Another EXAMINER article promotes the eugenic founded/child killing organization of Planned Parenthood

Following an outright advertisement for Planned Parenthood posted in the Examiner (READ HERE) ‘The Examiner’ runs ad for eugenic founded pro-abortion Planned Parenthood’s sex museum fundraiser

This ad was for Planned Parenthood’s “Sex Museum” – yes – isn’t that a family event we all need to attend?

and in December of 2010 The Philadelphia Examiner printed this lovely push for donations to Planned Parenthood:
entitled: Turn $1 into $2 for Planned Parenthood and reads: “Several generous donors have offered to match contributions made to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America dollar for dollar. Contributions will be matched up to $500,000 until Dec. 31. Planned Parenthood Pres. Cecile Richards says the funding will help begin 2011 strong and ready to do what it takes to protect women’s health and rights.”

On August 15, 2010 , Examiner’s Laura Fontaine, has suggested in her article entitled, How does sex affect teens’ grades? New research shows mixed results, that Planned Parenthood is a good resource for teens. How could a place that kills more children from abortion be even close to being a good resource for parents about children?
From the article,

If you feel you need to brush-up your knowledge of human sexuality or want to learn more about talking with your kids about sex, Planned Parenthood of Arizona offers workshops on talking to your child about sex. They have three different types of workshops. One is on being an “askable” parent and focuses on parents identifying messages they learned about sexuality growing up and identify goals the parents have regarding their children and sexuality. Another workshop is “Parents as Sexuality Eductors” in which parents are taught about sexual development and examine their own values and attitudes regarding their role as a sexuality educator for their children. The third workshop they offer is a parent-teen night, which is an interactive workshop providing parents and teens a unique opportunity to go beyond the facts and have open communication about sexuality issues.

Perhaps Ms. Fontaine and The Examiner, need to do their homework…after all it is Planned Parenthood who is pushing for FREE SEX among young children As reported, a document, by Planned Parenthood called: Stand and Deliver, demands that children 10 and older be given a “comprehensive sexuality education” by governments, aid organizations and other groups, and that young people should be seen as “sexual beings.”

Young people have the right to be informed about sexuality and to have access to contraceptives and other services,” Bert Koenders, the Netherlands Minister for Development Cooperation, wrote in the foreword to the report. It was his organization that helped fund the report.

The report argues that sex education should be “recast” to show sexuality as a “positive force for change and development, as a source of pleasure, an embodiment of human rights and an expression of self.”

Much like a U.N. report released last August that advocated teaching masturbation to children as young as 5, “Stand and Deliver” has set off a wave of protest among religious and conservative groups.

The Examiner, should look at the website’s that Planned Parenthood created for children. Like Teen Wire and Take Care Down There. Also watch , Planned Parenthood behind sleezy sex ed program aimed at small kids

In addition, Planned Parenthood is ignoring the required laws to report suspected child abuse:

Not to mention the fact that Planned Parenthood has a racist and eugenic history as outlined in the powerful documentary: Maafa21

The Examiner needs to “Examine Planned Parenthood” a little closer and loose the love affair they seem to be developing with this evil organization !

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