Jewish wars on abortion, Rabbis opposed say abortion, “impedes the coming of redemption”

While some Jews in America accept the holocaust of unborn children through abortion as nothing more than “Reproductive Rights”, Jews in Israel are calling for an end to abortion.

According to the JTA:

For months, Jewish groups have been at the forefront of lobbying the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives for health care reform, framing their support within the Talmudic mandate of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. The National Jewish Democratic Council even earned a special thank you from Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) when the bill finally passed the Senate on Dec. 24.

Now that the House and Senate versions of the legislation are on the verge of converging into a single bill acceptable to both houses of Congress, the Jewish groups that focus on health care lobbying have correspondingly sent out the usual statements praising its advance.

Each of these statements, however, is peppered with a plethora of qualifications – most having to do with the absence of an option for government-run health plans that would compete with the private sector, although there are other aspects that irk Jewish groups, including language on abortions and pricing for seniors.

The statement from the Reform movement’s Religion Action Center was typical of the Jewish responses.

“The time is long past due to repair our broken system that leaves over 47 million people uninsured and millions more underinsured each year,” it begins. “We commend our nation’s senators who have been working tirelessly to bring us to this historic moment.”

Then comes the “while”: “While we are pleased to see a commitment to increased access to health insurance, we remain disappointed with key pieces of the legislation. The bill lacks a government-run public insurance option, which would control costs to further improve affordability and accessibility of care. We are also concerned about severe limitations to women’s access to reproductive health services.”

“On the one hand this should be a great moment,” said Sammie Moshenberg, the Washington director for the National Council of Jewish Women. “On the other, the extension of coverage to many people comes on the back of women’s access to reproductive rights.”


According to Ynetnews, Israel’s largest and most popular news website, Chief rabbis in Israel are waging a war on abortions They report that Rabbis Yona Metzger, Shlomo Amar reinstated a special committee meant to fight pregnancy terminations; saying it ‘impedes coming of redemption’

According to the news story:

Chief Rabbi of Israel Yona Metzger and Chief Sephardic Rabbi of Israel Shlomo Amar announced Tuesday that they plan to renew the struggle against abortions though a special committee set up by the Chief Rabbinate, in hopes of preventing “the killing of fetuses in their mother’s womb”.

In a letter sent out to rabbis throughout Israel, Metzger and Amar wrote: “The vast majority of abortions are unnecessary and forbidden by Halacha,” adding the committee was already exploring ways to reduce the number of abortions approved.

The two argue that according to data presented to the Chief Rabbinate, some 50,000 abortions are performed in Israel every year, 20,000 of which are legal. “Adding to the gravity of this transgression is the fact that it impedes the coming of redemption.”

The two religious leaders also expressed their horror at the numbers: “What heart doesn’t cringe by these numbers which indicate nothing less that a pandemic… and the loss of tens of thousands of Jewish souls every year.”

The letter went on to commend the work of Efrat – an anti-abortion organization “which works tirelessly to save fetuses’ lives.”

“The public, said the rabbis, “Must be made to understand the gravity of the killing of fetuses, which is equal to the murder of souls,” adding that community rabbis must include family planning and the abortion ban in their sermons.

In a letter sent out on Monday, Chief Rabbis Shlomo Amar and Yona Metzger encourage local rabbis to devote their Shabbat sermons to speaking against abortions, distributeanti-abortion literature to couples registering for marriage at religious councils, and work in coordination with the pro-life organization Efrat to encourage grassroots opposition to abortions.

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Metzger told The Jerusalem Post that it was important to encourage fertility and discourage abortions, in part, to fight a demographic war. “I am sorry to say that our enemies are multiplying,” said Metzger.

The letter was sent out to all city, neighborhood, settlement and local council rabbis on the state payroll throughout the nation. – Read rest at the Jerusalem Post – Rabbis: Abortion will delay the redemption

To get an honest Look at the abortion holocaust click: here

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