Two more acts of hate crimes against Christians – Churches Burned

Yesterday, I reported that two Preachers were gunned down and murdered in the streets in Florida after they asked a man if they could share the Gospel with him. No major media coverage on their deaths, although I did hear a fairly long news piece this morning on the “not guilty plea” of Michael Jackson’s doctor. The media blacks out the hate crimes committed against Christians. This morning I am sad to report the news that 2 more Texas Churches have been burned by arsonists.

Feb 9,2010 (According to USA Today):

Two more churches erupted in flames near Tyler, Texas., Monday night, bringing to at least eight the number of East Texas churches hit by apparent arsonists since this year, the Tyler Morning Telegraph reports.

KYTX -TV of Tyler puts the total number of fires since the first of the year at 11, with seven confirmed as arsons cases.

Tom Crowley, special agent with Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms’ National Response Team, says his group is “very active in the area” and are investigating reports of several vehicles seen near churches at all hours in the area.

The two fires Monday night erupted within three miles of each other in Smith County and about an hour apart, the Tyler newspaper reports.

County authorities said fire was already coming out the roof of Clear Springs Missionary Baptist Church when firefighters arrived. The spokesperson said it was evident that the back door had been broken into.

Pastor Carl Samples of Dover Baptist Church, who surveyed the damage Monday night at his church, says he “can’t comprehend how anyone would do the Lord’s house this way,” The Associated Press reports.

I am curious – When will the President send Federal Agents to protect Christians and churches like the government has and continues to do for abortion clinics? In Florida two preachers were gunned down and murdered? Why all these hate crimes against Christians? Where is the Hate Crime Legislation to protect them like there was for gays? Where are the “Conservative” leaders pointing these issues out? Where is the outrage?

Let’s not forget that no long ago, Sarah Palin’s church was also burned – yet – no one is saying that there is an organized effort to silence Christians, or that the “Hate Speech” on the left is contributing to “Ant-Christian Terrorism”.

Come on – SPEAK OUT Before more people are killed !

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