Police Officers Suspended for racist and sexist comments

Read This Story and see if these police officers aren’t in favor of “Family Planning” ,cover for Statutory Rape, and speak like a supporter of Eugenics…who does that remind you of? (See end)

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City of NMB suspends two officers


North Myrtle Beach City Manager John Smithson announced Monday the suspension of two officers after secretly-recorded conversations were printed in The Sun News. The subject matter in this story may not be suitable for some readers.

The recordings, taped by a former NMB officer, contains what city leaders call derogatory and sexist remarks made by two employees of the Public Safety department.

Mayor Marilyn Hatley, Smithson, and council members held a news conference to address the recorded comments.

Those recordings were made by former North Myrtle Beach Lt. Randy Fisher, who says he was forced to resign from the department at the end of 2009.

The city leaders announced that the two men heard on the audio recordings, Major Walt Floyd and Lt. Don Repec have been placed on administrative leave with pay pending an investigation by the city manager’s office.

In one of the recordings, Fisher, Floyd and Repec are heard discussing an incident where a 14-year-old girl and her 17-year-old boyfriend were found naked in a bed.

Fisher can be heard saying the boy violated the law and should be charged with criminal sexual conduct.

Floyd then says, “I’m not going to do a damn thing to him.”

Floyd continues by saying the girl’s parents should do a better job of raising her and that she should take pills so she won’t get pregnant “because she can’t take care of a child.”

He then goes on to say women “like that” should be required to be neutered to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

“If you’re not able to take care of a consequential responsibility, then you shouldn’t be having sex at that time,” Lt. Repec is heard saying.

Repec then goes on to suggest the 14-year-old and 17-year-old should perform sexual acts other than intercourse to prevent pregnancy. NewsChannel 15 has chosen not to print what Repec said because of the graphic language used.

Floyd was serving as interim public safety director in the wake of former Public Safety Director William Bailey’s suspension, investigation, and eventual demotion to lieutenant over lies he told after the theft of his service weapon from his truck.

Full Story Here :

Kinda of reminds me of how Planned Parenthood covers for Child Predators: (Here)

And how they were founded on Eugenics which supported Forced Sterilization of the Unfit ( Maafa21) clip below:

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