Commission on Population Growth and the American Future which Nixon had created three years earlier with the help of Congressional Democrats, began calling for the nationwide legalization of abortion.

Republican President Richard Nixon signed legislation establishing the Commission on Population Growth and the American Future. The bill authorizing this new initiative had been passed with overwhelming support from Congressional Democrats and was chaired by John Rockefeller. The Executive Director of the project was to be Dr. Charles F. Westoff who was also a member of both the American Eugenics Society and Planned Parenthood’s National Advisory Council.

On December 10, 1974, the United States National Security Council promulgated National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM-200), also called The Kissinger Report. This document explicitly laid out a detailed strategy by which the United States would aggressively promote population control in developing nations in order to regulate (or have better access to) the natural resources of these countries.

In order to protect U.S. commercial interests, NSSM-200 cited a number of factors that could interrupt the smooth flow of materials from lesser-developed countries, LDCs as it called them, to the United States, including a large population of anti-imperialist youth, who must, according to NSSM-200, be limited by population control. The document identified 13 nations by name that would be primary targets of U.S.-funded population control efforts.

Among the conclusions of NSSM 200 was that, “no country has reduced its population growth without resorting to abortion.” The authors of NSSM 200 then identified three non-governmental agencies that would be funded to carry-out the government’s population-control agenda in the targeted countries. One of those agencies was Planned Parenthood.

While the CIA and Departments of State and Defense have issued hundreds of papers on population control and national security, the U.S. government has never renounced NSSM-200, but has only amended certain portions of its policy. NSSM-200, therefore, remains the foundational document on population control issued by the United States government.

On the week Bill Clinton was inaugurated, he received this letter from attorney Ron Weddington. Weddington is the ex-husband of Sarah Weddington, the lawyer who successfully argued for the legalization of abortion in the Roe vs Wade case. The letter was in reference to Clinton pressuring the FDA to approve the abortion pill RU486, because, “ … 26 Million food stamp recipients is more than the economy can stand.” • “… you can start immediately to eliminate the barely educated, unhealthy and poor segment of our country. No, I’m not advocating some sort of mass extinction of these unfortunate people. Crime, drugs and disease are already doing that.” • “I am not proposing that you send federal agents armed with Depo-Provera dart guns to the ghetto. You should use persuasion rather than coercion.” • “Our survival depends upon our developing a population where everyone contributes. We don’t need more cannon fodder. We don’t need more parishioners. We don’t need more cheap labor. We don’t need more poor babies.”

The concept that abortion and birth control could be used to save the government money was well established by this point in history. In 1969, Joseph Kershaw who was a researcher with the U.S. government’s Office of Economic Opportunity, stated that the agency had closely studied the poverty issue and found that the single most cost-effective way for the government to address it was through “family planning.” In other words, through abortion and birth control.

And that sort of thinking is still very much alive today. On January 25th, 2009, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said on an ABC News program that the government’s economic stimulus package should include a large increase in spending for population control. She said that this would save state and federal governments the cost of having to pay for the health care and education of poor children. Not surprisingly, Pelosi has a 100 percent approval rating from Planned Parenthood.

In a 2009 New York Times Magazine interview , Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told Emily Bazelon that, “…I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.”

The “Populations” Ginsburg and the rest of the Political Elite referred to is clearly defined in, Maafa21. To find out more about this topic get the DVD Maafa21, which is almost 2.5 hours of incredible documentation. Below is the trailer for the film- I recommend seeing the film in full to really connect all the dots correctly !

Watch the film in full here

Obama: “I am a Christian” in a nation which is “no longer a Christian Nation”

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I’m a Christian by choice. My family, frankly, they weren’t folks who went to church every week. My mother was one of the most spiritual people I knew but she didn’t raise me in the church, so I came to my Christian faith later in life and it was because the precepts of Jesus Christ spoke to me in terms of the kind of life that I would want to lead. Being my brothers and sisters’ keeper, treating others as they would treat me, and I think also understanding that Jesus Christ dying for my sins spoke to the humility we all have to have as human beings, that we’re sinful and we’re flawed and we make mistakes and we achieve salvation through the grace of God.”
Mr. Obama went on: “But what we can do, as flawed as we are, is still see God in other people, and do our best to help them find their own grace. That’s what I strive to do, that’s what I pray to do every day.’’ Yet he said that as president, he also “deeply believes that part of the bedrock strength of this country is that it embraces people of many faiths and of no faith.’’

Obama In Turkey “We Do Not Consider Ourselves A Christian Nation”

“We are no longer a Christian Nation”

“Which passage of scripture should guide our public policy”

“My Muslim Faith”