More Voters Than Ever View Obama as a ‘Partisan Democrat’; 70 percent of Voters ‘Angry’ with Government Policies

Thursday, April 01, 2010
By Joe Schoffstall

( – A new Rasmussen Report survey shows that 56 percent of likely voters believe President Obama is governing like a partisan Democrat, up three points since last month and currently at the highest level since he took office in January 2009. The week after his inauguration, only 39 percent felt this way.

On President Obama: Only 28 percent of voters questioned said that Obama is governing on a bipartisan basis, tying the lowest levels measured from last month, with 16 percent not sure.

— 53 percent of likely voters are “somewhat concerned” that those opposed to Obama’s policies will resort to violence, while 42 percent do not share that concern.

— To no one’s surprise, Republicans were twice as likely as Democrats to say the president is governing on a partisan basis. But 50 percent of voters with no party affiliation said they believe Obama is governing as a partisan Democrat, while 31 percent believe he is not.

On Congress: Following the health-care vote, 63 percent of all voters see Democrats in Congress as partisan, down three points from last month, while 22 percent see them as bipartisan, up seven points since February.

–78 percent of Republicans and 64 percent of unaffiliated voters see Democrats in Congress behaving in a partisan way; just 49 percent of Democratic voters agree.

— 56 percent of all voters say Republicans in Congress are acting in a partisan fashion, up two points from last month. Only 22 percent say congressional Republicans are acting on a bipartisan basis and 22 percent were undecided.

— 60 percent of Democratic voters say Republicans in Congress are acting like partisan Republicans, up two points from last month, while 53 percent of GOP voters and 54 percent unaffiliated agree.

On Washington and the federal government: Perhaps the most startling finding in the survey is that 70 percent of voters say they are angry with the policies of the federal government, with 48 percent saying they are “very angry.”

— 66 percent of voters expect Washington to grow more partisan over the next year, which is one point below the highest level measured since tracking of the question began in January 2009. Only 12 percent expect Washington to become more cooperative and 22 percent are undecided.

Other results found: 54 percent of voters still favor repealing the health care bill, Just 11 percent of voters rate Congress’ performance as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’, and 52 percent of voters believe the average member of the Tea Party movement has a better understanding of issues facing America than the average member of Congress.

The Rasmussen Report was conducted March 25-26 as a national telephone survey among 1,000 likely voters. The survey has a margin of sampling error of +/- 3.3 percentage points with a 95 percent level of confidence.

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