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Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger Spews her Eugenic Ideas on Film

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In this stunning but revealing interview with Planned Parenthood Founder , Margaret Sanger, she reveals her true thoughts on eugenics and those it should target. Just listen to her hateful and impatient tone !

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Learn much more about Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger in this stunning film Maafa21 ( Clip Below)

Philadelphia abortion clinic shut down for deplorable conditions

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Because of a recent death at Women’s Medical Society in Philadelphia state authorities have shut the clinic down and temporarily suspended the license of Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

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Texas Supplied Newborn Blood Samples to Forensic Database

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by Jennifer Couzin-Frankel on February 22, 2010 3:58 PM

Dogged investigation by a non-profit online media organization in Texas has revealed that between 2003 and 2007, the state quietly gave hundreds of newborn blood samples to a U.S. Armed Forces laboratory for use in a forensics database. The revelation will likely raise questions about how newborn screening programs are run and how the samples are disseminated, almost always without families knowing where they go.

In this case, 800 blood samples were to be part of a new, national mitochondrial DNA data base intended as a reference databank for the forensic community and for research into mitochondrial DNA variation—DNA we inherit from our mother. California, Minnesota, and Florida have also reportedly supplied infant blood samples to the effort, according to The Texas Tribune investigation.

Like virtually every state, Texas routinely screens almost all newborns for rare diseases, collecting a few drops of blood at birth. In recent years many states, Texas included, have stored the samples and offered them up for research, mainly in pediatrics. Because the samples are anonymous (though they may come with some demographic information, depending on the study), researchers have argued that they don’t need to seek informed consent to use them.

That hasn’t gone over well recently; in March of last year, a civil rights group sued the Texas screening program. In December, the state settled the case and agreed to destroy all newborn blood spots collected before May 2009, when legislation passed allowing for sample storage.

That’s where the story gets interesting. The Texas Tribune describes a drawn-out effort to review records of the newborn blood spots. After a couple requests, the Texas Department of State Health Services released a batch of documents, which included a single e-mail mentioning the mtDNA project at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, D.C. “When the Tribune pressed health officials about the missing research files, they produced them, saying it was an oversight, and that the documents had been overlooked in their initial search,” writes The Tribune’s Emily Ramshaw.

There’s growing concern among researchers that public wariness about the newborn screening program will create a backlash—with parents declining to screen their kids (who may end up much sicker because their disease wasn’t caught early), and with the spots no longer made available for valuable pediatrics research, such as tracing the origins of childhood leukemia. This new revelation is likely to fan those flame—even if the samples in question are being destroyed.

More on Story here

Aged Tires: A Driving Hazard? – ABC News

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Aged Tires: A Driving Hazard?

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ABC News Hidden Camera Investigation: Aged Tires Sold as ‘New’ by Big Retailers
ABC News Cameras Went Undercover and Found Tires Made as Long as 12 Years Ago for Sale

May 9, 2008—

Some of the biggest tire retailers in the U.S. are selling tires that are well beyond the age limit recommended by consumer groups and some automakers, according to the results of a hidden camera investigation by “20/20” and ABC News affiliates around the country.

Research and tests show that as tires age, they begin to dry out and become potentially dangerous, leading to calls for a six-year age limit for tires from Ford Motor Co. and other car companies.

“20/20” teamed up with our ABC News affiliates to see if tires older than six years were being sold as “new” by major tire retailers. Unlike most consumers, we knew how to read the industry’s convoluted date code, which reveals the week and year when a tire was made.

In San Francisco, Calif., reporters from KGO-TV found a tire made in 1999 and two from 2002 being sold as new by Goodyear, the seventh largest tire retailer in the U.S.

In Indianapolis, Ind., affiliate WRTV-TV went tire shopping at Wal-Mart, the country’s third largest tire seller, and found a tire made in 2001 and one from 1999. In Orlando, Fla., affiliate WFTV-TV also found two aged tires dating back to 1999 and 2000 for sale at a Wal-Mart store.

At Sears, the fifth largest tire retailer in the U.S., our undercover “20/20” shoppers found nearly a dozen aged tires being sold as new as part of a special “manager’s clearance sale.” At three different stores in New Jersey, we found tires ranging from seven years old to one that was manufactured 12 years ago in 1996.

At a Sear’s store in Watchung, N.J., a salesman warned us before we purchased a 2002 tire, saying, “You’re supposed to get rid of them every six or seven years…no matter what condition it is.” He, however, still sold us the tire, saying to only use it as a spare. At the Sears stores we visited in Union and Jersey City, N.J., we were told the aged tires we purchased were safe.

At at Sears store in Houston, Texas, ABC News affiliate KTRK-TV also found an aged tire dating back to 2001.

In response to our findings, Sears released a statement saying, “It is unusual that there would be tires that old in our stores. We follow an inventory process of first in, first out, and we turn our tire inventory an average of more than three times a year. We note that there is a difference of opinion in the tire industry (the Tire Industry Association, RMA and the major tire manufacturers) about the service-life limits of tires. The safety of our customers is a top priority for Sears, and we’ll continue to work with all interested parties to push for a consensus on tire service limits. Consistent maintenance, proper inflation and regular inspection for tread wear patterns and damage are the keys to good tire performance. For consumers who are concerned about the age or condition of their tires, it is recommended they let us evaluate their tires regularly, which we’ll do free of charge.”

Goodyear, Wal-Mart and the U.S. tire industry trade association also say that age is not the key factor in tire safety, and that consumers should pay attention to other maintenance issues. According to Goodyear spokesman Jim Davis, “We don’t support age-based limits on tires because there’s no scientific data to support that.” Wal-Mart spokesperson Linda Blakley said, “Should the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration) create a ruling related to age of tires and its effect on the safety of our customers, we would of course comply.”

Some of the biggest tire manufacturers, including Bridgestone/Firestone and Michelin, however, have issued bulletins to retailers calling for tires to be removed from service 10 years after the date of manufacture. The bulletins note that consumers should follow the tire replacement recommendations in their vehicle owner’s manual if they offer different advice on a tire’s shelf life. Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Audi and Toyota all recommend that tires be replaced six years after they were made.

Because of those bulletins, tire retailers should not be selling tires close to or older than 10 years of age, according to Sean Kane, who heads a private auto safety firm. “It’s shocking to hear that particularly now because companies, like Sears, these large tire retailers have had this information in their hands for some time,” said Kane.

Debating abortion/Black Genocide billboards saying: “Black Children are an endangered species”

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Watch Video at the end of this post:

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I strongly suggest that anyone interested in this topic get a copy of a stunning 2 hour documentary called: Maafa21 .

Maafa21 is the most stunning and “offensive” look behind the eugenic agenda still going on today. The producers of Maafa21 went directly to the source, researching the information from the papers of Margaret Sanger , Planned Parenthood, their board, and their eugenic supporters. Fully documented quotes and video of the founders and US eugenics society links to Hitler and the Nazis will leave you stunned. Maafa21 shows evidence that Margaret Sanger – founder of Planned Parenthood was a member of the American Eugenics Society (AES), spoke to their meetings, met with their VP’s and also spoke to the KKK (proof in Sanger’s autobiography). In addition, other Planned Parenthood members were Eugenics Society members, including Alan Guttmacher, who was at one time the Vice President of the AES. Maafa21 will leave you asking how Planned Parenthood receives millions of tax dollars a day from the American Government. . Maafa21 will tell you things the media and the government do not want you to hear. This film is not partisan either. Maafa21 shows how both parties are involved in eugenics against the Black Community and includes racist audio of President Nixon explaining why people vote for abortion – any guess? Maafa21 will walk you through history and push you straight into the 21st Century where you will see all the dots connected and this evil and racist Eugenic Plot revealed right in front of your eyes. Get a copy of Maafa21 – here (clip)

Abortionist Gosnell “experimented” on fetuses and performed an abortion on a minor w/o parental consent

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UPDATED JAN 2011- HERE Abortionist arrested and charged with 8 counts of murder

A child herself, she awoke after abortion to a sight of horror

2/25/2010 Philadelphia Daily News

MALINA WILLIAMS took one look at the roomful of bottled fetus remains and knew instantly that something wasn’t right.

She was just 13, still a baby herself, and had just had an abortion at the hands of Dr. Kermit B. Gosnell.

She said she had thought something was amiss when the West Philadelphia doctor eagerly agreed to perform the abortion, even though he allegedly didn’t have permission from her parents as required by state law.

After her procedure was over, Williams said she saw Gosnell cradling a bottle that contained the remains of her fetus. Her eyes darted away and landed on the room with the bottles.

“He left the door open,” said Williams, now 32. “I could see all the little babies in bottles filled with liquid, and I started crying.

“He said he did research on them. He said, ‘Don’t cry, don’t feel bad. Everybody does this.’ “

Williams’ unnerving story of her illegal abortion is among a seemingly endless string of nightmarish allegations being leveled against Gosnell, whose clinic has now been linked to the death of two women…

Gosnell has long been known as a man people can turn to for quick, cheap abortions, Malina Williams noted.

“That was the spot where you went if you got pregnant and didn’t want your mom and dad to know. They didn’t even ask for ID,” said Williams, who lives in Southwest Philadelphia.

Gosnell’s cheap rate was one of the reasons why Williams said she ventured to his clinic in 1991, when she was 12-weeks pregnant and in eighth grade.

She paid $175, took a half of a pill handed to her by one of Gosnell’s assistants and laid back as the procedure commenced….

After the procedure, Williams said, she felt dazed. She began sobbing when she discovered the nearby room that was packed with fetus remains.

“He told me the morgue comes and gets the babies and burns them,” Williams said, her voice growing quiet.

“I asked him, ‘How do you do this? Doesn’t it bother you?’ ” she added. “He said he tried not to think about it.”

A week later, Williams said, she developed an infection and returned to Gosnell’s clinic for medication. He grew quiet when she asked him how the infection occurred.

“It was only after that I started hearing rumors about people getting sick in there, that he didn’t even clean the instruments he used.”

Read this: R.I.P. Ms. Shaw, no pro-choicer will be “crying” about your unfortunate abortion death

Rest of Story here

R.I.P. Ms. Mongar, the pro-choicers will not mourn your legal abortion death

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A death after abortion at suspended medic’s clinic

2/24/2010 By Marie McCullough and Sam Wood

Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writers

Damber Ghalley remembers seeing his unconscious sister on an ambulance stretcher, being taken out the back door of the West Philadelphia clinic where she had undergone an abortion.
Ghalley and his niece – the woman’s daughter – were stunned.

“I asked the doctor, ‘What happened?’ ” Ghalley recalled yesterday during a phone interview. “He said: ‘Her heart stopped. The procedure went well, but her heart stopped.’ ”

Ghalley’s sister, Karnamaya Mongar, 41, developed a fatal heart arrhythmia after being given painkillers and other drugs at the clinic at 3801 Lancaster Ave., which is owned and run by Kermit B. Gosnell, according to a state order suspending his medical license.

The suspension, issued Monday by the state Board of Medicine, followed a raid of the clinic by federal and state drug agents who are investigating Gosnell, 69, on suspicion of illegal distribution of prescription painkillers. Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman Brian Dougherty said yesterday that he could not comment.

The suspension order describes “deplorable and unsanitary” conditions such as “blood on the floor and parts of aborted fetuses in jars.” It also says an employee with no medical license routinely dispensed prescription drugs and performed medical exams while Gosnell was out of the clinic.

The suspension is the latest trouble for Gosnell, who has been named as a defendant in 46 civil suits – 10 of them medical-malpractice cases – since 1981.

Calls placed to Gosnell’s home and office yesterday went unanswered.

The clinic – a block away from Penn Presbyterian Medical Center – has big black letters proclaiming dental care, family practice, geriatrics, and physical therapy, but the order suspending Gosnell’s license says it “specializes in abortions and pain management.”

The unlicensed employee, according to the order, gave Mongar a round of painkillers Nov. 20, then called Gosnell because the patient was still experiencing severe cramping from drugs to induce labor. Gosnell directed that another round of drugs be administered. After he arrived at the clinic to perform the abortion, Mongar was given yet more medication.

Ghalley says he was told nothing as he sat in the waiting room with his 21-year-old niece, Yashoda Mongar.

Ghalley explained that his sister; her husband, Ash; and their three children were living with him in Woodbridge, Va., a suburb of Washington. They had arrived in the United States only five months earlier from their native Bhutan, a poor, mountainous, landlocked nation between China and India.

Ghalley, who has been in the United States for a decade and speaks English fluently, became their interpreter, guide, and chauffeur.

He did not question his sister when she asked him to drive her to an abortion clinic in Virginia.

“In our culture, they [the couple] cannot talk about it with relatives,” Ghalley said. “She was depressed. I figured she has three children, she has grandkids also, maybe she did not want another child.”

Because Mongar was more than 12 weeks pregnant, the Virginia abortion clinic referred her to one in Maryland.

“They didn’t want to do it either,” Ghalley said. “They gave the name of the Philadelphia clinic.”

Mongar was about 18 or 19 weeks pregnant on that November night, Ghalley said. Her husband could not accompany her because “he just got a job in a chicken factory.”

Ghalley’s first impression of the Philadelphia facility – a shabby, three-story brick structure with a two-story annex – was not good.

“So dirty. Dirty, bloody, a lot of people waiting,” Ghalley recalled. “I was thinking at that time, maybe he [the doctor] was cheaper.”

Later, as Ghalley watched his sister being put in the ambulance, a clinic employee and his niece began crying.

“I was crying, too,” Ghalley said. “There was no other disease. My sister was fine before that.”

All through the night and half the next day, Ghalley and his niece waited at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where Mongar was put on life support.

“They got her heart beating,” he said. “I was hoping. I was praying. In the morning, I saw [Gosnell] and asked him if something went wrong.”

Gosnell’s answer was reassuring, and Mongar’s family decided that her death was “in God’s hands,” Ghalley said.

This is not the first time Pennsylvania has suspended Gosnell’s license. In 1996, he temporarily lost it for allowing a physician’s assistant to treat patients. He got it back after paying a $1,000 penalty.

This time, however, the violation is more egregious.

“In this case, the worker had absolutely no medical training or license whatsoever,” said Basil Merenda, state commissioner of professional and occupational affairs.

Gosnell also skirted the state’s abortion control in 2007 when he performed an abortion on a minor without her parents’ consent. It became public when the parents brought a civil suit for assault. Gosnell paid $10,000 to settle the case.

Ghalley said he was still waiting for the autopsy report on his sister. He was not aware that Gosnell’s license had been suspended.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for telling me,” Ghalley said.

For more disgusting details of the list of abortion related deaths and injuries of this abortion doc read this: R.I.P. Ms. Shaw, no pro-choicer will be “crying” about your unfortunate abortion death

AND: Abortionist Gosnell “experimented” on fetuses and performed an abortion on a minor w/o parental consent