Jury finds Pro-choicer Harlan Drake found guilty of four felony counts, including two counts of first-degree murder

The man accused of shooting and killing two men last September has been found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder.

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– 3/11/10 – Flint News and Saginaw News – abc12.com

The man accused of shooting and killing two men (including anti-abortion activist James Pouillon) last September has been found guilty of two counts of first-degree murder.

It took the Shiawassee County jury about three-and-a-half hours to agree on the verdicts.

Harlan Drake was also convicted of one felony firearm count and a count of carrying a dangerous weapon with unlawful intent.

Drake shot and killed businessman Mike Fuoss and anti-abortion protester James Pouillon on the morning of Sep. 11, 2009.

Prosecutor Randy Colbry says the charges fit the crimes. “We were convinced it was first-degree premeditated murder, and that was the verdict.”

Drake’s lawyer says his client accepts the verdicts. “Mr. Drake’s reaction, the word that comes to my mind is he’s accepted the verdict with equanimity. He does not appear to have a quarrel with the verdict. I don’t think he had throughout these proceedings. Whatever the jury decided, he was prepared to accept,” said Robert Ashley, ” and from his reaction, I think you all saw it, he has accepted it.”

The courtroom was absolutely silent as the verdicts were read. Drake sat, smiling and nodding, as he had through most of the trial.

We have two children, 17 and 20, and It’s been hard on them going through all this again. But yet it’s brought us a little closure, I guess, knowing exactly what happened,” said Fuoss’ ex-wife, Sandy Fuoss, “and now we can try to get over this part and move on.”

James Pouillon’s daughter Mary Jo said she’s happy the verdict came today. “I’ve been trusting in the Lord that His will would be done with all this, and I was really hoping that it would come to a verdict today.”

It came six months to the day her father was shot and killed outside Owosso High School.

Pouillon sat through most of the trial, leaving in tears one day after listening to testimony of Drake asking to see his mother while he was in jail. “It just really struck me that he stole that from me.”

Drake will be sentenced April 21 to a mandatory life sentence.

Drake is accused of killing Mike Fuoss and James Pouillard Sept. 11, 2009

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SHIAWASSEE COUNTY, Michigan — Harlan Drake said he feels he deserves the death penalty for gunning down two men on Sept. 11, 2009, and said he is not a “safe person” to be on the streets.

“I deserve to die for committing those murders,” he told the court under at-times argumentative questioning from the prosecution.

Drake is accused of gunning down two men and seeking to kill a third, and his attorneys are seeking a legal insanity defense. His trial began last week, and he first took the stand Monday.

Drake told the court he deserved to be “locked up somewhere” since there is no death penalty in Michigan because he’s not a “safe person.”

“Obviously, I’ve murdered two gentlemen,” he said.

Drake told the court he is not sad his victims, anti-abortion activist James Pouillon and gravel pit owner Michael Fuoss, are dead, and said he shot the men in a way to ensure they would die quickly and not suffer.

He also told the court he told his family he would “do something about it” if Pouillon was in front of Owosso High School with his graphic pro-life sign on Sept. 11, 2009. He added the comment, which he made at lunch on Sept. 10, was likely said too quietly for his family to hear.

Assistant Prosecutor Sara Edwards questioned Drake about why he brought three guns and four loaded clips with him to take his nieces and a niece’s boyfriend to school that morning, and when he loaded them and packed them in the truck.

He told the court he knew having a loaded gun in the vehicle was illegal that day and for most of his life, but wanted them with him “so I could shoot Mr. Pouillon if I felt like it later.”

He had 53 bullets in the truck with him, he told the court, and brought that many because he had never killed anyone intentionally and wasn’t sure how many shots he’d need to kill Pouillon.

“Fifty-three bullets is enough to kill 53 people if you do it accurately,” he said, when asked if that was enough for him to kill three men.

Edwards also questioned Drake about previous testimony where he told the court he considered killing his whole family and himself.

In the months prior to the Sept. 11 shooting, Drake took his nieces individually with him while he drove his semi-truck across the country. Edwards asked if he trusted himself alone with the young teens with those suicidal and homicidal thoughts.

“I knew I wasn’t going to kill them while they were in the truck, that would be stupid,” he said.

Earlier, under questioning from his attorney Robert Ashley, Drake also talked about how he considered killing himself when he got home after the shootings on Sept. 11. He previously talked about forcing police officers to shoot him, but today said he also thought about killing himself in his wife’s pickup truck.

“At that point I decided I couldn’t make a mess in her truck by killing myself there,” he said.

He said many times during his testimony that he wanted to be dead the day of the shootings.

“My life had gone to such an extreme where I thought it was the logical next step,” he said.

The prosecution will continue with its questioning of Drake this afternoon.

Harlan Drake defends self in high-profile killings

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