Florida abortionist and Congressional Democrat hopeful Ben Graber removes fictitious poll numbers from website!

Graber says he’ll remove fictitious AP “poll” numbers for Dem congressional primary
by George Bennett | January 21st, 2010

According to reports, Democratic congressional hopeful ( and abortionist) Ben Graber, who faces state Sen. Ted Deutch in a special Feb. 2 primary for the former seat of former U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, says he’ll remove figures from his campaign Web site and Facebook page that suggest there’s an Associated Press “poll” that shows him getting 54 percent of the vote.

The AP says Graber came across purely fictitious numbers that AP sent to its newspaper, radio and TV clients this week as a pre-election test to make sure their computer systems are prepared to handle returns.

The AP sent out numbers — clearly labeling them “TEST returns” — showing Graber with a hefty lead over Deutch in the Democratic primary with half of congressional District 19 precincts reporting. There were also fake returns for the GOP primary that showed Ed Lynch ahead.

Graber said he came across the numbers while doing a Google search. He quickly began trumpeting them.

“AP Poll reveals Graber 54% vs Deutch 46% with 50% of the precincts polled,” Graber said on his Facebook page this week.

His campaign Web site also prominently posted the AP transmission.

“The numbers are fictional, they’re not for public use, they’re just to make sure everybody’s systems are working properly,” said AP Florida News Editor Terry Spencer. “They’re not a poll. They’re not any sort of prediction.”

Told of the AP’s explanation, Graber said he’ll remove the postings.

“We just share information like everybody else until it gets clarified,” Graber said.

Benjamin Graber is running for Congress, on the democratic ticket. Graber is a long time abortionist who ran two gynecological offices – One in Pompano and one in Coral Springs Florida – where he openly performed abortions. Graber has held several offices already , most notably a place in the Florida State House – where pro-lifers claim he used his “Title” to avoid prosecution when he failed to report suspected child abuse of a few young children he aborted (Story Below)

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2 Responses to “Florida abortionist and Congressional Democrat hopeful Ben Graber removes fictitious poll numbers from website!”

  1. Anyone laying claim that European trend socialism is not a goal of the current left wing in America is either ignorant to the point of stupidity or an unconditional liar. Socialism is a scheme that attempts to put both industry and money control subordinate to a primary office for “fair” or “equitable” dispersion under central planners. When the government buy a major interest in GM, that IS Socialism! When the government seeks to control the Health Care system, that IS Socialism! When the government gives billions to Wall Street to distribute their gamble throughout the whole population, that IS Socialism!

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