Disney’s subtle promotion of eugenics

I came across this interesting YouTube, showing how Disney is pushing the wonderful values of Eugenics promoters like: John Maynard Keynes and Thomas Robert Malthus

According to NPR: John Maynard Keynes is an unlikely hero for our time.

Keynes, a British economist who died more than 60 years ago, inspired President Barack Obama’s plan to save the U.S. economy with a massive round of government spending. The British economist published his big theory, the one underpinning most of what Obama intends to do, in 1936.

By the 1980s, many believed Keynes’ ideas were utterly discredited. But he is the man who came up with the then-radical notion that a government can pull a country out of a deep recession by spending a lot.

Many would argue that Keynes’ 73-year-old theory is being tested, right now, for the very first time. One Keynes biographer, Lord Robert Skidelsky, portrays Keynes as a fascinating figure, equal parts genius and jerk. Keynes ran with the Bloomsbury Group, which included painters and writers such as Virginia Woolf. The Bloomsbury crowd was known for free love and raunchy language, but even they complained in letters to each other that Keynes was too dirty for them.

Keynes could be just as shocking when it came to academic theory, sounding like a socialist one moment and fanatically defending free markets the next.

The one constant was Keynes’ faith in the elite. He generally believed that almost any problem could be solved by getting together young men who had been schooled at Cambridge and asking them to take over. He even wanted Cambridge men to run America, because he didn’t think anyone in the U.S. was smart enough. He also didn’t like Jews, the French or the working class.

Keynes wrote that these Cambridge-led government boards should do everything from running individual companies to determining how many babies should be born and, cryptically, of what quality. Keynes was, after all, on the board of directors of the British Eugenics Society.

Keynes was an avid promoter of Eugenics according to The Age – Jun 1, 1983- Read details here

Here The White House Blogs about this:

A Vision for Innovation, Growth, and Quality Jobs
Posted by Lawrence H. Summers on September 21, 2009 at 03:31 PM EST

President Obama laid out his vision for innovation, growth, and quality jobs earlier today at Hudson Valley Community College. The President’s plan is grounded not only in the American tradition of entrepreneurship, but also in the traditions of robust economic thought.

During the past two years, the ideas propounded by John Maynard Keynes have assumed greater importance than most people would have thought in the previous generation. As Keynes famously observed, during those rare times of deep financial and economic crisis, when the “invisible hand” Adam Smith talked about has temporarily ceased to function, there is a more urgent need for government to play an active role in restoring markets to their healthy function.

The wisdom of Keynesian policies has been confirmed by the performance of the economy over the past year.

Keynes participated in Margaret Sanger’s Birth Control Conference ( SOURCE) . Sanger said this, As John Maynard Keynes stated, at the time of our London Conference, the problem of population is going to become in the near future the greatest of all political questions. Already the very mention of Birth Control arouses some of the deepest instincts and emotions. Feelings are running, as Mr. Keynes suggested, as passionately as in the earlier struggles between religions. We stand today at one of the great transition points in human history. If civilization is to survive, men and women must grasp control away from the blind instinct of Nature.” Margaret Sanger, “Birth Control in China and Japan,” 31 Oct 1922. Typed draft speech. Source: Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress , LCM 128:491 .

Keynes sat on the Advisory Council to the World Population Conference advertised in Sanger’s Birth Control Review – here

Keynes also was a speaker to Sanger’s American Birth Control League’s 5th annual Birth Control Conference – here

According to the Galton Institute Newsletter, John Maynard Keynes was treasurer of the Cambridge University Eugenics Society during its early years, in addition to his involvement with other societies. What is interesting is that there appears to be no mention in biographies of his connection with the Cambridge University Eugenics Society. The fact that he was treasurer and not just a member of the Society indicates that he had a keen interest in being involved. He was also a Council Member of the Eugenics Society in London from 1937-1944 and gave the Galton Lecture in 1937 on “Some Consequences of a Declining Population”.

Several Cambridge University Eugenics Society members were also members of other Societies with particular social and political standpoints. The Cambridge University Fabian Society was the first undergraduate club open to both sexes and at its London branch H G Wells, Bernard Shaw and the Webbs led the way with their ideologies combining socialism and eugenics. Pearson was a socialist with Fabian views, but never joined the Fabian or Eugenics Societies. There is no record of Fabians being involved with the Cambridge University Eugenics Society, although they were involved with the parent society. John Maynard Keynes may have had involvement with the Fabians but did not join.

The Cambridge Apostles was a secret society independent of political parties encouraging classical and mathematical learning; it helped to abolish religious tests creating a liberal university free from religious problems and open to women. Several Cambridge men were members of this Society as well as the Cambridge University Eugenics Society, for instance Lowes Dickinson, a historian and early proponent of the League of Nations and the economist, John Maynard Keynes.

The Cambridge Association for the Care of the Feeble-minded, formed nationally by Mary Dendy and Mrs Hume Pinsent in 1896, wrote to the Eugenics Education Society Council in London in 1910 suggesting that the two societies co-operate to pressurize the government to pass a Bill for compulsory segregation of the feeble-minded. ..Notably, more than half the committee members of the Cambridge Association for the Care of the Feeble minded were women, mostly townswomen, but some were wives of University fellows – Mrs Florence Keynes, wife of J N Keynes, political economist, and John Maynard Keynes’ mother, Mrs Jebb and Mrs Whetham. Ruth Darwin, Horace Darwin’s daughter, was Secretary. If women had difficulty joining University societies, this indicates that they had no trouble airing their views in a Society outside the University; a Society which had been formed by women. There were also several Cambridge Aldermen. William Bateson and Professor A C Pigou were also members, neither of whom wished to join the Eugenics Society though Pigou gave the Galton Lecture in London in 1923. Professor Pigou had been an undergraduate with John Maynard Keynes and then became Professor of Political Economy. Many members of this Association became involved with the Cambridge University Eugenics Society, among them Sir Clifford Allbutt, Horace Darwin, Professor Seward and Professor Inge.

In this stunning but revealing interview with Planned Parenthood Founder , Margaret Sanger, she reveals her true thoughts on eugenics and those it should target. Just listen to her hateful and impatient tone !

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Learn much more about Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger in this stunning film Maafa21 ( Clip Below)

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