American Eugenics member praises the Nazis

September 1935:

One of the few wholehearted American endorsers of the Nazi racial policy of state controlled
eugenics Is Professor C G. Campbell, president of the American Eugenics Research association. At the world population congress in Berlin he lauds Adolf Hitler and his supporting “social philosophers” and says Germany “sets a pattern which other nations and other racial groups must follow if they do not wish to fall be- hind in their racial quality.””

For many years Dr. Campbell, now 67 years old, has been worrying about the deterioration of the American stock. On the whole wo seem to he a pretty sorry lot of mongrels, and we haven’t kept up to our survival requirement of /our children to a family. The best people don’t have enough children and the scrubs have too many. He wants sterilization of the unfit and some kind of special endowments for picked families which are obviously entitled to have children. In his Berlin address, Dr. Campbell links eugenics with group discipline and, apparently, gives a blanket indorsement to the totalitarian state.

(SOURCE: Salt Lake City, Utah, Sunday Morning, September 1, 1935.
Lake Tribune)

Announcement printed in Margaret Sanger’s Birth Control Review

The Amencan Eugemcs Soclety held it’s sixth annual meetmg at the Town Hall Club, New York City, on May 6th. Dr Harry A Overstreet, addressing the meeting said that the science of eugenics is making progress because many people realize that means must be found to prevent deterioration of human quality. Both officially sanctioned birth control and sterilization of defectives are near at hand. The problem now facing eugenics, he stated, Is to deterrmne the best type of persons to perpetuate. Professor Henry Pratt Fairchld, President of the society, Guy Irving Burch, and Leon F Whitney, were among the speakers. ( Margaret Sanger’s Birth Control Review June 1931)

NOTE: These men were either on Sanger’s board or were close friends with Sanger !

Stamps Him as Great Statesman, Says Leon F. Whitney

NEW HAVEN, Conn., Dec. 21.—
The new German law providing for the sterilization of persons afflicted with Incurable diseases was termed today as one of the “great forward steps of our civilization”
by Leon F. Whitney, former executive secretary of the American Eugenics Society,
“This action of Hitler’s,” he said, “certainly stamps him as one of the greatest statesmen and social planners In the world because It requires real statesmanship to plan long time social programs such as he has by this action.
“We have similar laws here,” but only In few states have the authorities the courage to use them because In general, public authorities have been so lacking in the vision required for this kind of action.” ( SOURCE: San Antonio Express: 12/22/1933)

One Response to “American Eugenics member praises the Nazis”

  1. William Douglas Says:

    I have a photograph of Borneo tribesmen taken in 1928 or 1929 bt Dr CG Campbell.
    Could this be the same man?

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