Minister calls for boycott of Houston over Planned Parenthood clinic, gay mayor

A Texas pastor is calling for a boycott of Houston. He says a new Planned Parenthood clinic and our newly elected mayor, who is gay, run counter to what he says is supposed to be a large Christian community.

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An Amarillo, Texas pastor has created a Web site dedicated to calling for a boycott of Houston. says part of its mission is “To impose economic sanctions on the city of Houston, Texas for voting in an openly homosexual mayor and for allowing the largest Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in the United States.”

The pastor said those factors run counter to what he says is supposed to be a large Christian community.

Earlier this week, a much larger protest outside the new Planned Parenthood headquarters attracted hundreds of anti-abortion demonstrators from around the country.

David Grisham of Raven Amarillo created the website.
“We really do believe that the Christians down in Houston need to get out,” Grisham says, “They need to get out of their air conditioned pews. They need to get off of their blessed assurances so to speak and get out into their community before evil takes control of their community.

Grisham says the idea to create the website came to him in a prayer. “Well I was in prayer and the Lord gave it to me and said if you do this it’ll go over big. And sure enough it did. We sent out three emails and kaboom, it went over big.

To learn more about reasons to boycott anyone who allows the eugenic founded Planned Parenthood into their community get a copy of the documentary:

Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America (Clip Below)

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