Pastor Stephen Broden: Blatant, Black, Betrayal

Blatant, Black, Betrayal
By: Stephen Broden

Perhaps there is nothing more sinister than a deception designed to cause those targeted to participate in a deep dark plot to facilitate in their own demise. This is exactly what’s happening to black people in America through the efforts of the eugenics movement, Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. This eugenic deception that is being played out everyday in every black community from sea to shining sea is an expression of an old plan implemented by a group of Darwinian elite racists who have exacted their strategy and tactics in a way to cause the black community to work for its own demise.

Darwinian Eugenics is the belief in the superiority of the Aryan race, particularly above the black race and people of color. Eugenics is the study and practice of selective breeding applied to humans with the aim of improving the species.

The root of this evil plan has its origin in Thomas Malthus, Francis Galton and Charles Darwin. From these men the eugenic movement developed a systematic philosophy based on the arrogant belief of race superiority. Darwin gave it scientific language that legitimized it among the academics and the wealthy. The appeal of this idea was especially attractive to the power elite for the most part in America. Their financial support facilitated organizations, clubs and authors who glorified eugenics in their speeches, literature and books. Men like H.G. Wells and Aldous Huxley set eugenics inside futuristic fiction expressing controlled of society and culture by a power elite. Perhaps the two greatest proponents of eugenics were Adolph Hitler and Margaret Sanger.

The history of the eugenics movement in America is well documented. However, what is not commonly known is how this shadowy movement devised a plan that sought to involve black leadership in its strategy to get black folks to commit racial suicide.

A simple inspection of the eugenics movement and the black community will uncover that leadership in the black community has been complicit in the carnage being perpetrated on babies and women through abortion. Black elected officials, black professionals and even the clergy have worked to aid the culture of death in exterminating the black race in America and even across the globe. This may indeed come as a shock to many, but the gatekeepers in the black community have allied themselves with the evil efforts of the eugenicist to employ the unfettered practice of dysgenics on the very community they pretend to serve.

Margaret Sanger, who was the founder of Planned Parenthood, saw early on that eugenics was the best means possible to exterminate black people. Sanger said:

The campaign for birth control is not merely of eugenic value, but is practically identical with the final aims of eugenics.” Birth Control Review, 1921

For Margaret Sanger and the eugenics movement the final aims of eugenicists was the elimination of inferior races and all “misfits” who did not meet the eugenic standard of superiority. Her target, as it is today, was the “Negro Community.”

Miss Sanger developed a strategy called “The Negro Project.” That strategy sought to employ black professionals and preachers to aid in the extermination black people. Sanger said:

[We propose to] hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. And we do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

The success of the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood in targeting black women and their babies has been because of their successful implementation of this strategy. The present day evidence of this strategy’s success is seen in the voting records of the Congressional Black Caucus. They have been unflinching in their support of Planned Parenthood, taxpayers funding of abortion and the pro-choice movement. They have supported Planned Parenthood’s deliberate targeting of black youth and they have stood shoulder to shoulder with Planned Parenthood as they build their death clinics almost exclusively in black and minority communities. The Congressional Black Caucus has opened the door to the eugenicists and Planned Parenthood to do their work unfettered on our babies and women. Our gatekeepers, especially the Congressional Black Caucus, have opened the door of our community and the destructive hands of the eugenicists with impunity.

More than 80% of their death clinics are located in the black and minority communities. This is not by accident, it is by design.

On the surface this is almost unbelievable, but could it be that we are witnessing a blatant betrayal by what W.E.B. Du Bois called the Talented Tenth? Mr. Du Bois stood with and supported Sanger’s “Negro Project.”

Darwin’s theory of origin is the motivating philosophy behind the eugenics movement. The presupposition in Darwinism is the belief that man evolved by time and chance circumstances. Darwinists postulate that through the accident of random events, matter and chemicals clashed and, “puff” – life came into existence. Through many years of evolution and by means of natural selection closely connected with the survival of the fittest, we have mankind. You know the theory: a single cell evolved into some kind of fish and the fish grew legs and lungs, came out the water and started the long process of becoming a monkey and then, “puff” – out of trees comes mankind.

Darwin, Sanger and Hitler firmly believe that the Aryan race is the race that is more evolved than all others. They also believe that those who are less evolved are responsible for hindering the evolutionary process because they are imbeciles, unfit and useless eaters who through mix breeding dumb down their purity. Out of this thinking came the idea of engineering a master race, through exterminating the inferior. That engineering process is called eugenics.

Anytime someone steps forward and declare they are superior there will be of necessity someone who is determined inferior; otherwise you cannot define yourself as superior. According to the eugenicists, the inferior race is the black race and people of color.

Darwinists believe that those races that are deemed inferior are competing for the natural resources of the planet. One such Darwinist was Adolph Hitler who said:

In the limitation of this living space lies the compulsion for the struggle for survival, and the struggle for survival, in turn contains the precondition for evolution.

This struggle Hitler is referring to is Darwin’s survival of the fittest. The evolutionary theory postulated by Darwin provided racism its greatest justification to condescend the races. Evolutionary biologist and science writer Stephen Jay Gould in 1977 said:

Arguments for racism may have been common before 1859, but they increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory.”

Gould is affirming in this statement that the evolutionary theory is a more rational reason to believe in the superiority of certain races based upon where that race may be in the evolutionary process.

The premise of the eugenics movement may in fact be the driving cause behind this blatant black betrayal. Inherent in Darwinism is elitism. It is the notion that some are more evolved and therefore have greater intellectual capacity than others. Could this be the reason why our leadership in our community is complicit in what appears on the surface to be a morbid betrayal of our babies and women? Could it be that the attractions of Darwinian elitism cause our leaders to believe they are more evolved intellectually than the average brother or sister in the “hood” and therefore are more allied with the elitists who happen to be eugenicists?

Otherwise, how do we explain the unwavering support given to the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood by the Congressional Black Caucus? How do you explain the silence on the part of black medical professionals in the face of more than 1,500 black babies who are aborted each day? That translates into 10,500 in a week and 546,000 in a year. Why haven’t black pastors organized in every black neighborhood across this nation to push Planned Parenthood out of our communities? Why haven’t we, as a community demanded that the Democratic Party stop pushing their support of black genocide through a pro-choice agenda and expect us not to question how choice is killing off our community and vote for our own destruction?

Those who study demographics tell us that it takes 2.1 kids per family in order for a population to replace itself. Since Roe v. Wade blacks are having 0.9 kids per family. The eugenicists and Planned Parenthood are winning the day. When will we push back against these elitists and stop our extermination?

Steven Broden is the pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship Dallas, Texas. He is also a candidate for US Congress in District 30 of Texas.

Stephen Broden is featured in the film: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America ( Clip Below)

7 Responses to “Pastor Stephen Broden: Blatant, Black, Betrayal”

  1. Carlton Elkins Says:

    Of course, the whole matter of “abortion” is baby killing. The supporters of “abortion,” liberals who have grabbed the reins of society, use semantics to redefine society. So what they are talking about is “aborticide,” killing babies. Find an old dictionary, or even a recent unabridged dictionary that has not been purged by these liberals and you will see the difference between abortion and aborticide. Abortion is miscarriage; aborticide is murder of a baby. I insist on using the word aborticide in cases of intentional destruction of the unborn. I will not use the word “abortion” except in the case of natural cause, either in the baby or the mother being incapable of going to term. And why should a woman have the power of life or death, without a trial, over any human being? And if over a baby, why not over other children or husband? Let’s be clear: murder is murder.

  2. William Hansill Says:

    Thank you for your clear presentation of the gospel. It is wonderful to hear from a pro-life, politician. I am working this summer with children multiple disabilities. The children show me the wonder of God’s grace.
    Many have autism, Cerebral Palsy, and are unable to care for themselves. We need more people who care for those whose “quality of Life” may be less than others but who teach me about the love of our wonderful Savior, Jesus.

  3. Louis Schwertner Says:

    I was pleased to see you on Glenn Beck and better yet to here you are from Texas you have my vote and it gives my heart great joy to see and hear asomeone that believes as I do that we need GOD to step in and help us restore this great county we call home > God Bless you Sir. Louis & Beth Schwertner TX

  4. george W. Cager 2nd Says:

    I have known about this for years, even as a once pastor, i tryed to tell it, but our people only belived what the white’s tell them, our people is still going along with the J word. J did not come along 2000 years ago, about 1630 A D. and about eugenics, I have known of it also. but we have so much love for the wolf in the sheep clothing, we can noy hear the truth or belived the truth.

    The Doc.

  5. The Pastor Stephen Broden’s story about eugenics and slavery is a very wonderful asset for me. I have been writing about the problem of Nigerians, my countrymen, and Africans in general, in no equal terms, efficiency, and effectiveness.

    You may consider as an example of my problem: Why are Africans accepting GM foods which the Anglo-axons of the USA would not have accepted if Africans gave the food to them and defending it on the basis that Americans consume them?
    Prince Awele Odor
    Lagos, Nigeria.

  6. Jeremy Seaton Says:

    You’ve got guts, my friend. I applaud you. DuBois’ Talented Tenth is a really awful, elitist notion. No wonder he took up with the cause of eugenics. His whole philosophy is charged with eugenic thinking.

  7. Darwin was neither a eugenist, nor Aryan (Hitler ordered his books burned, by the way); Darwin was a fierce advocate against slavery because of its inherent racism by his lifetime; Darwin was a fierce advocate for equality for Africans in the entire diaspora, and for Tasmanians and other aboriginals with dark skins.

    See more history here:

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