Abortionist looses Democratic Congressional bid in Florida


State Sen. Ted Deutch on Tuesday won the Democratic nomination to replace former U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, defeating former Broward County Commissioner Ben Graber.

In the Republican primary, contractor Ed Lynch held a narrow lead in early results over financial planner Joe Budd and a wide margin over retired police Officer Curt Price.

Deutch earned Wexler’s endorsement soon after the former congressman announced in October that he would step down from his seat and went on to gain the support of other local, state and national Democratic leaders. Deutch’s fundraiser with former president Bill Clinton in January pushed his fundraising past the $1 million mark.

Deutch will face either financial planner Joe Budd (R) or Edward Lynch (R), who ran for the seat in 2008, in the April special election. Lynch was leading by less than 50 votes with 95 percent reporting.

Not regularly reported, Ben Graber is an abortionist who has held several other political offices, including a position as a Florida State Representative.

Some believe that it was that high power state position which was used to skate a charge that as a “Physician” and a “Mandatory Reporter”, Graber failed to report child abuse and possible rape when he performed an abortion on a very young child which had been brought to him by her father.

In 1988 South Florida abortionist Benjamin Graber, examined a 10-year-old girl whose father brought her in pregnant.

Graber performed an abortion on the child and returned her to the father who was later accused of raping her.

Despite mandatory reporting laws in the state of Florida, Graber did not inform the state of the possibility of incest at the time of the abortion, according to news reports.

Officials discovered the abuse when hospital ER physicians examined the sister of the 10-year-old that Graber aborted who was taken to the emergency room for medical care.

By the time child protective services reached the children ( ages: 12,10,8 and 7 ) news reports indicated that the father had allegedly molested most of them. This came two-years after the father brought the pregnant 10-year-old to Graber, for the abortion.

Joanne Richter, executive director of the Broward County Sexual Assault Treatment Center told the press that Graber should have been aware of the possibility of sexual abuse and called authorities.

Graber never faced any charges for failing to report the sexual abuse of this child. Some believe that his connections as a Florida State House Representative at the time played a role in the decision to not prosecute.

Graber claims to be a protector of women. But, years later, when Graber decided to close his Graber Gynecological Affiliates medical offices in Pompano Beach, Florida where he performed abortions, he sought out another “doctor” to sub-lease the office, because he was still under a lease contract with the owners.

Graber arranged to sublease the office to abortionist Vladimar Rosenthal who owned the Today’s Women’s Medical Centers in South Florida.

According to news reports printed in the Miami Herald years earlier, several former employees of Rosenthal went to the paper to expose that that the conditions at Rosenthal’s clinics were not good for patients. The employees showed the paper records that Rosenthal was paying them commission to sell anesthesia at the door. Then, when the state inspected Rosenthal’s abortion clinic, they found an envelop on the premises which contained several obscene pictures of unconscience “patients” with their legs apart. The “pictures” admittedly belonged to Rosenthal’s male nurse, Barry Alan Hill. Hill was written up in a disciplinary action by the state while the abortion clinic continued seeing women, “business as usual”.

Employees told the newspaper that they were fired when Rosenthal was told that they had complained about the conditions at the clinic to the (NAF) National Abortion Federation. Rosenthal’s abortion clinic was a member of NAF which claims that they monitor the “safety” of abortion clinics.

Despite the fact that the above allegations were reported in South Florida newspapers, and on record with the State Department of Professional Regulations,now known as the Agency for Health Care Administration, Graber chose Rosenthal to sublease his office. In a letter explaining to the owner of the building why Graber chose to sublease the facility to Rosenthal, Graber described Rosenthal as, “an excellent tenant who has been successfully in practice for a number of years.”

Sources: The Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel: Father charged with sexually abusing 4 daughters By: Kevin Davis: 12-6-1988/ Coral Springs News, number 50″ Protestors: Graber should resign by Gary Curreri, 12-14-1988 / The South Florida Forum, Vol. 3 No. 6: Ben Graber under fire for abortion on 10-year-old by Paul Carson: 12-15-1988/ United Press International, Father charged with sexual abuse of daughters: 12-6-1988/Broward County 17th judicial Circuit Court case # 92-04044, Ted A. hunt vs. Benjamin Graber/ Florida Department of Professional Regulation Case # 89-010853 and Miami Herald 10-7-89./ Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, After state Senate loss, Graber will turn focus to promoting penny sales tax :9-7-2006 http://www.broward.org/graber/longresume.htm /http://archives.econ.utah.edu/archives/m-fem/1999m03/msg00077.htm/ http://www.broward.org/graber/photo.htm/www.realpagessites.com/womensawareness/page2.html

Other Sources: : Father Charged with sexual abuse of daughters (UPI) 12-6-1988; Legislator investigated over abortion – St. Petersburg Times 1-12-1989; Lawmaker under investigation for youth’s abortion (UPI) 1-11-1989

3 Responses to “Abortionist looses Democratic Congressional bid in Florida”

  1. Michelle Cory Says:

    Dr Ben Graber is not an abortionist. he is a gynocologist who will perform an abortion upon request. why are doctors who help women called abortionists. Dr. Graber is my doctor. He is a wonderful man, and doctor. He has spent untold hrs with me helping me with all sorts of problems relayed to my obsessive compulsive disorder. he is a champion for women and their rights.
    he has put his own life and his families in harms way, in order to protect women. He is such a good father and role model, that his daughter choose to become a gyn and work with him. he practices ob-gyn services of all kinds. He saves many lives. I trust him with my care when I see him every six months. How dare you lie and dehumanize him. He would have been a great congressman. Finally someone in congress to stand up for women. Mr O’boma certainly hasn’t kept that promise. sincerely
    Michelle Cory
    from Broward County Fl.

    • saynsumthn Says:

      Dr. Graber admits he does abortions. People who do abortions are abortionists. Why are you so sensitive? He ran an abortion clinic in Pompano Beach for many years – just because you are unaware of this fact is not my fault. Check out the local papers and search the news stories about him. Read Congressional reports which he testifies as an abortion doctor. Good for you that you “trust” him- he is pro-choice and so are you- both believe and support abortion. That does not change the facts. Read the sources I listed, ask the girl he failed to protect by not reporting the pregnancy. If that is “protection” than I guess we disagree on the term. Thank you for responding.

  2. Ted is a conservative Pro-Israel Jew, who wants to develop/promote/feed ISrael from US citizen taxes. He is another Spy for Israel in US Senate
    He himself mentioned that he is a ZIONIST!!!!

    “I am a Zionist who belongs to a Conservative synagogue, studies with an Orthodox rabbi and feels comfortable in shuls of every denomination.”


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