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Oscar’s Cuba film about a pro-life prisoner of conscience

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Filmmaker Introduces World to “Oscar’s Cuba”
Miami film debuts on May 18 at Little Havana’s Tower Theater


Jordan Allott did not know much about Cuba and the dissident movement on the island. He also realized that the rest of the world outside of South Florida knew little about the lack of democracy and the abuse of human rights Cubans endure daily.

Few if any had heard of Dr. Oscar Biscet

“I thought if there was not a documentary about him already there has got to be one made,” Allot said.

Allott’s documentary film, “Oscar’s Cuba,” debuts for for the general public May 18. The setting, Little Havana’s Tower Theater.

Dr. Oscar Biscet is described as “Cuba’s forgotten hero.” Allott had never heard of Biscet until a Catholic priest friend had alerted the film producer to the Cuban dissident movement. He quickly realized that the Biscet story was powerful.

Biscet was a young doctor with a promising career takes on the Fidel Castro government. He protested the rampant abortions encouraged by the regime. He was vocal about civil rights, human rights, the ability to speak freely, and to assemble.

None of this went down well for the doctor, who was praised by fellow dissidents, admired by Cuban Exiles,and honored by with U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Biscet is now serving a 25-year sentence for disorderly conduct and counter-revolutionary activities.

“I think the biggest point is to proclaim to the world that some one is put in jail just for thinking and for defending human rights,” said Dr. Ismael Roque-Velesco, who is a board member of The Lawton Foundation.

Biscet begin the Lawton Foundation as a platform for his human rights activities. Local Miami doctors like Roque-Velesco are members of the Havana-based group which still functions absent their leader.

But “Oscar’s Cuba” is not just for those born on the island or to Cuban parents.

“I really want to focus on getting out to non-Cubans,” Allott said.

And that is a tall order where in the U.S., Fidel Castro is regarded as a harmless cold war relic and Che Guevara is a universal symbol of youthful rebellion.

“I think it is a new time. I think there is opportunity for us to educate the non-Cuban population.”

To learn more about the film and showings, go to the Oscar’s Cuba website.

Billboard Controversy – Abortion #1 killer of African Americans

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Billboard causing buzz

DELHI, OHIO – Race and abortion, two very volatile issues, now mixed on billboards for thousands of tri-state drivers to see everyday.

As drivers make their way up Delhi Pike, the Cincinnati organization, Protecting Black Life, put up a billboard saying “Abortion the #1 Killer of African Americans.”
Protecting Black Life’s website, said the organization is operating under the Life Issues Institute and is reaching the black community with the pro-life message.
Residents say there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the billboard.
“They’re saying that you know, number one killer for African Americans when Delhi is 90 percent white. So I don’t understand why the sign is there. It just doesn’t make any sense to me,” said Delhi resident Ray McMullen.

“African Americans will be totally shocked that this billboard number one was placed in this environment, in Delhi. And number two that again it puts another strike on the African American culture,” said Cincinnati resident Jonathan Cody. also said the billboards were placed in Cincinnati’s highest abortion communities.

Regarding the statement, “Abortion the #1 Killer of African Americans” organizers source the U.S. Center for Disease Control and the Alan Guttmacher Institute stated , “Since 1973 more African American babies have been killed by abortion than the total number of African American deaths from all other causes combined.”
Whether you agree or disagree, the billboard is stirring up some serious conversation.

“I had an abortion when I was little. I was made to have one. And I think it’s wrong because it’s not just black people, it’s black people and white people. It’s everybody,” said Delhi resident Tiffany Daniels.

To learn more about these billboards and who’s behind them go to

Also, feel free to give us your opinion on the billboard.

For proof that abortion is being targeted at blacks- watch this film: Maafa21

2009: Abc news reports on secret meeting of the rich, yet ignores bilderberg completely

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2009: Abc news reports on secret meeting of the…, posted with vodpod

SHAME: Republicans shut down Tea Party because speaker was pro-marriage and anti-homosexuality

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Tea Party shut down by “Log Cabin” Republicans
By Cao on 7/27/2010

In other words…the homosexual activists pretending to be Republicans attempted to interfered with Brian Camecker’s and others’ right to free speech and right to assemble- (this is a prime example as to why they are not republicans…they support the leftwing hate crimes BS)…as Per Mass Resistance:

The Tea Party scheduled for this Sunday afternoon July 25, on the historic Lexington Battle Green has been canceled.

The organizers were forced to cancel the event by “Republicans” sympathetic to the homosexual movement and hostile to the parents’ rights movement that exposes the taxpayer-supported homosexual agenda in the schools. The main speakers, prodded by a socially liberal Tea Party (and Republican) activist, announced that because Brian Camenker of MassResistance was also speaking, they would not participate.

The cancellation was first reported in the local newspaper, the Lexington Minuteman. Eric Dahlberg, a left-wing Republican candidate for State Senate, told the newspaper “Some consider MassResistance a hate group, I don’t want to be within a mile of an event that gives someone like that [Camenker] a stage.”

Unbelievably, Dahlberg was followed by most of the other “conservative” speakers for the event, who contacted Tea Party organizer Jesse Segovia and told him that they would not participate if Camenker was included!

MassResistance has been a Tea Party favorite

Needless to say, this attack came as a bit of a shock. Over the last several months Brian Camenker of MassResistance has been the main speaker at Tea Parties in South Boston, East Longmeadow, and Chicopee, as well as being invited by its organizer to an exclusive Tea Party breakfast with Sen. Scott Brown (back when he was still popular with Tea Partiers). At all of those speaking events, Camenker and MassResistance were received extremely well.

Sunday’s Lexington Tea Party was considered a fairly major event, and people that we know of had been planning to attend from as far away as western Massachusetts.
Phony “hate group” excuse

The so-called conservatives used the excuse that MassResistance has been called a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a far-left extremist group. The SPLC has also targeted major immigration reform groups, Christian groups, Glenn Beck, Rep. Ron Paul, Rep. Michelle Bachmann and the Tea Party movement itself. The SPLC has been widely discredited across the political spectrum for this kind of reckless and libelous activity. (See Item #2 below.)
Ironically, one theme of Sunday’s Lexington rally was to confront other phony “hate” charges — the NAACP’s absurd charges of racism and “bigotry” against the Tea Party movement.

( Editor’s Note- If they want to go by what the Southern Poverty Law Center says – look at the organizations SPLC calls “RACIST” who are connected to Planned Parenthood) Read: Planned Parenthood’s anti-immigration, population control eugenics supportersHere )

Rest of Story here

I wonder if the Republicans will also shut down Tea Party events which have this Michigan Tea Party leader who has said that the (eugenic founded) Planned Parenthood whose racist founder gave a Klan speech s/b allowed to teach in public schools as long as they can.

Hear it in his own words: Q Video to 21:35 and then listen to the back and forth with Gene Cam of the Southwest Michigan Tea Party Patriots as he says he thinks it would be okay for Planned Parenthood to teach in the schools if the Tea Party is allowed to.

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Weekly Edition – 4004 – 7/23/10, Off the Record…, posted with vodpod

Cam explains how Michigan Tea Party members will look at ways to teach public school students the origins of the U.S. Constitution. He said the idea is not to promote the Tea Party’s political views.

What we’re afraid of is individuals really don’t know where liberty, freedom and their rights come from, how the Constitution was written, the pain that went through in the summer of 1787 to write that and get it approved,” Clem said during a taping of Michigan Public Television’s “Off the Record.

He acknowledged there would be resistance, but said Tea Party activists would ask individual school districts permission, adding, “You just go one-on-one.”
Clem said other organizations should also be allowed to give presentations in schools, such even labor unions or even Planned Parenthood.
I think if there is a perceived lack of understanding within any school system, anybody should be able to do that,” he said.

I ask you- is this Tea Party Leader that naive and uneducated that he doesn’t know that Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion clinic chain and is being accused of black genocide from abortion? Is he totally clueless about the history and agenda of Eugenic Founded Planned Parenthood whose founders were racist American Eugenics Society members who had dozens of invitations to meet with and speak to the KLAN ? Why would ANYONE say that type of group should be allowed to teach in the schools?

Hey- Gene Cam – get some nerve and get educated – NOT EVERYTHING is about MONEY you know- some things are about HUMAN LIFE !

Planned Parenthood sets-up shop in minority neighborhoods and this has been their agenda since the eugenics founders began the organization.

It is about BLACK GENOCIDE – get it !

Or … perhaps – maybe they do !

Watch this clip from the 2.5 hour documentary about Planned Parenthood’s BLACK GENOCIDE- called: Maafa21, then tell me why anyone TEA PARTY, Democrat, Black Panther, Conservative, Liberal, Republican , or Libertarian would think this Tea Party leader’s statement statement was in any way a smart one !

Also Read: Michigan Tea party aims to teach constitution in schools

Black pro-lifer tells of racial slurs railed against him for picketing Planned Parenthood’s abortions

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If this was said about any other black man Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the NAACP would be storming the gates to protect these people.

WHERE is the NAACP ?????

African American pro-lifer Chuck Collins, “I’ve been called the ‘N’ word (he is African American), spit at and had a few cigarettes thrown at me. At 63, I’ve heard it all,” recalls Collins. One time in particular, he remembers a man coming out of Planned Parenthood and throwing a cup of water in his face. “You’ll always see me wearing sunglasses now, even if it’s cloudy. I’m thankful that it was only water in that cup.”

But – when you consider the racism within the abortion movement, their supporters also showing racist attitudes, is nothing new.
For an in depth view of the racism within the abortion industry- watch Maafa21 (Clip Below)

Now you listen to the racist rants of another believer in abortion
WARNING Very vulgar and offensive ! RACIST Pro-choicer calls pro-lifers the “N” word in racist diatribe

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WARNING Very vulgar and offensive ! RACIST Pro-…, posted with vodpod

Rest of story here

Clerk talks Jesus, foils robbery

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Stickup Foiled When Victim Invokes Jesus
Clerk To Gunman: ‘Jesus Has Something Way Better For You’

POSTED: Friday, July 30, 2010
UPDATED: 8:09 am EDT July 30, 2010
POMPANO BEACH, Fla. — A cell phone store employee talked a man out of robbing the store last Friday by talking to him about Jesus, according to the Broward Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said a man went into the MetroPCS store on Cypress Road, pretending that he wanted to buy a cell phone.

The man talked pleasantly to 20-year-old Nayara Goncalves, the only employee in the store, before pulling a gun and demanding cash from the register, police said.
Goncalves remained calm and started talking to the man about what he was doing. BSO released the surveillance video, which captured the conversation.
I’m Christian,” Goncalves said.

“So am I, and I actually really hate doing this,” the gunman said. “I’m embarrassed to have to do this, and I have no choice.”

“You don’t have to do this,” Goncalves said.

“Talk about making it harder,” the gunman said.

“Jesus has got something way better for you, for everyone that’s out there. I’m not blaming you. I’m not judging. I don’t know what you’re going through, but all of us are going through a hard time right now, a very hard time right now,” Goncalves said.

“That’s why I refuse to do anything to anybody else,” the gunman said. “I’ve never done this before.”

Goncalves spoke to the gunman for about five minutes, even offering to help him get a job so he would not have to steal.

“I have a job,” the gunman said.

“You do? Then why are you doing this?” Goncalves said.

“Because I’m going to be evicted if I don’t come up with $300,” the gunman said.

After Goncalves talked to the man, he left without harming her or taking anything, police said.

“I’m sorry. I understand if you still have to call the police,” the gunman said as he left.

Goncalves did call police a few minutes after the man left. She told Local 10 that her faith helped prevent the robbery.

“I’m very Christian and I go to church a lot, so I just feel like I want to tell everybody about Jesus,” Goncalves said.

She said she does not believe the man was a bad person, just desperate.

BSO said the would-be robber was a white man with a mustache in his late 30s to mid-40s who was about 5 feet 9 inches tall.

California Abortionist Accused of Homicide In Patient Death

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* Written by Operation Rescue
* Posted July 30, 2010 at 8:16 am

Rutland blames Operation Rescue/local activists for his troubles while failing to take responsibility for his own negligence

San Diego, CA – The Medical Board of California amended a complaint on Wednesday against troubled abortionist Andrew Rutland to include the charge of homicide in the death of Ying Chen. The action came after the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office reclassified Chen’s death as a homicide in June.

A revocation hearing before the Medical Board is scheduled for February, 2011.

Rutland had committed a second trimester abortion on Ying Chen at a dirty, unlicensed acupuncture clinic in San Gabriel, California, during which he administered an overdose of lidocaine. He failed to recognize the symptoms of the overdose and the patient went into cardiac arrest. He and his staff were untrained and unequipped to handle the medical emergency. After a “significant delay” in contacting 911, the woman was transported to a local hospital where she died six days later. Chen’s death was originally classified as accidental.

Rutland has a long history of Board discipline and other problems. His medical license was revoked in 2003 for severing a baby’s spinal column during a forceps delivery, then lying to the parents by telling them that their baby suffered a stroke. The baby later died. His license was reinstated in 2007 and Rutland was placed on 5 years probation with the restriction that he operate only under the supervision of another physician.

Last October, Operation Rescue reported that Rutland was violating his probation by engaging in the solo practice of medicine at an abortion clinic in Chula Vista. We asked our supporters to contact the California Medical Board and demand that his medical license be revoked.

On November 3, 2009, an Inspector from the California Medical Board attempted to inspect Rutland’s stock of drugs and his records at his Chula Vista clinic, but was refused access by Rutland’s staff.

In January, the Medical Board asked for an emergency suspension of Rutland’s license until the Board could work through the lengthy process to finalize revocation. During that hearing, a judge blocked Rutland from doing abortions, but allowed him to continue office consultations.

Operation Rescue learned in February that Rutland was continuing to administer the abortion pill and contacted the Board with the evidence. Judge James Ahler later amended his order to allow Rutland to continue to the chemical abortions, as long as he did not engage in surgical abortions.

In response the reclassification of Chen’s death as a homicide, Rutland sent an angry letter to a list of elected officials and others, including Oprah Winfrey, demanding an investigation into “clandestine collaborations of national antiabortion group organizations and local antiabortion activists with the Medical Board of California.” Rutland singles out Operation Rescue and complains that we used “clandestine political collaborations” to force several abortionists out of business. He opines that everyone from the Medical Examiner, to the hospital, to the police officer who investigated Chen’s death were all involved in some plot against him.

“Rutland has proven himself to be a dishonest man who presents an ongoing danger to the public. It was his own negligence and attitude that he is above the law that has landed him in repeated trouble with the Medical Board,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“Rutland complains that his problems are somehow the result of an anti-abortion plot. He is upset that authorities would hold him accountable to the law, but what he really wants is to be treated as if no laws apply to him. People are dying due to his shoddy work and Operation Rescue is proud of any small part we may have played in bringing him to justice.”

Read Amended Complaint

Rutland ammended complaint


The Orange County Register reports that,
According to the board’s current complaint, Ying Chen was 16 to 16 ½ weeks pregnant when she went to Rutland’s San Gabriel office seeking an abortion on July 28, 2009. Rutland later told the board he gave the patient a diluted lidocaine solution as an anesthetic. Shortly afterward, the patient began having a reaction. Rutland and two other doctors at the office, one of them an acupuncturist, began performing CPR on the victim. Paramedics arrived and found Chen in full cardiac arrest. She was taken to a hospital, where she died six days later.
The board determined that a “significant delay” had passed between Chen’s adverse reaction and the 911 call. It also said Rutland had “failed to recognize lidocaine toxicity,” didn’t begin resuscitative measures quickly enough, and that the facility was inadequately equipped to deal with an emergency.
Rutland, in his letter, called Chen’s reaction an “unpreventable complication,”

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