New York Times reveals eugenics minded Abortionist wants to get rid of “unwanted children”

Abortionist Godfrey & the New York Times pt. 2
Submitted by James on Wed, 07/21/2010 – 9:19am
• Rockford Pro-Life

Very Disturbing Statement Made By Former Rockford Abortionist: Another statement by former Rockford abortionist Emily Godfrey in the New York Times may shine new light on the mind-set of Rockford’s abortion establishment, it’s supporters, and why abortionist Godfrey chose to work in Rockford.

This is a quote from abortionist Godfrey in the New York Times:

After graduation, Godfrey started her family-medicine residency in a hospital on Chicago’s West Side. It bordered gang territory. On her obstetrics rotation, Godfrey delivered baby after baby to poor women who seemed overwhelmed. Some were drug addicts. “Bringing so many unwanted children into the world, or children who wouldn’t be readily provided for because their mothers were on drugs or who were taken away at birth — well, that just solidified my feeling that I wanted to provide abortions,” she told me.”

The same abortionist who made the above statement was working in Rockford at an abortion mill that hung rubber chickens by nooses in it’s windows that some African Americans found very offensive. (Story Here )

Also, while abortionist Godfrey was inside this abortion mill ending the lives of children in the womb, this type of vicious, racist, profanity filled tirade by supporters of the Rockford abortion clinic was going on outside of the mill in support of what she was doing. Notice in the video how the abortion clinic warns the racist that the police are on the way so he can make his escape – and he does.
Be warned, this video is filled with racism and vulgarity.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

WARNING Very vulgar and offensive ! RACIST Pro-…, posted with vodpod

Combine abortionist Godfrey’s statement with these facts and it paints a very disturbing picture of people who seem to be more interested in eliminating the poor and minorities than they are in finding solutions to the conditions that keep people in poverty. Instead of eliminating poverty they want to eliminate, by killing them in the womb, the poor. See our previous story: More Lies From the New York Times

Just more proof that the pro-abortion crowd are racists- watch Maafa21 for proof of that:

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