FBI on Weather Underground: Eliminate 25 million people who are pro-capitalist

An FBI agent who infiltrated the Weathermen, the Leftist radical terrorist organization founded by Bill Ayers , stated that the conversations that took place among the 25 top organizers of the group are enough to send shivers down the spines of normal citizens who actually have a conscience and a high regard for human life.

Larry Grathwohl was that FBI agent. And early in the 1980s he publicly reported on what he discovered as an undercover member of the Weather Underground (the Weathermen).

Note that Ayers and the Weathermen intended to kill 25 million American citizens unless they agreed to be ‘re-educated’ in the ideology and methodology of Marxism.

The following video provides a complete report on the Weather Underground movement, their mission and goals, their tactics, and the persons involved, who were mainly from academia, particularly Columbia University and other bastions of Leftwing propaganda:

Bill Ayers launched Barack Obama’s political career in his own living room in Chicago. The 2 have a long, close association.

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