Watch what I do, not what I say: Michelle Obama promises to be “Front and Center Soon”

In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, Michelle Obama talked about her top causes — healthy eating, mentoring, promoting volunteerism and supporting military families — and promised to be front-and-center soon when the administration unveils a major initiative to fight childhood obesity.

On Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who recently apologized for having said in the past that Barack Obama was an appealing candidate because he was light-skinned and didn’t speak with a “Negro dialect,” she said she measures people more on what they do, not what they say.

That rule on measuring people on “What they do, Not what they say” …I suppose dear Michelle is only concerned about BORN children than UNBORN ones, because when asked whether the health care bill would restrict the right to an abortion, she said she wasn’t clear on the details of the legislation and added: “Obviously, I believe that a woman’s right to choose is critical.”

Ms. Obama- exactly what would women be “Choosing?”

Speaking of “ACTIONS” Here is one pro-abortion “ACTION” Michelle Obama took:

In a fundraising letter for her husband’s US Senate campaign in February 2004, Michelle Obama called partial birth abortion “a legitimate medical procedure.”

Michelle claimed in that fundraising letter a ban against it was “clearly unconstitutional and must be overturned.”

Slide 1 michelle obama pba letter-thumb-500x565
Slide 2 michelle obama pba letter-thumb-500x497

Here are some things we can measure President Obama With – under the Watch what I do, not what I say philosophy:

Obama sued for secret meetings on Health Care Legislation

Obama and Pelosi on “Open and transparent process” CSPAN and public not convinced !

Obama speaks with Jake Tapper on abortion funding in Health Care bill

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