Civil Rights? Dr. Alveda King and Pastor Stephen Broden on Glenn Beck

7-16-2010 Glenn Beck Show:





More on Stephen Broden and Dr. Alveda King in this blog – go to main page

Stephen Broden and Dr. Alveda King were both featured in the powerful documentary- Maafa21.

Maafa21 : New film exposes Eugenics and Black Genocide from Abortion

And now, a stunning new movie lays it all out with incredible documentation.

The film is called Maafa 21 and it exposes a plan to create “racial purity” that began 150 years ago and is still being carried out right now.

It’s about the ties between the Nazis, the American eugenics movement and today’s “family planning” cartel.

It’s about elitism, secret agendas, treachery and corruption at the highest levels of political and corporate America.

Maafa 21 will show you things the media has been hiding and politicians don’t want you to know.

So if you’re ready to see the real agenda behind “choice,” fasten your seatbelts …


Watch Maafa21 and get more on Black Genocide in 21st Century America:
(Short Clip:)

10 Responses to “Civil Rights? Dr. Alveda King and Pastor Stephen Broden on Glenn Beck”

  1. big papa Says:

    Alveda King and Stephen Broden do a great disservice to the memory and legacy of her revered uncle, Dr. King’s great memory and legacy, by allowing themselves to be used by the (racist) demonic forces at Fox Propaganda. Dr. King would NEVER have linked arms and marched with the mad klan murderer/bomber, Bobby Cherry, right after his bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church, without Cherry’s having made a very public, serious, penitent, show of contrition. Nor would Dr. King have embraced Bull Conner right after he had ordered the dogs and beatings of peaceful Civil Rights marchers, without Conner’s having somehow conveyed his serious transformation. Beck (and his ilk) are not repentant; they hate president Obama (and minority people in general) just as much today as they did when they first embarked on their campaign of divisiveness and white power promulgation. Shame on Alveda and Stephen for selling out to Satan!

    • Shame on YOU for speaking hate at the same time you mention g-d!
      and how dare you for rediculing Alveda and Stephan for trying to be human beings as we all should be. We are to be as Jesus, love UNCONDITIONALLY, remember how he was hated and persecuted and spit on and everything else that is not of love, well… dont be judging them and hating Fox news when you dont listen to it and if you DID you would see they speak truth. They ARE NOT racists only those speaking such words and finger pointing are ARE. Time is short, you need to reread your scripture….FAST! At least Alveda and Stephen try to be as Jesus, and so does glenn beck ,get off his case too! Some people just aren’t happy unless they can feed the hate-monger machine run by our gov and those supporting it. By the way, man asked for man to rule him and because they didnt like getting repremended right away as Gid did, so god said ( my wording read exodus) “ok you want man to rule and you think he can do better , here ya go. then maybe you’ll realize I KNEW what I WAS doing was the right thing for you!” and oh yeah God wasnt prejudise to what color we are, he just liked variety! peace starts with yourself and os odes love , if your have any hate or resentment then you cant contain love!

    • Shame on you, for judging Dr. Alveda, just because, unlike you, she judges by the content of the character not the color of someones skin.
      Until the black man learns that he is being kept a slave through intitlements, he will never be free.
      Why do you think that they keep building more and more public housing and projects in the ghetto? Because they care about black people? No! So that they will stay in there and not think about moving up.
      Wake up!

    • Vincent441 Says:

      don’t ya just hate it when they act all uppity? I know I do

  2. retired white female Says:

    Dr. Steven Broden’s explanations were excellent and illuminating. Dr. Alveda King is eloquent.

  3. Slapped Upside the Head Says:

    All three are great witnesses for the Lord & MLK’s Dream! I was really moved by Maafa21 trailers & learned sooooo much about the unspoken gov’t & “group think” controls & genocide of the African-American community. Here are my big take aways:
    – funneling of tax money to Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in poor urban areas & African countries – aka, high population areas
    – the largest cause of death among African-American children is abortion – higher than HIV & violence
    – flip-flopping of black anti-abortionists like Rev Jessie Jackson who changed his tune after he received big $$$ to run for President
    – the Nixon White House stopping free speech of journalist/anti abortionist Samuel F. Yette
    Yes,Republicans are screwed up BUT so are the Democrats – liberals, moderates & conservatives – all voting to funnel tax $$$ while telling us abortion is a Choice not a life. I would encourage all, regardless of your views on abortion, to checkout & follow the Pro Life Freedom Riders Trip this week (23 July 2010) to Birmingham.
    @ Big Daddy, I believe the founder of Fox was a Freedom Rider in the 60s. Bravo to the unsung heroes of the Black civic leaders who protested abortion in the 60s & 70s! Bravo to the Civil Rights martyrs & the brave Americans (all colors) who stood up against oppression. Bravo to the Heroes like these 3 Americans & on the airwaves who stand up against the new oppression & focus on America’s Right Thinking, Values, & tell us the Truth we know to be self evident….you know the rest!
    Please, let’s start looking @ the log in our own eye before pointing out the speck in our brother’s eye…I’m just loosing that log in my own eye!!

  4. I so enjoyed this program. It seemed nice to see what Martin Luther King Jr. was talking about, with you three there, in agreement.
    It’s not because of race, when we come against our President , the difference is morals and beliefs, and we choose truth over lies. (not the color of ones, skin, God created us all and his love is the same to each, what he created is good)
    God , said if they chose to believe a lie he will let them, so I tend to believe they know the difference, but they are after power or control more.
    Glenn, I truely believe what you are doing is because you are being called by God to bring this truth out for us. He said ignorance is what destory us and slowly, but surely we are being pulled down. you and your family are in my prayers. I am praying for your protection and asking God to put a shield around you and your family. I am also praying for your eyes…….you know that is the old devil, how else can he stop you, from doing your work, just believe God still heals and stand on God word he says ask and you shall receive if you BELIEVE, let God have the last word……… and not what the eye Dr told you. He is the same yesterday, today and forever and if he healed the blind in his day then he will do it today, because he is NO RESPECTER of man, as you know. He also says where there are two or three gather together in his name, he is in the midst, and there again ask, believe receive, so wait upon the Lord.
    I know you probably get a lot of goofy letters, but I truely believe God heals today because he has answered many of my prayers, by standing on his word and believing……………Keep up the good work and God bless you.
    Oh, I felt you was being set up, yesterday…………, when the lady was forced to resigned (sorry forgot her name) it was like they was putting it on rush, just to get her on the day before, why would they want her on when Alveda and Stephen was on with you…………what was the hurry.
    God , will show you. (let us know if you can,lol) A sister in Christ

    • WOW ! that s exactly what me and my sister said! abt Glenn. He’s been speaking more and more of God on his programs….GOOD FOR HIM! We pray for him and anyone he has on who stands for God such as and truth as ALveda and Stephen do and we pray for others eyes hearts to be opened!

  5. One person said:

    “…Until the black man learns that he is being kept a slave through intitlements, he will never be free…”

    Sorry, but tons of black people aren’t slaves and they don’t worship entitlements. Just because a black person is from the ghetto doesn’t mean that they are inferior or want to be dependent on others. They live there for many reasons. Also, many non-black people are poor as well, because they have lost their jobs, not because of idleness or laziness. Austrian economics don’t work and it doesn’t move me to accept it. Most people getting welfare are white people. See, that old entitlement stereotype is getting quite old since giving a person legitimate assistance is never evil at all. Also, Alveda King and Stephen should be commended on many things. Yet, allying with Glen Beck isn’t one of them. Beck is the one who disrespected 9/11 victims, called the victims of Hurricane Katrina scum, and believed that the President is a racist. He’s a Mormon too. So, I’m not naive to ally with the man. So, we shouldn’t strive to worship conservatism nor liberalism. We should worship God alone not a political party. Dr. Martin Luther King was radical. He opposed the Vietnam War and wanted a redistribution of economic power. He opposed Communism, but criticized unregulated capitalism as promoting selfishness and greed. So, Beck’s agenda is contrary in many respects to Dr. King. Dr. King did stress personal responsibility, but not personal denial of the economic exploitation of the world, especially people living in the Third World.

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