Republican and Democrat party leaders once again promote Eugenics

Seven Republican senators turn against Governor Christie to support Planned Parenthood
July 4, 3:50 AM • James Garton – Atlantic City Government Examiner

State Democrats and pro-abortion Republicans successfully passed NJ State Senate Bill 2139, which restored $7.5 million for family planning providers. Although, the bill does not fund the actual abortion procedure it will pay for: “counseling on reproductive choices and birth control method(s).”

Thanks to passage of the Obama federal health care reform law, New Jersey would receive $9 in federal reimbursement for every $1 the state spends for family planning services through the State’s Medicaid program.

The Obama federal health care reform law gave the state an option to expand Medicaid family planning services for individuals up to 200 percent of the poverty level. The 200 percent expansion above the federal poverty level means a woman making up to $44,100 per year could get federal and state funded counseling that could include a referral for an abortion.

New Jersey state Democrats and pro-abortion Republicans where so eager to come up with the $7.5 million that they raided the state employee prescription budget just to get the funds to funnel money to 58 family planning clinics in the state, 29 of which are run by Planned Parenthood.

Governor Christie had budgeted for an anticipated 10% rise in prescription drug cost for the state employee prescription plan. By reducing the 10% Christie cushion, the senators voting for S-2139 are hoping drug cost will only rise 6% despite a recent study by the: PRIME Institute at the University of Minnesota and the AARP Public Policy Institute, which showed drug prices rose by 9.3% in 2009. This study was reported by Emily Brandon in a November 19, 2009 article on the U.S. News and World Report Money site.

The bill also has a veto proof majority thanks to the seven Republican senators that turned their backs’ on their Republican governor. The seven include: Diane Allen, Kip Bateman, Jennifer Beck, Andrew Ciesla, Christopher Connors, Sean Kean and Robert Singer. What might be even more shocking is not only did these Republican members side with Democrats over their own governor, but three of the members are party leaders in the senate.

This may be Governor Christie first lesson in how quickly pro-abortion Republicans will forsake party loyalty and principals just to support the Planned Parenthood agenda, even if it means bankrupting the state or taking benefits from state employees.

Governor Christie is facing constant attacks and a hard fought battle against the Democratic majority. Can he really afford to have dissension from his own party? It may be interesting to see if this lack of Republican loyalty to the governor may result in a shake-up in party leadership or even a voter backlash.


Lest you think this is the first time Republicans supported Eugenics- Think Again !

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