Local Urban League and eugenic founded organization whose founder gave Klan speeches host “family event”

Titled by the media as : Family Fun Challenge Day at Columbus Park

Monday was the second annual Family Fun Challenge held by Planned Parenthood and the Broome County Urban League.

The free event featured arts and crafts,food, and games.

Several other social service agencies were also there, providing interactive games to “help foster family communication.”

One African American Women told the news media that, ” “It opened up my eyes on certain things that I really didn’t know about, you know, and to help other people know what their children, if something goes wrong I have like a pamphlet to show them like this is what’s going on, you need to go get help.” said Tonia Benjamin

But- I have to wonder if this woman knows the history of Planned Parenthood and their racist and eugenic roots. Perhaps if the Urban League educated her on this- she’d have her eyes opened in a whole new direction.

Does she know that in 1962, the National Urban Leaguerescinded its support of contraception, and so did many local NAACP chapters and that twenty-eight percent of the Blacks surveyed in the late 1960’s agreed that “ encouraging blacks to use birth control is comparable to trying to eliminate this group from society” (Source Medical Apartheid, by Harriet Washington)

In 1962 Marvin Davies, head of the Florida NAACP, rejected contraception as black genocide directed at them.

One Urban League leader, Whitney Young, revoked his group’s support of contraception and in 1963- Whitney M. Young, Jr. Executive Director, National Urban League, explained why blacks are suspicious of family planning, “Let me conclude by trying to explain why many Negro citizens are either suspicious of the motives of family planners or why they are reluctant to make the program a sole responsibility of public institutions, and are sometimes less enthusiastic about the program…First, the administrators of most public institutions are political appointees. It is a rare exception when a Negro is ever represented at policy level, and in some states the top administrators are well known racists..Second , since so few of the proponents of family planning including [Planned Parenthood] PPFA, are ever prominently identified fighting the basic problem of discrimination and segregation …either as individuals or through established agencies …many interpret this interest in family planning as designed more to control population expansion in this particular racial group and to reduce taxes, than to achieve a humane and social goal..

In a letter addressed to Planned Parenthood President, to Alan F. Guttmacher in 1966, one Connecticut Planned Parenthood associate admonished Guttmacher at how shocked he was to learn that blacks opposed their group “ Since the luncheon phase of the last board meeting I have been very much concerned. I do not know if your report was the bombshell to the others that it was to me, but the fact that the Urban League, NAACP, etc. were actively and vocally naming PP*WP [Planned Parenthood-World Population] a racist organization shocked me. I remember as long ago as 1935 hearing the then Catholic inspired reaction from the Negro community, “The whites want to keep our numbers down so they can rule us.” However, to hear this view point promulgated in 1966 by the leaders of the Negro group was a shock. More upsetting was the apparent acquiescent nod of the PP*WP spokesperson to the accusation. We can and should admit that our efforts have been geared toward the low socio-economic segment of the population-and probably the Negro population more than others…As to Negro board membership- Should a person be elected to the board because his skin is brown or yellow? Isn’t this also racism? Do the leaders of the Negro community have the time to give to Planned Parenthood over and above their other commitments? Let’s put the burden of cure on them and ask the leadership of the NAACP, CORE, the Urban League, etc. to submit names of qualified people to our nominating committee on the same basis as our affiliates…If we tell our story and stick to our viewpoint often enough we will be believed.

Then in on June 11,1970, The Black Caucus issued a statement of withdraw from the First National Congress on Optimum Population and Environment,
The Black Caucus has withdrawn from the First National Congress on Optimum Population and Environment because of unmistakably clear evidence that the purpose of this conference is to use these delegates invited to legitimize a preconceived vicious plan of extermination. This plan is one of systematic reduction of a specific population, namely Blacks, other non-whites, the American poor and certain non-white and ethnic immigrants.” The statement was presented to a Press Conference by Felton Alexander, National Urban League and chairman of the Black Caucus and Dr. Alyce Gullattee, Psychiatrist from Washington D.C.

A 1971 Planned Parenthood World Population memorandum issued to: Alan F. Guttmacher and John C. Robbins from Douglas Stewart, contained an article from Muhammed Speaks dated September 10, 1971. Stewart writes, “ The Community Affairs Committee members and staff are devising appropriate means of dealing with this communication problem. It must be noted that, thus far, the dialogue is not affecting the utilization of family planning services in the Black Community.”
The Article from Muhammad Speaks is entitled, “New Population Control Program disguised as ‘preventative medicine’,“ It exposes the fact that blacks were Upset by growing awareness that the imbalance between funds for population control and funds for health, housing, and education is a sign of a genocidal policy. It stated that the rich whites who want to reduce the Black population are coming up with population control disguised as “comprehensive health” programs, and read , “Muhammad Speaks learned from a [Urban] League source who objects to the program that the League is seeking a grant to try a “new approach to family planning outreach and follow up. The main trick in this “new approach” is to pretend to parents that infant mortality, mental retardation, malnutrition, poor education, poor housing and other real problems suffered by black citizens are caused by so-called overpopulation… The program which the League is embracing is, in the words of the proposal itself only an effort “to update and broaden” the attack against the Black population launched by the Rockefellers and other multi-billionaries whose sole interest is to reduce the number of US citizens seeking wages from the business enterprises run in the sole interest of a few wealthy whites. To participate in this genocide, to give it a Black “Stamp of approval” , the League and the well-known “revolutionary party” have joined in the grant proposal with the US Food and Drug Administration ( pill and IUD dispensers)…and other organizations that have never been known for their concern for the health of Black people.”

Suspicion of Planned Parenthood as an agent of Black Genocide did not end in the 60’s and 70’s – in fact, records now open from Planned Parenthood’s founding reveal that their board was full of American Eugenics Society Members and Margaret Sanger was buddies with the Klan and even admitted that she gave speeches to them in her autobiography.

A documentary has gathered much of this information together- it is called Maafa21 and it will reveal the proof that abortion, Planned Parenthood, and population control are all efforts at slowing the black population. I recommend that the Urban League referenced in the story above get a coy of Maafa21 before they link arks with the eugenics Planned Parenthood again !

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  2. […] prominent Black civil rights leaders, including Jesse Jackson, Samuel Yette, Fannie Lou Hamer, Whitney Young, and more who were suspicious of programs that pushed “family planning,” especially those […]

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