Time uses graphic image of Afghan woman whose nose and ear has been cut off- for cover

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Time uses graphic image of Afghan woman whose n…, posted with vodpod

The Plight of Afghan Women: A Disturbing Picture

TIME Magazine Defends Use of Graphic Images

Columbus, OH – August 2, 2010 – The August 9, 2010 issue of TIME Magazine defends the use of graphic images in showing the brutality of the Taliban in their treatment of women.

Interestingly, TIME makes a case for children seeing these images as well.

This is part of the magazine’s rationale:

“I’m acutely aware that this image will be seen by children, who will undoubtedly find it distressing. We have consulted with a number of child psychologists about its potential impact. Some think children are so used to seeing violence in the media that the image will have little effect, but others believe that children will find it very scary and distressing – that they will see it, as Dr. Michael Rich, director of the Center on Media and Child Health at Children’s Hospital Boston, said, as “a symbol of bad things that can happen to people.” I showed it to my 2 young sons, 9 and 12, who both immediately felt sorry for Aisha and asked why anyone would have done such harm to her. I apologize to readers who find the image too strong, and I invite you to comment on the image’s impact.”
–Richard Stengel, Managing Editor, TIME Magazine

Could this same case be made for using graphic images to show the abuse of unborn children from abortion?

The pro-life group – Center for Bio-ethical Reform (CBR) argues “Yes” :

TIME, interestingly enough, makes the same case CBR has made for years. Photos of abortion need to be seen to understand the brutality of abortion.
Question: Why does TIME or any other mainstream magazine have a double standard when it comes to showing abortion in their publications?
Answer: Americans are not complicit in, or complacent towards the mangling of women, but they are responsible for millions of abortion deaths. Few Americans will defend the type of injustice visited on Afghan women by the Taliban, but millions of Americans are killing their children and TIME doesn’t want to offend that portion of their readership who support abortion.
Sadly, it is a simple as that.

One Response to “Time uses graphic image of Afghan woman whose nose and ear has been cut off- for cover”

  1. Kristine Says:

    It is horrific what women go through in Afghanistan.
    I believe the reason Time magazine won’t put graphic aborted babies’ pictures on their cover is because they have callous hearts and either believe the lie “a woman’s right to choose” or they have the mindset of the Maafa21 movie where they are racists and have no problem with black babies being killed in the womb.

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