Eugenics and sterilization a look thru history

Nazis decree 400,000 shall be sterilized
The Pittsburgh Press – Dec 21, 1933

Eugenic Sterilization seen as probability The birth rate of the people on relief is 50 to 60 percent higher than that of similar self-supporting families and the majority of unemployed fall in the lower intelligence quotient groups. The Lewiston Daily Sun – Jun 7, 1939

Sterilization of Unfit advanced Signs are not lacking that actual racial contamination is even now undermining the racial health and racial stability of the people. Every community contains its crop of feebleminded and idiots…”Eugenics is no longer a fad, it does propose to rid the world of the low grade and to make life safe for the common man…As for the feebleminded I believe that it is necessary to control their multiplication. There is only one sure method and that is through the operation of Sterilization.” Dr. William L. Hutton, President of Eugenics Society of Canada.
The Montreal Gazette – Nov 14, 1933

Science: A. A. A. S. in Syracuse -Every seventh person in the U. S. should be sterilized because he is stupid, crazy or going crazy. California has already unsexed 7,500 of its inhabitants. Twenty-six other States and one Canadian Province allow the same procedure. Let the other 21 states follow suit.
Leaflets exhorting members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science to labor for eugenic sterilization greeted them when they assembled at Syracuse University last week for their midsummer meeting. Distributors of the leaflets were agents of the Human Betterment Foundation, a California organization created and financed by Ezra Seymour Gosney, a Pasadena banker. Time: Psychology of Capital Edward Let Thorndike (Columbia psychologist) presented a literate, lucid thesis on this subject Excerpts: “It is true that manual labor built railroads, bridges and homes, but it is also true that, except for the direction of that manual labor by non-manual planning, these would never have been built. Manual labor, undirected by science invention and management would have hardly built huts to keep out the weather – Monday, Jul. 04, 1932

German adopts eugenic ruling. The Miami News – Jul 26, 1933

Urges Sterilization of All Defectives to Protect Nation – Dr. C.O. McCormick, Indiana University Obstetrics Professor, urged today the sterilization of the insane saying, ” a nation which fosters and cares for it’s good-for-nothings will find itself just a good-for-nothing nation…Society better could meet its emergencies if not burdened with the ‘meek and lowly’ who already are absorbing almost half of the energy , money and time of our people at the expense of racial progress…We should breed human beings at least as carefully as we breed animals..” Spokane Daily Chronicle – Mar 25, 1937

Oklahoma Orders fist Sterilization – Berkeley Daily Gazette – Apr 17, 1934

27 States Use Sterilization To Purify Race – American Legislatures apparently are convinced tat sexual sterilization is the path toward a better race…more than 20,000 persons have been deprived of the power of procreation in American institutions since 1907. Urbana Daily Courier – UIUC Library – Feb 28, 1935

Sterilization of Unfit Urged -Taking a tip from nazi Germany , Oregon official today considered embarking on a far reaching program of sterilization of unfit citizens. The Bulletin – Aug 10, 1935

American test of sterilization held inconclusive by Eugenist – Dr. J. H. Landman , authority on eugenics, “The extremists find 25,000,000 persons 1/5 of the population of the United Stated supenfluous – a mass socially unadjusted or maladjusted , that we can never altogether properly absorb into our social and economic life again. ” Not even the extremists would sterilize all these, but they contend birth control is needed, with sterilization for the worst. ” …all eugenicists would agree that feeblemindedness is much more hereditary than insanity. Ludington Daily News – Jan 18, 1934

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