Media Black Out when 2 Preachers are gunned down in Florida

Two Christians Murdered for Witnessing in Boynton Beach

Why the National Media Blackout?
VISTA, Calif., Feb. 5 /Christian Newswire/ — “Anti-Christian hostility is getting increasingly deadly as this week’s tragic events demonstrate,” said Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. “The increasing demonization of Christians in our culture makes some feel its open season on Christians.”

According to the Boynton Beach police, simply sharing the word of God on the street is what brought two ministers to the man who killed them. Tite Sufra, 24, and Stephen Ocean, 23, were shot and killed Saturday night after meeting Stephen Ocean, 18. They witnessed to Woody for fifteen minutes when he got a phone call and told the preachers he ‘had to go.’ As they walked away, Woody suddenly started walking back toward them. Sufra walked up to greet him and was killed with a shot gun blast at point blank range. When Ocean ran, he was shot in the back. After he fell, Woody shot him in the head execution style. Woody was arrested Wednesday and is charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

“As of today, there are no national news organizations reporting this vicious murder of two innocent Christian men. Why?” Cass said, “I’ll ask this: If two Muslims, or two feminists or two homosexuals were murdered, wouldn’t the media be all over it? These were two fine young black Christian men shot by another black man for their Christian faith, yet the media does not seem to care.”

Cass continued: “It is an ominous sign of our times that Christians are being shot on the streets and in our churches. Last year Jim Pullion was killed while holding pro-life signs in front of his granddaughter’s Owasso Michigan high school. Rev. Fred Winters was murdered while preaching in his pulpit in Maryville, Illinois. Increasingly we see Christian ministers threatened and churches terrorized and vandalized for their stand on marriage. Now when Christians gather for worship they must have armed security. Anti- Christian defamation and bigotry has helped to create this violent climate and it must stop.”

About the Christian Anti- Defamation Commission – The Christian Anti- Defamation Commission (CADC) is a national, not-for- profit 501(c) (3) Education Corporation whose purpose it is to champion Christian religious liberty, domestically and internationally, by standing against anti-Christian defamation, bigotry, and discrimination.


Had these men been abortion doctors, the news media would be a buzzz- the trial , arrest, history, of this killer would be on every news station. What was this man’s motive? What was his “religious beliefs”? Was he an anti-Christian Bigot or terrorist? Will the media examine all his “known associates” ? Will they investigate where this killer “Worshiped” and what his political beliefs were? So far most of the news coverage has been local. Guess we will see what the life of a “Preacher” is worth in TV Coverage.

No matter- God knows their names and God knows the motive. We pray that justice is done, but pray also that this killer will find Christ, as was the last wish of these 2 brave Christian martyrs.

Story here

STORY HERE Two men preaching religion shot to death in Boynton Beach


3 Responses to “Media Black Out when 2 Preachers are gunned down in Florida”

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  2. […] on churches mount – like in Texas where several churches have been burned down, and in Florida where two preachers were murdered on the streets preaching – all this month, no one seems concerned enough to pass “Hate Crimes” legislation […]

  3. Maybe because–despite it being tragic–it wasn’t a “we’re being persecuted!” kind of story?

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