Hearing canceled in Murder trial of pro-choicer Harlan Drake who shot and killed pro-lifer Jim Pouillon

In September of 2009, a pro-life activist was gunned down on a public sidewalk by a violent pro-choicer who hated his message. James Pouillon was standing in front of a Michigan High School, where he had stood peacefully many times before, carrying a pro-life sign. The Shiawassee County Prosecutor’s office has charged pro-choicer, Harlan J. Drake, 33, of Owosso with two counts of first-degree, premeditated murder.

Pouillon’s sign depicted a picture of a baby and simply said “LIFE” and for this he was brutally killed.



Police reported that Drake was ticked off at Pouillon’s pro-life message, so he hunted him down in a killing spree, drove up next to the man who had 2 leg braces and carried an oxygen tank, and opened fire. This is the pro-choice response to a non-violent protest, this is their way of bringing “peace” and “Common ground” to the abortion issue. This type of brutal murder , firing several bullets into the body of a loving father and a husband , is the violent pro-choice response to the simple pro-life message: “LIFE“.

Activist Killed

This week the murder trial of late term abortionist George Tiller is making headlines. Every sneeze in the court room is being documented and repeated. Yet – the murder trial of this pro-choicer who gunned down an innocent elderly pro-life man is hardly being covered, anywhere but in the local area. Ask yourself – WHY?
For many more incidents of pro-choice violence against pro-lifers click here

Here is one report of this pro-choice murder trial:
Hearing for Harlan Drake canceled after agreement
By GARY RIDLEY, Argus-Press Staff Writer

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 10:34 AM EST
CORUNNA – Officials canceled a hearing Monday in 35th Circuit Court in the Harlan Drake murder trial after the defense and prosecution came to an agreement regarding access to psychiatric records about the suspect.

Drake is accused of shooting to death abortion protester Jim Pouillon and businessman Mike Fuoss the morning of Sept. 11, 2009. Drake allegedly planned to kill a third man, but he was arrested within hours of the shootings and could not carry out the attack. He has been lodged either at the Center for Forensic Psychiatry or the Shiawassee County Jail ever since.

Drake initially was ruled incompetent to stand trial, but a later evaluation reversed that ruling.

Officials have said previously the case is not a “who-dunnit” but rather a case of why and is he responsible. The defense contends Drake is not reponsible because he was mentally ill at the time of the attacks.

Shiawassee County Prosecutor Randy Colbry said the motion involved access for one of state’s witnesses.
Colbry said Dr. Charles R. Clark, who sits on the Board of Directors of the American Board of Forensic Psychology, required access to information at the forensic center. However, Colbry said, since an order already in place assured Clark’s access to the information the hearing was unnecessary.

Clark, along with Candyce Shields of the Michigan Department of Community Health’s Center for Forensic Physchology and D/Sgt. Scott Shenk of the Shiawassee County Sheriff Department, is scheduled to be called as a witness to rebuke Drake’s claim of insanity, according to court records.

Drake’s attorney, Robert D. Ashley, plans to argue that Drake, 33, lacks criminal responsibility because he was not mentally sound.

Ashley is expected to call Dr. Emanuel Tanay, a clinical professor of psychiatry at Wayne State University, to affirm the defenses’ claim of insanity, according to court records.

Tanay has served as an expert witness in numerous trials, including the Jack Ruby, Sam Sheppard and Ted Bundy trials.

Drake is expected to be back in court Feb. 9.

One Response to “Hearing canceled in Murder trial of pro-choicer Harlan Drake who shot and killed pro-lifer Jim Pouillon”

  1. Mr. Poullion was far from a martyr. He used his presence and beliefs to terrify young children (my 4year old for example) by yelling hateful things and showing his “sign” which yes, does have a smiling baby and the word life on one side, but most of the time he used the opposite side (the side he was also using when shot across from the high school) which depicts a bloody cut up baby. He did not deserve to die for this, but just stating that he in my opinion was a terrorist…………… and I agree with his viewpoint, but the cause could have been better served without causing toddlers nightmares with bloody signs and screaming at them “Did your mommy tell you about the parents that kull their babies” when we were heading into church. Funny enough, he is supported by right to life, whom he flat out said to me one day” they have done nothing for the cause, they are worthless” and oh yeah, his own sons said that he used the “cause” as a way to intimidate women because he liked it!
    Bang up guy….Glad his van with the bloody baby sign and his hand sign are gone!

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