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SHAME: Republicans shut down Tea Party because speaker was pro-marriage and anti-homosexuality

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Tea Party shut down by “Log Cabin” Republicans
By Cao on 7/27/2010

In other words…the homosexual activists pretending to be Republicans attempted to interfered with Brian Camecker’s and others’ right to free speech and right to assemble- (this is a prime example as to why they are not republicans…they support the leftwing hate crimes BS)…as Per Mass Resistance:

The Tea Party scheduled for this Sunday afternoon July 25, on the historic Lexington Battle Green has been canceled.

The organizers were forced to cancel the event by “Republicans” sympathetic to the homosexual movement and hostile to the parents’ rights movement that exposes the taxpayer-supported homosexual agenda in the schools. The main speakers, prodded by a socially liberal Tea Party (and Republican) activist, announced that because Brian Camenker of MassResistance was also speaking, they would not participate.

The cancellation was first reported in the local newspaper, the Lexington Minuteman. Eric Dahlberg, a left-wing Republican candidate for State Senate, told the newspaper “Some consider MassResistance a hate group, I don’t want to be within a mile of an event that gives someone like that [Camenker] a stage.”

Unbelievably, Dahlberg was followed by most of the other “conservative” speakers for the event, who contacted Tea Party organizer Jesse Segovia and told him that they would not participate if Camenker was included!

MassResistance has been a Tea Party favorite

Needless to say, this attack came as a bit of a shock. Over the last several months Brian Camenker of MassResistance has been the main speaker at Tea Parties in South Boston, East Longmeadow, and Chicopee, as well as being invited by its organizer to an exclusive Tea Party breakfast with Sen. Scott Brown (back when he was still popular with Tea Partiers). At all of those speaking events, Camenker and MassResistance were received extremely well.

Sunday’s Lexington Tea Party was considered a fairly major event, and people that we know of had been planning to attend from as far away as western Massachusetts.
Phony “hate group” excuse

The so-called conservatives used the excuse that MassResistance has been called a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a far-left extremist group. The SPLC has also targeted major immigration reform groups, Christian groups, Glenn Beck, Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Michelle Bachmann and the Tea Party movement itself. The SPLC has been widely discredited across the political spectrum for this kind of reckless and libelous activity. (See Item #2 below.)
Ironically, one theme of Sunday’s Lexington rally was to confront other phony “hate” charges — the NAACP’s absurd charges of racism and “bigotry” against the Tea Party movement.

( Editor’s Note- If they want to go by what the Southern Poverty Law Center says – look at the organizations SPLC calls “RACIST” who are connected to Planned Parenthood) Read: Planned Parenthood’s anti-immigration, population control eugenics supportersHere )

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I wonder if the Republicans will also shut down Tea Party events which have this Michigan Tea Party leader who has said that the (eugenic founded) Planned Parenthood whose racist founder gave a Klan speech s/b allowed to teach in public schools as long as they can.

Hear it in his own words: Q Video to 21:35 and then listen to the back and forth with Gene Cam of the Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots as he says he thinks it would be okay for Planned Parenthood to teach in the schools if the Tea Party is allowed to.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Weekly Edition – 4004 – 7/23/10, Off the Record…, posted with vodpod

Cam explains how Michigan Tea Party members will look at ways to teach public school students the origins of the U.S. Constitution. He said the idea is not to promote the Tea Party’s political views.

What we’re afraid of is individuals really don’t know where liberty, freedom and their rights come from, how the Constitution was written, the pain that went through in the summer of 1787 to write that and get it approved,” Clem said during a taping of Michigan Public Television’s “Off the Record.

He acknowledged there would be resistance, but said Tea Party activists would ask individual school districts permission, adding, “You just go one-on-one.”
Clem said other organizations should also be allowed to give presentations in schools, such even labor unions or even Planned Parenthood.
I think if there is a perceived lack of understanding within any school system, anybody should be able to do that,” he said.

I ask you- is this Tea Party Leader that naive and uneducated that he doesn’t know that Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion clinic chain and is being accused of black genocide from abortion? Is he totally clueless about the history and agenda of Eugenic Founded Planned Parenthood whose founders were racist American Eugenics Society members who had dozens of invitations to meet with and speak to the KLAN ? Why would ANYONE say that type of group should be allowed to teach in the schools?

Hey- Gene Cam – get some nerve and get educated – NOT EVERYTHING is about MONEY you know- some things are about HUMAN LIFE !

Planned Parenthood sets-up shop in minority neighborhoods and this has been their agenda since the eugenics founders began the organization.

It is about BLACK GENOCIDE – get it !

Or … perhaps – maybe they do !

Watch this clip from the 2.5 hour documentary about Planned Parenthood’s BLACK GENOCIDE- called: Maafa21, then tell me why anyone TEA PARTY, Democrat, Black Panther, Conservative, Liberal, Republican , or Libertarian would think this Tea Party leader’s statement statement was in any way a smart one !

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