Abortion doctor guilty of murdering wife

The conviction of Oklahoma City abortionist John Hamilton in the 2001 Valentine’s Day murder of his wife Susan Hamilton was examined on “True Crime with Aphrodite Jones” in an episode titled “Loved to Death,” airing at 9 p.m. Monday on Investigation Discovery.

John Baxter Hamilton performed abortions at the Oklahoma Clinic for Women, his wife Susan also worked at the abortion clinic two days a week.

John Hamilton Abortion Clinic

Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2001, ended in horror when Abortionist John Hamilton, a 52-year-old obstetrician-gynecologist, called 911 to report he found his wife, Susan who also worked two days a week at the abortion clinic, lying on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood.

The doctor’s wife has been strangled with a necktie, hit with a blunt object, and had her face slammed onto floor in the master bathroom of the couple’s Oklahoma City home. Police became suspicious of the doctor after discovering his marriage wasn’t as happy as it seemed and when they learned his wife was considering asking for a divorce.

Abortionist John Baxter Hamilton
ODOC# 413355

Hamilton was eventually charged with his wife’s murder. At trial, a blood spatter pattern expert who testified on behalf on the defense told the court under cross-examination that blood found on the doctor’s sleeve was consistent with Hamilton beating his wife over the head with a blunt instrument, according to court documents. The jury took less than two hours to convict Hamilton of first-degree murder. He is currently serving a life sentence at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary.

John Hamilton TrueCrime

Hamilton performed abortions at the Oklahoma Clinic for Women in Oklahoma City, OK. Hamilton was found guilty in the Valentine’s Day killing of his wife, Susan Hamilton, 55. Her nude body was found lying in blood in the master bathroom of the Hamiltons’ Quail Creek home, her skull fractured and face disfigured. She had been choked with a necktie and beaten to death.

John Hamilton policePhoto

December 11, 2001, The Oklahoman detailed the murder trial of abortionist John Baxter Hamilton. Hamilton performed abortions at the Oklahoma Clinic for Women in Oklahoma City, OK.

Hamilton was found guilty in the Valentine’s Day killing of his wife, Susan Hamilton, 55. Her nude body was found lying in blood in the master bathroom of the Hamiltons’ Quail Creek home, her skull fractured and face disfigured. She had been choked with a necktie and beaten to death.


News Reports of the case indicated that Hamilton’s wife had suspected the abortionist of having an affair with a topless dancer who may have been a patient of the doctor’s. His wife was considering leaving him and talking of divorce two days before the murder.

Authorities noted that after Hamilton murdered his wife he then called 911 to report the death. Authorities found the woman dead on the couple’s master bedroom floor.

He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole in the murder of his wife and was ordered to pay $11,104 for the cost of his incarceration. Following his murder conviction, Oklahoma and Tennessee revoked his medical license and on September 19, 2003, Hamilton voluntarily surrendered his Georgia license.

John Hamilton Prison Interview

In 2010, NewsOk.com reported (In TV interview, Oklahoma doctor says he didn’t kill wife, BY KEN RAYMOND, March 27, 2010) that John Baxter Hamilton, an Oklahoma City physician convicted of murdering his wife on Valentine’s Day 2001, proclaimed his innocence in a prison interview that aired Friday on “Dateline NBC.”

“I didn’t do it,” he said. “I didn’t kill Susan.”

Hamilton, 62, was an Oklahoma City obstetrician, gynecologist and abortionist. On Feb. 14, 2001, he phoned 911 to report finding his wife in the master bathroom of their Quail Creek home.

Susan Hamilton, 55, had been strangled with two neckties and beaten. Her husband was arrested that day and later charged with her murder.

Hamilton maintained his innocence throughout his trial, which may have turned on dramatic testimony from the final witness in the case.

Tom Bevel, a blood spatter expert hired by the defense, testified on cross examination that the “most probable” explanation for blood inside Hamilton’s shirt sleeve was that he had struck his wife with a blunt object.

With that revelation, the defense expert became the star witness for the trial’s prosecution.

“It was a shock to everybody,” Hamilton said on the news program.

“Nobody expected that to happen.”

On “Dateline NBC,” as in his legal appeals, Hamilton criticized Bevel and the accuracy of his blood spatter analysis, which Hamilton called “junk science.”

His attorneys have claimed that police had improper contact with Bevel, who is a former police officer, during the trial. Bevel and prosecutors have denied those allegations.

“He (Hamilton) was really clinging to the defense lines that the blood result was not the way it was interpreted,” Dennis Murphy, a “Dateline NBC” reporter, told The Oklahoman on Wednesday. “Blood spatter is not an exact science, and Bevel had gone over to the dark side on him. He has not given an inch in that regard.”

Murphy said Hamilton still has the “command authority” of a physician and chatted about vacationing in Italy “as if he was still in touch with the outside world.”

Hamilton is serving a life sentence without possibility of parole at the state penitentiary in McAlester.

John Hamilton in prison interview 2004

Discovery’s F2: Forensic Factor: Season 2, Episode 2 Bloody Valentine (2004):

I must add, the F2 took liberties with the audio and the images of pro-life protesters. For one, the chant- “By the power of God” is a Satanic Chant and has never been heard by anti-abortion protesters. In addition- the person yelling for “Abortionists are murderers is Paul Hill. Hill was arrested for the murder of abortion workers in Florida in 1994 LONG before Susan Hamilton was arrested. Just noting the complete bias when the killer WAS the abortion doctor. Why did F2 even go into this area?

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41 Responses to “Abortion doctor guilty of murdering wife”

  1. Susan Flemming Says:

    There is something very important that everyone has overlooked. They had stated that Dr. Hamilton had enough time to kill his wife and get back to the hospital in time to perform a surgery. They also stated that by killing his wife with a blunt object is what forced blood up his sleeve. There was also blood on shirt that matched a fracture on her skull. If he was going back to the hospital to perform surgery, why would he wear a bloody shirt to the OR? If he had changed his shirt, wouldn’t it show it had been removed and put back on again? It doesn’t add up. Think about it. Why would he wear a BLOODY SHIRT BACK TO THE HOSPITAL??? It only proves one thing. The Dr. did not commit the crime. The blood was forced up the sleeve of his shirt from him giving CPR to his wife. The procedure for CPR is to place one hand on top of the other and compress the chest. The sleeve of his shirt that had blood forced up the sleeve is the hand that was on the bottom with the other placed on top as to give more strength to start the heart. Dr. Hamilton is innocent!

    • I completely agree with you, Susan! I just watched Dateline on ID and it featured Dr Hamilton’s case. Since the show ended I have been on the computer reaserching about this case because, like you, I feel like the shirt issue was a huge oversight. So what the state is trying to say is that he came home, killed his wife, took his shirt off and changed into another one, went to the hospital for another surgery, but not before getting rid of the murder weapon, returned home, put BACK on the bloody shirt then called 911? Well, seems like if thats what happened they would have found blood where he layed the shirt down, or the blood on his shirt would have been dried by the time the first responder arrived. It dosent make sence. He odviously didnt wear his bloody shirt to the hospital, so the only logical solution is that he did NOT kill his wife and the blood on the shirt was from the attempted CPR. Seems like though, if the shirt issue is that odvious to us, shouldnt the defense realize it too? I wish I could find a trasncript of the trial so I could see if the issue ever came up, and if not, I could report it to his attorney. I cant find a website for him though, I believe his name is Rob Nye, so if anyone reads this and can help me get an email or phone number for Mr. Nye I would appreciate it. I dont know what it is, but this case is really bothering me. Ive never watched a murder type show and had it bother me before, especially like this. So, any help is appreciated!!

    • Are you a blood spatter analyst?

    • US_DOJ_Gov Says:

      What’s your excuse/ explanation for his wife’s blood & tissue found inside Dr. Hamilton’s car; i.e. front seat & steering wheel?

      He did not find his wife dead, then drive away to perform his 2nd surgery.
      He called 9-1-1 after finding her body.
      He did not drive anywhere.

      • US_DOJ_Gov Says:

        Unless . . . he really did kill his wife & forced to leave immediately after getting paged to perform his 2nd surgery.

        Thus, transferring his wife’s blood & tissue into his car.

    • Yeah what have you been smokin? R U Really that stupid. Well I have ocean front property to sell you then in utah .
      Good grief. Any MD, or nurse or EMT knows that you can’t give CPR if the body is cold. He did it but had to leave suddenly so got sloppy and that is how blood got in his car. Forgot about his shoes though. He wore those shoes that had blood splatter from beating the wife and an expert could tell it was not from CPR/ You do not get blood on your shoes from CPR. I have performed CPR and have not got anything on me. One guy even threw up. The guy killed her so had he done cP R she would of had a broken rib or two. All her wounds were on her face head and neck.

  2. Dr.Hamilton is guilty, and is right where he belongs.

  3. It was not like the shirt was dripping in blood. This was blood spatter. Usually small circular blood stains not always visible to the naked eye. Your theory is flawed.

  4. Who was his new attorney?….looked like the teacher I had at William Mitchell College of Law.

  5. I just watched dateline. The defense witness gave a complete story spin because I think he was thinking about his consulting fee income. At the last minute he fingered the doctor to please the prosecutor. He could make a lot more money in the future serving the district attorney on case after case. I was left scratching my head. He put the dried bloody shirt back on when he got home? I would think that if he disposed of the weapon he would have sisposed of the shirt, not leave it laying around for a few hous after the murder.

  6. SoonerBarrister Says:

    The punishment DOES NOT fit the crime here. The doctor was convicted by a jury of HIS peers. How in the world did he avoid the death penalty? That’s right, we only execute poor people in this country. RIDICULOUS! What’s more heinous than murdering your wife over your lunch break, and staging a break-in on VALENTINES DAY?!!

    • John Wozniak Says:

      I don’t see how the death penalty suits this crime at all. No murder is pleasant or enjoyable for any of the victims but this crime does not seem to be exceptionally heinous in any way. I watch a lot of shows concerning murder and murderers, read extensively about murders and murderers and this crime does not stand out as particularly gruesome.

      I seriously doubt this murder was premeditated in any way. I suspect Doctor Hamilton lost it and went off the deep end in a moment of rash decision making. The murder involved no torture, no sexual assault, only one victim (yes, the families are victims in my mind but you know what I am talking about) and no forcible confinement. As far as murders go this one is pretty tame.

      • Really you believe that. Well I got ocean property to sell ya in Montana if you are buying that bs. Dr’s usually do not go home between surgeries. He planned it and thought he had an alibi. Whoa, I am glad I was not his patient who had surgery right after he killed his wife. I wonder how much his mind was really on his patient. Pretty cold blooded to be able to kill a wife and run back and perform a surgery. Whoa….

  7. Greenbird Says:

    Moral to this story. Do NOT mess with strippers!

  8. To me, the key that the doctor is messed up in the head is that he wrote in his Valentine’s Day card to his wife, “We are important, (blah, blah)… people together.” He was all about his image at the country club. Whacko. Your “importance” doesn’t belong in a love note.

  9. Oh… and the acting in the police interrogation room. If you’re truly heartbroken over the death of someone, you’re in shock and likely still, trying to think about who might have done this to your wife, not in physical distress like a spastic monkey. Egomaniac behavior.

  10. To the question why did this defendant not get the death penalty the answer is found in Oklahoma law. I am surprised that the person id’d as SoonerBarrister, which, I presume, means the person is a lawyer in Oklahoma, did not know his own states law. To get the death penalty the person has to have at least one of the following conditions, otherwise its life without parole:
    The defendant was previously convicted of a felony involving the use or threat of violence to the person.
    The defendant knowingly created a great risk of death to more than one person.
    The person committed the murder for remuneration or the promise of remuneration or employed another to commit the murder for remuneration or the promise of remuneration.
    The murder was especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel.
    The murder was committed for the purpose of avoiding or preventing a lawful arrest or prosecution.
    The murder was committed by a person while serving a sentence of imprisonment on conviction of a felony.
    The existence of a probability that the defendant would commit criminal acts of violence that would constitute a continuing threat to society.

  11. They both got what they deserved. They were both filthy murderers!

  12. Mike Treacy Says:

    An abortionist violates the Hippocratic Oath he or she swears when they decide to practice medicine. Anyone that cavalierly makes promises before God with no intention of honoring them is craven.

    A big house, fat bank account, and an attractive socialite wife that is abetting the fraud means and changes nothing fundamentally. Both of these adults made free will choices that triggered dire consequences. The consequences of grave sins are horrific.

    People that strive to live a virtuous life are all but immune to this kind of tragedy. What was that old adage, ” beware of bad companions”.

    • Agreed, Mike! I think the doctor became callous about life and death in general as he performed the “surgery” over and over again. Kill a baby, kill your wife . . . no difference in his heart or head – just a difference in the law. Maybe most of the people in that industry can handle it without killing outside of the OR, but it sure wasn’t that doctor.

      • Do you really believe that women don’t deserve proper health care? Why so self-loathing?

      • Barbara Says:

        He was not just an abortionist. He was an OB/Gyn and delivered far more babies than fetuses he aborted.

    • John Wozniak Says:

      And you are the ultimate authority on the definition of when life begins? Last I checked that argument was ongoing.

      Seems to me that anyone who claims to know what is right and what is wrong because some unseen being told them so has serious mental health issues going on. Seems strange to me that people such as David Berkowitz can say Satan talked to him through a neighbor’s dog and people say he is insane. Millions of people worldwide claim that God talks to them all the time and some call them righteous. The absurdity of it all is rather obvious to anyone not suffering from delustions. The Christian bible is not accepted as an equivalent to the criminal code. Maybe you should try to remember that from time to time.

      • John Wozniak Says:

        Almost forgot!!! “People that strive to live a virtuous life are all but immune to this kind of tragedy.” This is a purely stupid comment. Bad things happen to good people all the time. Think about it you deluded moron.

    • You’re a man, what right have you to make moral judgments about what’s right or wrong for ANY woman? Make health care decisions for anybody other than yourself? Make your own vows to God and leave others to do the same for themselves.
      What’s un-Godly and hypocritical are those people who don’t do well by women and children in America yet think they are holier-than-thou.
      If this man is guilty, it’s because he committed murder. Period.

  13. John Wozniak Says:

    I think you bible thumping abortionist haters have a biased opinion for sure! Your bias sticks out like a sore thumb. Try harder to hide that next time. It is very unbecoming.

    The guy was found guilty by a jury of his peers. The justice system makes mistakes. Of that there is no doubt. I think convicting a guy on mostly circumstantial evidence is tenuous at best but personally I believe he is where he belongs.

    • There was scientific evidence of the blood splattters on his feet. He did it obviously. There was proof. Try harder to hide your stupidity and your racist comments. People who picket abortion value and love life so your comment is totally racist, so look at yourself before you judge. You can’t argue against forensic blood splatter. The guy was very unbecoming and so are you. It is good to stick up for the innocent and that is love not hate and MD’s do take a oath to do no harm so know your facts before you look so unbecoming and ignorant.

    • WOZNIAK, You are hatefully biased and it’s always unbecoming. “Bible thumping abortionists”? How clever. Is that old worn-out phrase the best you can do? I know plenty of Pro-Life people that are not Christian, too – so keep your stupid lablels to yourself. Oh, and BTW, “good people”, as you put it, do not have as many bad things happen to them. And, that is a fact.

  14. karma is a bitch Says:

    They killed babies for money and good life. So his wife died like those babies they abort. Blood Karma. He is the bloody killer. Lol. That’s what they do so he will rot in jail.

    • I am always amazed at how proud anti abortion nut jobs are so proud of their vile hypocrisy. I have no doubt it was one of these freaks that killed this poor woman. The only mistake the Dr. made was trying to help women in a state like Oklahoma. Anti abortionist don’t care about babies, they care about finding justification to murder someone. Same people who kill Doctors they don’t agree with are the same that kill animals, kill gays, kill black or basically any non Christian.

      • “Vile hypocrisy”, “nut jobs”, “freaks”. It’s a good thing we have YOU to tell us what pro-life supporters do and don’t care about.

  15. Carl Trainer Says:

    Why hasn’t he appealed?

  16. An abortionist murdering someone. Why am I not surprised?

  17. nandinirathi Says:

    I am very glad I found your blog post. I am an Archival Researcher and very interested in looking at the crime scene photographs from the Susan Hamilton murder case. I was wondering about the source of the images in this post for research purposes. Could you please help me with that?

    I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much!!

  18. […] I strongly condemn any violence, I find the way the media reports on abortion clinic violence to be slanted in favor of the abortion agenda. Otherwise, every health clinic or medical facility […]

  19. […] (See pics of what this abortionist did to his wife here) […]

  20. […] Although the media will tout the murders of abortionists, few seem to mention the murders committed by abortionists, including this one. They choose to see this case as unrelated to the abortion movement and refuse to label abortionists as extremists or terrorists because of it. (More info on this brutal murder here.) […]

  21. […] Although the media will tout the murder of abortion doctors, few seem to mention the murder conviction of this abortion doctor. They see this case as unrelated to the abortion movement and will never label them all as extremists or terrorists because of it. (More info on this brutal murder here.) […]

  22. Hello there, I am from central america and Im interested in this case, please stop arguing between each other. I cannot find the trial nor the interview in 2004, does someone here have it?

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