George Bernard Shaw, Hitler, and Margaret Sanger

In this clip from the 2008 film “The Soviet Story“, we see that George Bernard Shaw, the celebrated progressive playwright defended Hitler, advocated killing those who can’t justify their existence and called for the development of lethal gas 10 years before the national socialists in Germany did exactly that.

George Bernard Shaw was one of the left’s most revered figures and the only person besides Al Gore to win both an Oscar and a Nobel prize.

George Bernard Shaw, I don’t want to punish anybody, but there are an extraordinary number of people who I might want to kill…I think it would be a good thing to make everybody come before a properly appointed board just as he might come before the income tax commissioner and say every 5 years or every 7 years…just put them there and say , ‘Sir or madam will you be kind enough to justify your existence…if you’re not producing as much as you consume or perhaps a little bit more then clearly we cannot use the big organization of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive. Because your life does not benefit us and it can’t be of very much use to yourself.’

Shaw wrote, “ I appeal to the chemists to discover a humane gas that will kill instantly and painlessly. In short- a gentlemanly gas deadly by all means, but humane, not cruel.”

Interviewed on Germany Shaw declared:
“Germany’s contention of ‘race pollution’ was ‘despicably unscientific.'” But he said he “appreciated” Hitler’s political sagacity and the courage with which he has rescued Germany from the gutter,, and placed her once more at the head of Central Europe.”
( SOURCE: GEORGE BERNARD SHAW Approaches His 82d Birthday Anemic But Still Vociferously Aware of His OwnJJnique. Significance, Galveston Daily News: 7/24/1938)

It is important to note that George Bernard Shaw was a Eugenicist who supported Planned Parenthood Founder, and eugenicist Margaret Sanger and others in the eugenics movement.

What many people do not know is that Shaw was a contributor to Planned Parenthood Founder, Margaret Sanger’s “Birth Control Review”.

Shaw endorsed Sanger, Birth Control, and EUGENICS..

In the June 1929 Birth Control Review, George Bernard Shaw supports Sanger’s efforts to promote birth control when he, ” We are up against an overpopulation problem created by Capitalism…Socialists say quite truly that Socialism can get rid of it…But it cannot wait for Socialism…”

In Margaret Sanger’s Autobiography, Sanger writes, ” Jane had lnvited literary luminaries and their wives George Bernard Shaw, Arnold Bennett, Sir Arbuthnot Lane, Professor E W MacBride of the Eugenics Education Society, Walter Salter of the League of Nations, and Lord Buckmaster.

It had been my experience that personages gave little of themselves on formal occasions So many people expected these lions to roar bravely, forgetting that they preferred to save their sparkling sallies for the pages of their books.”

Sanger continues, “I was back In New York by the end of October, and soon came a letter from Shaw cheering me w~th his point of view.”

Sanger reads the letter from George Bernard Shaw and says Shaw compares the “more evolved people” or “White Elitists” to “lower classes who need to be taught to control their populations calling them “amoeba” ,

Birth control should be advocated for its own sake, on the general
ground that the difference between voluntary, irrational, uncontrolled activity IS the difference between an amoeba and a man, and if we really belleve that the more highly evolved creature is the better we may as well act accordingly. As the amoeba does not understand birth control, it cannot abuse it, and therefore its state may be the more
gracious, but it is also true that as the amoeba cannot write, it cannot commit forgery yet we teach everybody to write unhesitatingly, knowing that if we refuse to teach anything that could be abused we should never teach anything at all

Margaret Sanger Autobiography Pages 371-372

At the end of this post is a preview for the film: Maafa21, and if you order this movie and watch all 2 hours of it, you will also learn who helped fund the Nazi’s, develop the gas they used in their concentration camps, and fund the development of the abortion pill RU-486 – for the purpose of population control. And how they had ties to Planned Parenthood Founder, Margaret Sanger.

You will also learn that the quote above by Shaw regarding the requirement that people go before a “board” was promoted by Margaret Sanger and The American Eugenics Society. Many people were forcefully sterilized by these “Eugenic Boards” and also that some of them were referred to these boards by Planned Parenthood. (Maafa21)

Maafa21 also documents how so-called “Pro-Choice” Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger, called for parents to have a QUOTE: LICENSE TO BREED. She wanted all would be parents to go before her eugenic boards to request a “PERMIT TO BREED“. So much for Choice , huh?

Sanger also called for those who were poor and what she considered to be “morons‘ , etc to be shipped to colonies where they would live in “Farms and Open Spaces” dedicated to brainwashing these so-called “inferior types” into having what Sanger called, “Better moral conduct”. MORE SHOCKING!

Sanger Farms and Open Spaces

Learn the roots of abortion which are soaked in racsim and eugenics and the ideas promoted by George Bernard Shaw and Margaret Sanger, in a stunning and well-documented film called: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America (Clip Below)

These eugenic attitudes come from those who promote “CHOICE” . They bury their racism under words like “planning” and “Choice” and they get away with that kind of deceptive language because the elitists know that Planned Parenthood is accomplishing what EUGENICS alone could not. They have eliminated over 35% of the African American community. Sanger’s “NEGRO PROJECT” laid out the plan that we still see in effect through Planned Parenthood today!

Get the documentary MAAFA21, watch it and re-read the ignorant quotes I posted above, and you will see that what Maafa 21 says about Eugenics is still happening in America.

MAAFA21 Purchase Here

Maafa21 DVD

( Another Bloggers view of George Bernard Shaw’s Eugenics ideas here )

12 Responses to “George Bernard Shaw, Hitler, and Margaret Sanger”

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  3. Just for the record, prior to the word being used pejoratively, ‘moron’ was a medical term/diagnosis for mentally retarded people who’s IQ fell within the range of 50 to 69. I’m guessing but I would think Sanger used the proper terminology, at that time, for people she believed to be within this range of functioning. The rest: Imbecile: 20 – 49, Idiot: below 20.
    The 3 Stooges, a popular trio of comedians used these terms in their comedy routines back ion the 40’s/50s and they haven’t been used in the psychiatric field since.
    In her day though they were the proper terms to use for people with lower than average IQ.
    I’m not defending her – don’t misunderstand. Its just that pointing out that she mocked people by calling them ‘morons’ in the same vein as say a ‘Howard Stern’, taking the cheap shot, will make you sound silly to those who know the history. Better I point it out now then you getting called on it during a ‘discussion/debate’.

  4. Alessandra Says:

    LICENSE TO BREED: we are 7 billions in this world and many are just a weight on society producing nothing and demanding a lot. Unlimited growth is not possible and humanity is breeding like rats and consuming resources like locusts. A license to breed should indeed be enforced in every country. It doesn’t have anything to do with choice. You get a license to drive a car because you might be a danger to others so you get a license to have children because you can be a weight and a danger to society AND to the children themselves. I’m surprised that already in 1929, when they were only about 2M, they were thinking about it and we have done nothing since then.

    • are u crazy? license to birth? hahaha… and who will give these licenses?? who can decide who can have and who can not have children? who do you think you are ? God? the story about overpopulation is made up by white rich people so they can kill all of us poor people. nothing else. so i guess you are one of those white rich people..and about the license..who do you think will get the guess it.. white rich people..poor people doesnt stand a chance here..

    • Moonlight Says:

      License to breed, is solemny God’s willing. Please go around in hospitals and meet with young couples who can not have kids and you’ll understand.

  5. Codswallop

  6. FrodaNeal Says:

    Thank you for sharing this information

  7. Both sides of this argument has merit….how long can society sustain people who take more than give….EECIALLU now, when taking is no longer something shameful, but DESERVED?? Until recently, it’s been possible because more people produce than take….but what happens to a society that depends on one another, when the scale tips to the balance of say….Greece….what then??

    But, WHO gives out breeding license can ONLY lead to bad

    Oh…..and that above GB Shaw clip…..he was being SARCASTIC there…no….GB Shaw never said any bad things…it all Glenn necks fault….don’t beleive there are people actually saying this??? Google it…amazing

  8. Jon McCready Says:

    I can understand both arguments. However, like the gentleman stated before, “who can decide…”. The progressive elites (no offense) like Sanger feel they have been given the task to do so. In my opinion that ideology is unethical and faulty. These same individuals promote overpopulation by the policies they help create within our government that encourage this kind of out of control behavior in the lower class, inner cities. Further, it creates the need and justification for operations such as Planned Parenthood. It is my belief that education is the key to discipline ourselves in order to protect this planet and future generations. Moreover, the government needs to quit funding people that should be able to work and fund themselves. We do not have a shortage of a workforce that demands illegal immigration. Look at places like Detroit, if you truly believe in Progressive policies. It does not work. Nothing will ever be perfect in this imperfect world. We can solve this problem together, if people will stop looking at these issues as some kind of football game. It is going to take collaboration with compassion for all and from all walks of life to be successful. Until then, my family and I will serve the Lord and bring glory to him by using our brains and bodies to be the best we can be in order to make the world we live in a better place. Hope you all have a great 2017 no matter what your belief is.

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