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Pro-Life Democrats Who Switched Vote for Health Bill Request Billions in Earmarks

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The 11 House Democrats led by Rep. Bart Stupak who dropped their opposition to health care reform legislation mere hours before the final vote have requested $3.4 billion in earmarks — and one watchdog group wants to know whether the money represents business as usual or political payoffs.

The Sunlight Foundation says it plans to track the earmark requests, which were put in one day after health care reform cleared Congress, to see whether they’re approved and whether it appears lawmakers are being rewarded for their vote.

“We know that in Congress one of the ways that leadership tries to influence members is through earmarks,” said Bill Allison, editorial director at the nonpartisan organization. “So this seemed to us something good to follow.”

Stupak and the 10 other Democrats were critical to the success of the health care bill. They were holding out over concerns about funding for abortion coverage but announced the president had assuaged their worries — with an executive order restricting abortion funding — the morning of the big vote.

Stupak’s office said there’s absolutely no link between the earmarks and the health care bill’s passage.

“The congressman’s vote for health care has no connection to annual appropriations requests,” spokeswoman Michelle Benoche said. “Appropriations requests were submitted on Monday, March 22, because that is the deadline of the Appropriations Committee.”

She also said his earmark requests this year are in line with prior years, in number and in total amount.

But watchdogs want to know whether there’s more to the story.

Since the health care reform push hit its final stretch, numerous sweeteners for lawmakers’ districts and states have been found inside the package. Earmark requests are made outside of the health care bill, making them a bit more difficult to link to any vote-trading. But it is precisely that kind of tricky-to-catch deal-making that Republican Sen. Tom Coburn said he and other GOP senators would be monitoring for months to come.

“If you think you can cut a deal now and it not come out until after the election, I want to tell you that isn’t going to happen,” Coburn said a few days before the bill passed.
Lawmakers like Stupak have since been heavily scrutinized. Allison said the lawmakers who stood with him will find out if those earmarks are approved when the Appropriations Committee’s bills come out in June or July.

The individual earmarks requests from each of those lawmakers range from $20 million to $1.4 billion. Of the eight lawmakers whose 2010 requests were available for comparison, five requested more money than they did a year ago. Stupak requested $579 million.

Here are the earmark amounts requested by the 11 House Democrats in the 2011 bill:

Rep. Jerry Costello of Illinois.: $1,418.7 million ($256.4 million in 2010)
Rep. Solomon Ortiz of Texas: $618 million ($726.1 million in 2010)
Stupak of Michigan: $578.9 million
Rep. Marcy Kaptur of Ohio: $294 million ($305.7 million in 2010)
Rep. Kathy Dahlkemper of Pennsylvania: $236.8 million ($54 million in 2010)
Rep. James Oberstar of Minnesota.: $207 million ($226 million in 2010)
Rep. Brad Ellsworth of Indiana.: $115.4 million ($82.3 million in 2010)
Rep. Charles Wilson of Ohio: $84 million ($62.3 million in 2010)
Rep. Paul Kanjorski of Pennsylvania.: $67.1 million
Rep. Steve Driehaus of Ohio: $33.2 million
Rep. Joseph Donnelly of Indiana: $19.8 million ($11.65 million in 2010)

The Sunlight Foundation also says it is going to look at Republican earmarks. House Republicans say they are not requesting any earmarks for the next fiscal year, but Allison said the Sunlight Foundation will watch GOP senators to see if they appear to be putting in earmark requests for their House colleagues.

Fox News’ Molly Henneberg contributed to this report.

Chinese mortuary workers dump babies’ bodies in River

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Bodies of 21 Babies Found in River in Eastern China
Tuesday, March 30, 2010
By Chi-Chi Zhang, Associated Press

Beijing (AP) – The bodies of 21 babies, believed dumped by hospitals, have washed ashore a riverbank in eastern China, state media reported Tuesday.

Video footage indicated that the bodies — stashed in yellow plastic bags, at least one of which was marked “medical waste” — included some several months old. Some wore identification tags with their mothers’ names, their birth dates, measurements and weights. The official Xinhua News Agency said they also included fetuses.

Residents discovered the remains under a bridge in the city of Jining, Shandong province, over the weekend. Tags on the feet of eight of the babies traced them back to a hospital in Jining, according to the People’s Daily Web site. Three of them had been admitted earlier to the hospital in critical condition, the report said. It did not say when.

The other 13 bodies were unidentified. The number of girls or boys was not reported.

More girls than boys are aborted in China because of the traditional preference for male offspring, especially in rural areas. Although gender-selection abortions are illegal in China, the practice remains widespread and has led to a skewed sex ratio at birth in China with 119 males born for every 100 females. In industrialized countries, the ratio is 107 to 100.

An official from the general office from the Affiliated Hospital of Jining Medical College confirmed it was involved.

“Several of the bodies of babies with (identification) tags were from our hospital, but not all of them. The officials from the health bureau are still in the hospital doing an investigation,” said the official, who like most Chinese officials would not give his name.

Xinhua said medical staff were suspended after the discovery.

“The hospital medical staff involved have been suspended from their work during the investigation,” Zhong Haitao, a spokesman at the Jining Health Bureau, was quoted as saying.

Local residents and firefighters recovered the bodies Monday after they were discovered under a bridge spanning the Guangfu River in the outskirts of Jining, Zhong said.

Interviews with residents who discovered the bodies floating near the shore over the weekend were broadcast on the Web site of the Shandong Broadcasting Company,

The footage shows bodies lying on parts of the bank of the river. Some are uncovered, and others are in bags. They are all small and covered in dirt. A leg sticks out from under one bag. At least one of the bags has “medical waste” written on it.

The report said the babies ranged from newborns to several months old. One of the bluish-green identification tags visible in the video indicates the baby was born in April 2009.

People’s Daily said all the bodies were babies, while Xinhua said several were fetuses.

An official from the information office of China’s Health Ministry said she was not aware of the case, while telephone calls to the Jining Health Bureau and the Shandong Health Bureau rang unanswered Tuesday.

United We Stand !

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I hear the voices speak: “United we stand”
But, to the church of God – I appeal.
If we want to rid this sin from our land
Than , our cry should be : “United we kneel” .

We say, “God bless our nation”
this land of the brave and home of the free…
But, if we really want to send lamentation
We should do it humbly from our knee.

America: The Brave, The Strong, and The Proud !
Her army marches on, her soldiers must go…
But, if we really want our voice to be loud,
We’d whisper to God and bow our head low !

This land is your land, this land is my land,
We’ll never surrender without a fight !
But, if we want America to remain GRAND…
We should seek the Lord with all of our might !

It is not JUST God’s protection and blessing we seek,
but His forgiveness and His mercy too.
For, while enjoying our wealth, we became spiritually weak
and neglected the widow, the orphan, and the pew !

While God is good and in Him no evil is found
Yet – a terror has been permitted and allowed.
Shouldn’t we ask, why this wickedness is around?
With a contrite heart and heads all bowed?

While numbers and strength are answers indeed
and our soldiers can march with intense pace
There is a spiritual war to be fought ONLY on our knee
and a victory we will ONLY win on our face !

For…If God’s people who are called by HIS name
will turn from THEIR wicked way
Look to themselves , and, accept THEIR blame
Then God can turn the darkness to day !

Oh, say does that Star Spangled Banner Yet Waive
As her beauty shines from sea to sea.
Dear Lord, move your hand, and America save…
Send a revival, and let it begin with me.

Keep America Free

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Death knocks on the doors of those
who dare to speak of God
We hear the dying soldiers and
all we do is nod …
This land of spoiled freedom
has made our lives a fairy tale
To Christians in Far away lands
who die and rot in jail.

Oh! We think we have it all together
Here – in the land of “choice”
But somewhere’s there’s a beaten child
because of the praises of his voice.
Oh! America , please wake up
or I’m afraid that you might burn
for the blood of countless martyrs
cries out for HIS return !

Yes ! There’s an urgency about us
to break our petty walls.
To stand for no more compromise
and start obeying God’s Holy Laws.
Oh! It’s time the church in America,
cries out with the power of one plea…
That God would spare our blessed country
And keep her forever free !

Glenn Beck Tells Pro-Lifers: ‘There is a Profound Evil Coming our Way’

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March 30, 2010 ( – Before a sold-out audience of 1,200 enthusiastic pro-life supporters, Glenn Beck warned of a “profound change” coming to America that he said would wreak havoc on the sanctity of life. Beck’s comments came at the Vitae Foundation’s 18th annual pro-life benefit dinner in Jefferson City, Mo., on March 13.

With his signature blackboard behind him, the Fox TV host said that society is changing and people have to work hard to get the word out that life is valuable.

“There is a profound evil coming our way,” Beck told the pro-life crowd, “if we don’t draw a line in the sand.”

In his talk he explained the historical backdrop of eugenics that gripped the world in the early 20th century – a time when men like Adolf Hitler gave speeches on compassion and healing, all in the name of social and economic justice, and people who were considered undesirable were also thought to be a drain on society during hard economic times.

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, and a well-known eugenicist wrote, “All of our problems are a result of our overpopulated working class.” Beck noted that Sanger came back from Europe in the 1930s with a new rhetoric that was wrapped in terms of compassion.

“Pay attention to what’s happening!” Beck stated, referencing the fact that abortion is now considered “health care” by many in Washington. “There are people out there who want to wipe other people out.”

The television and radio told a story about his oldest daughter, who has cerebral palsy. When she was born she experienced 13 strokes, and the doctor simply told Beck and his wife, “You’re praying people, so there’s always hope.”

As a freshman in high school and a member of the cross-country team, her coach told his daughter if she couldn’t make it to the end of the race she should just stop and rest – a remark that Beck said offended his daughter.

Beck said his daughter’s goal was to finish every race and to beat her personal best. During her senior year, as captain of the team, she gave a speech, in which she said to her coach, “I didn’t believe you that I couldn’t finish it,” and she told her teammates: “Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do it, because you can!”

Beck then challenged the pro-lifers gathered: “So from my daughter, you can finish the race! It is about the sanctity of human life!”

“If we fail, who will complete this task? Stand up, get in the race. You can, will and must win!”

Before Beck got into his history lesson that evening, he took a few moments to pay tribute to the birth mother of his youngest child, whom he and his wife had adopted after they were unable to conceive a child themselves.

On the day his son was born, Beck told the young birth mother, “I don’t have to read Spiderman or Batman to my son. I promise he will remember you as a superhero. You changed a little boy’s life and that of a man and a woman who fell in love.”

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Pastor Stephen Broden on Glenn Beck and Maafa21

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From August 2009:
Glenn Beck guest Pastor Stephen Broden warns of “eugenics movement,” “black genocide” that will show up in health care package

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Get a copy of Maafa21 here

White supremacist Pleads Guilty In Plot To Kill Obama

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JACKSON, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee man authorities say is a white supremacist has pleaded guilty to plotting to kill then-presidential candidate Barack Obama and dozens of other black people in 2008.

Twenty-one-year-old Daniel Cowart of Bells, Tenn., pleaded guilty Monday to eight of 10 counts in an indictment accusing him of conspiracy, threatening a presidential candidate and various federal firearms violations. Under a plea agreement, he faces 12 to 18 years in prison, but a federal judge could choose a longer sentence.

Co-defendant, 19-year-old Paul Schlesselman of Helena-West Helena, Ark., pleaded guilty in January and will be sentenced April 15.

Authorities have described the two as skinheads who planned a cross-country robbing and killing spree that would end with an attack on Obama.


Racism is terrible and those who seek to murder black people must be prosecuted ! Unless they target BLACK BABIES – then society excuses them. I am speaking of abortion and I beg you to watch the film: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America to find out how racism and abortion target African Americans !