‘MAAFA 21’: Movie charges Planned Parenthood with ‘black genocide’

By Joyce Coronel | April 14, 2010 | The Catholic Sun
LAVEEN — Maria Birnbaum is telling everyone she knows about “Maafa 21,” a film that painstakingly chronicles the history of the eugenics movement and its ties to Planned Parenthood.

The longtime pro-life advocate is alive today because her mother, pregnant after being raped, chose adoption rather than abortion.

After viewing “Maafa 21,” Birnbaum — a mother of four — started calling parishes in the Diocese of Phoenix, offering to show the movie and lead a discussion group afterwards. So far, nine parishes have agreed.

“When I saw the movie I was blown away,” Birnbaum said. “There were things in there I never dreamed could happen in this country.”

Maafa 21,” which takes its name from the Swahili word for “great disaster,” was produced by Life Dynamics, a pro-life organization based in Texas. The number 21 refers to the fact that the abortion industry continues to cause the deaths of thousands of unborn black babies well into the 21st century.

While blacks comprise just 12 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 37 percent of the abortions performed. Last month, Auxilary Bishop Joseph Perry of Chicago added his voice to the charge of black genocide, citing the same CDC statistics used in the film.

“Abortion is quietly spelling the decimation of the black community in our society,” he said.

Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, had originally set out to write a book about abortion that included a chapter on eugenics. Upon researching the connection between the two topics, he instead decided on filming a documentary to shine a light on the underlying racism of the abortion movement.

Eugenics deals with the idea that races can be improved by discouraging or preventing reproduction by those who have what are deemed undesirable traits. Nazi Germany embraced eugenics and used it as a rationale to exterminate millions in an effort to create a pure race.

Maafa 21” makes the case that Hitler was “profoundly influenced” by American eugenicists Madison Grant and Lothrop Stoddard. Not only that, it points out that American eugenicists routinely praised Hitler’s ideal of racial superiority.

The meticulously researched, two-hour-plus movie gives an in-depth account of the eugenics movement in America and its undeniably strong ties to Margaret Sanger, the founder of the American Birth Control League, eventually renamed Planned Parenthood.

And while the horrors of Nazi Germany gave eugenics a bad name, the underlying mindset prevailed: the “feeble-minded” and other “undesirable” individuals — code words for blacks, the movie claims — ought to be prevented from having children.

The CDC estimates that since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion in the United States, 13 million abortions have been performed on black women. The CDC also reports that of the 4,000 abortions that take place in the country each day, 1,452 of them are performed on African-American women.

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