Former “temporary” Planned Parenthood Employee to stand trial for murder

While the trial of Scott Roeder who shot late term abortionist George Tiller, is making headlines throughout the nation. Another case is being ignored. It is the case of a former Planned Parenthood employee who stands trial for murdering a co-worker, after she was fired from the organization. The case involves Natavia Lowery who is accused of murdering Linda Stein. According to the New York Post, Prior to working for Stein, Lowery temped for Planned Parenthood — and murder investigators found credit card receipt evidence indicating she stole thousands of dollars from that organization.

So, wouldn’t you conclude, that if Lowery would work for Planned Parenthood she is pro-choice? Would that not make her a Former Planned Parenthood Employee who stands accused of murder? Just Checking ?

On with the story:

According to the New York Daily News:

The Linda Stein murder trial opens tomorrow – with a videotaped confession by the rock ‘n’ roll Realtor’s assistant as the main evidence.

Natavia Lowery is accused of bludgeoning her celebrity boss, who was found in a pool of blood in her upper East Side apartment on Oct. 30, 2007.

There’s no witness to the crime, no forensic evidence tying Lowery to the killing and no murder weapon.

But prosecutors do have the chilling statement in which Lowery said she whacked Stein a half-dozen times with a yoga stick.

Lowery, 28, cries softly as she describes how Stein badgered her to finish an e-mail, blew marijuana smoke in her face and hurled racial epithets at her – until she smacked her.

“My intention was not to hurt her…not to kill her,” says Lowery, who was pregnant at the time of the killing and has since given birth to a baby girl.

“It was like, ‘Leave me alone.'”

One defense lawyer who has been following the case said Lowery could beat the murder rap and get the manslaughter conviction.

But she must convince the jury Stein – who launched the careers of Madonna and the Talking Heads with her ex-husband, Seymour Stein, before becoming a Realtor to the stars – was a “monster” who goaded her into the attack.

Lowery is charged with murder, manslaughter and also accused of stealing tens of thousands from Stein while she was alive and withdrawing $800 with her ATM card after she was dead.

Just who else did she steal from: Well…according to reports, Lowery stole “thousands of dollars” from Planned Parenthood, where she temped before working for Stein, in a racket that involved buying items on a corporate credit card and then returning them for cash, Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi said.

The scam, which prosecutors discovered after going through receipts confiscated from Lowery, also prevented her from landing full-time employment with Planned Parenthood, whose directors could testify in the trial.

“Her skills and attitude weren’t ones that they thought were appropriate for permanent work,” Illuzzi told Justice Richard Carruthers.

UPDATED: 2/24/2010

UPI JUST REPORTING: A jury in New York has convicted Natavia Lowery of beating to death her boss, Linda Stein, a celebrity real estate agent and former manager of the Ramones.

The New York Post said the jury announced its guilty verdict Tuesday after four hours of deliberations.


So- when all the media yelps about violence by pro-lifers…perhaps they should re-read this little forgotten blurb ! After all the media makes HAY if anyone even sounds pro-life than does an act of violence. They also refuse to mention the murder or pro-life activist James Puoillon, by pro-choicer Harlan Drake. Drake gunned down Pouillon while he was carrying a pro-life sign and told police he did it because the pro-life message offended him. But- the media fails to mention that important tid-bit as well.

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  4. […] up like the former temporary Planned Parenthood worker, Natavia Lowery found guilty of murdering Linda […]

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