Black Illinois Senate Contender sees abortion as Black Genocide

According to the Chicago Tribune the Senate Seat fight in Illinois is heated and one issue is abortion. The Tribune reported that contenders for the Feb. 2 Democratic and Republican primary nominations for the U.S. Senate generally spoke of the need to encourage programs to reduce abortion in the country. But they diverged when asked how they would vote on abortion policy.

Democrats Alexi Giannoulias, Cheryle Jackson, David Hoffman, Jacob Meister and Robert Marshall all said they backed a woman’s right to have an abortion. Among Republicans, Pat Hughes, John Arrington and Kathleen Thomas expressed support for more restrictive policies on abortion, while Mark Kirk, a five-term congressman, supported abortion rights.

Hughes, a Hinsdale developer, said he believed that life begins at conception and said as a senator, “I would vote for more restrictions on abortion and help protect the lives of every American, born and unborn.”

Thomas, a Springfield researcher at the state’s historic preservation agency, said she would “work to remove the abortion issue from the federal realm to the states” for regulation.

John Arrington, a Harvey resident who is the lone African-American Republican contender, said opposing abortion was “a passion and a priority for me” and contended that the procedure is a “silent genocide” in the black community.

Arrington on abortion and pro-life In the Black Community it is Genocide !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps Senate Candidate John Arrington has viewed the film: Maafa21 Black Genocide in 21st Century America?
Just Sayn’n !
Clip from the 2hour documentary: Maafa21 below !

Arrington on Health Care:

A Message From John Arrington

No other state embodies the American spirit like the state of Illinois, the land of Lincoln, the land of leadership. No other people embody the American spirit like Illinoisans. The American spirit is one of hard work and resiliency, opportunity and equality, sacrifice and generosity. Our national economy, political challenges and mistrust are no match for the spirit of the people of Illinois. That same spirit, voice, and will of the people that changed our nations’ destiny under President Abraham Lincoln is that same spirit, voice, and will present today to carry our nation through the lessons of the past, the challenges of the present, toward the prosperity of our future.

This is why I am campaigning for senate, not as a “professional” politician motivated by power and ego, but a citizen who sees the need for a revival of family values, ethics in the legislation of our laws and government, that is inspired by the power and will of the people. It is on this foundation that I build my campaign. One of a politician’s unforgivable flaws is when he or she forgets to hear the voices of his constituents and instead responds to the concerns of special interests. Let me tell you now…no, it is my intent to show you, that you are my special interests; you are the people I will remember and work for. You deserve more from your elected leaders and the time is now that you receive it.

I am running for United States Senator because I see past the challenges and obstacles and believe with certainty that there are common values and common frustrations and common needs that with the use of common sense, we can find common ground to rebuild and revitalize our great state of Illinois.

I am running for Senator because I believe in doing the right thing, the first time. I am pro-economic growth, pro-government reform, pro–family values, and most of all, pro-America. I will work relentlessly to improve our financial system, labor creatively for job growth and creation, mend our relationships with other nations, and to heal our economy at home and abroad.

I am running for Senator because I believe together we can recreate an Illinois government we trust and are proud of, one that truly governs of the people, for the people and by the people.

I John Arrington am prepared to serve you in the U. S. Senate by listening with understanding, serving with courage, and leading with conviction. I pledge to work with all Illinoisans, by realizing that action builds more trust than talk, and by staying focused on the job, the job of the people, until that job gets done right.

My faith in America is unwavering, my faith in people unrelentless, and my steadfast faith in God keeps a high calling of service and purpose in the forefront of all that I do. Feel free to peruse our website to learn more about our campaign and how it is energizing and electrifying people across Illinois in fostering new hope in the face of change.

God Bless You, God Bless Illinois, and God Bless America,

One Response to “Black Illinois Senate Contender sees abortion as Black Genocide”

  1. John is the best candidate in the race for Barack Obama’s old Senate seat. He knows how Obama operates and has debated him years ago on the right way to organize communities. That is to help them to be self reliant and not become dependent on the Community Organizing organization.

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