Why is Planned Parenthood involved in environmental issues when they promote eugenics through abortion?

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I found the above video by Planned Parenthood “promoting the environment and Earth Day, of interest !

One line in the film says it all, Planned Parenthood asks, “Who is the guilty party?”

What is Planned Parenthood’s answer? ” PEOPLE !”

What is Planned Parenthood’s solution? “Abortion”

Hey Planned Parenthood – how about a little concern for the children you butcher in the womb – maybe if we valued life, we’d be better at taking care of this earth. DUH !!!!

And, Since when are you SO-o-o-o-o-o concerned about toxins in Baby Bottles – when YOU MURDER THEM? What a hypocrite !

You say, “Better safe than sorry” – How about SAFETY in the Womb? Stop using kids and babies to promote your PR campaign- You are disgusting!

This is simply a PR effort to garnish more supporters ! Do not be fooled !

Planned Parenthood was founded by a eugenic leader, learn about this eugenic Planned Parenthood’s agenda by watching Maafa21 ( Clip Below)

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