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Black man speaks out against abortion

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Has this Black man watched Maafa21 ?

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Glenn Beck: African American Founders Censored?

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Moscow: Satanic cult teens ‘sacrificed’ victims then ate them

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Seven young members of a satanic sect have gone on trial in Russia accused of four gruesome murders in which they “ritually sacrificed” their victims before cooking and eating parts of them.

Andrew Osborn in Moscow
Published: 7:21PM BST 24 May 2010
Prosecutors say the murders took place on 29 and 30 June 2008 in a remote forested area close to Yaroslavl with two victims killed per night.

The self-styled devil worshippers, which included a young teenage girl, lured three girls and a boy aged from 15 to 17 to the spot by plying them with alcohol and inviting them to sit round a bonfire.

They then killed them in a sacrificial ceremony, stabbing them 666 times each in homage to the so-called Number of the Beast.

Prosecutors say the young killers then dismembered their victims’ bodies and cooked certain body parts such as the hearts and the tongues before consuming them.

They buried the rest of the remains in a giant pit which they marked with an inverted cross topped with a dead cat. Investigators say the sect was formed in 2006 and gleaned its knowledge of Satanism from the Internet, initially killing cats and dogs before graduating to homicide.

The case has shocked inhabitants of the historic city of Yaroslavl some 150 miles north-east of Moscow which is one of Russia’s ‘Golden Ring’ tourist destinations and better known for its beautiful churches and monasteries than grisly ritual killings.

The defendants’ young age – four of the accused were under eighteen at the time of the murders – and the sheer cruelty of their crimes combined with the fact that none of them came from poor families has left many locals struggling to understand their motives.

The case is being held behind closed doors but local media say all seven defendants admit their guilt. They are officially charged with murder, theft and the desecration of human remains.
They would typically be jailed for life but the fact that four of the defendants were minors at the time means they are likely to get off more lightly.

1966 Eugenics , “Containing the Negro population”, “Limiting Repeaters”, Planned Parenthood locating in Ghetto neighborhoods

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Below was taken from a 1966 Memo of Planned Parenthood:

On February 4, 1966 Mrs. Helen P. Stanford passed a copy of an article written in the Philadelphia Independent to Mrs. Naomi T. Gray.

The memorandum was written on Planned Parenthood-World Population letterhead.

Stanford called the editorial “interesting” describing the writer as a young Negro lawyer who was a “member of our board here.”

Stanford was critical of the writing style, but said that “ Still, there is food for thought here.”

The article written by Robert W. Williams, Jr. Esq., president and publisher of the Philadelphia Independent read in part, “There has been serious question of the motives of the Planned Parenthood Association, some opponents seeing in the organization’s work an aim of “containing” the Negro population or of even decimating it. They point to the concentration of interest, by the Planned Parenthood Association virtually from the beginning, in the Negro ghettos of the major cities. And, let us admit it, it is not difficult to imagine that some racist might have seen the important of keeping the Negro race in America from becoming a larger minority than it already is…”

Williams goes on to defend Planned Parenthood, “ The very people who seem least concerned about “oversized” families are also the ones who too often are least concerned about supporting them.

Williams calls them “repeaters” and says they are both white as well as black.

He then proposes a solution, “ why not “limit” them, preferably by planned parenthood education —but, if this doesn’t work, perhaps sterilization is not to drastic for some “repeating” unwed mothers?”

( SOURCE: Philadelphia Independent : Planned Parenthood Curse or Blessing, in the Memorandum dated February 4, 1966 from: Mrs. Helen P. Stanford to Mrs. Naomi T. Gray, located in the Planned Parenthood Federation Papers, Black Attitudes from 1962, copied from the Sophie Smith Collection, Sophie Smith College , Box 107/Folder 11)

Eugenic Secret Courts in UK can order sterilizations and abortions

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Secret Court of Protection can order abortions and sterilisations of mentally ill patients
A secretive court, which ruled that a cancer sufferer must have treatment against her wishes, can order that mentally ill patients are sterilised, undergo abortions or have life-support switched off.

By Martin Beckford , UK Telegraph, 28 May 2010

The Court of Protection, which until earlier this month held all its cases behind closed doors, has the power of life or death over those judged to be incapable of making decisions about their health.

It can even impose “experimental” treatments on patients without their consent and choose how to resolve an “ethical dilemma in an untested area”.

There are growing fears that the Court, whose jurisdiction was expanded greatly by Labour, has been handed sweeping powers without adequate scrutiny and openness.

In previous decades, health authorities and councils were able to ask judges to rule that people in their care with severe learning difficulties should undergo sterilization or have terminations if they believed it was in their best interests.

The courts were asked to decide on the right course of action as a doctor could face accusations of negligence if they failed to treat a patient who could not give consent, or assault if they acted without permission.

The High Court cases, fraught with ethical problems, were held in public and could be reported by media.

Under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 the Court of Protection – which previously only dealt with the financial affairs of those judged by psychiatrists to lack mental capacity – was given the power to decide on medical treatments.

This move was intended to close a loophole identified in the earlier cases, in that it was unclear if any body or individual had the authority to take healthcare decisions for incapacitated adults.

But it was made clear that cases dealt with under the new powers would not be open to scrutiny, departing from the general principle of open justice held by other courts.

The Court of Protection Rules 2007 state: “The general rule is that a hearing is to be held in private.”

Separate documents published by HM Courts Service spell out that the Court of Protection is able to take life-or-death decisions on behalf of those lacking mental capacity, including withdrawing treatment if they are in a coma or preventing them from having babies through abortion or sterilisation.

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Katie Couric and Eugenics the reincarnation of Margaret Sanger, not enough minorities on the pill

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