Arson at Pro-Life Crisis Pregnancy Center could violent pro-choicers be responsible?

In a time when NARAL and the abortion / pro-choice movements are attacking pro-life Crisis Pregnancy Centers- we see that someone has listened to their pro-abortion hateful rhetoric and taken it upon them self to burn down one of the pro-life centers.

Just recently – NARAL posted what they call a “Hall of Fame” and a “Hall of Shame” .

They nominated the Baltimore City Council President Stephanie Rawlings-Blake for their “Hall of Fame”: And it reads:
Baltimore is leading the nation to end the deceptive practices of many so-called “crisis pregnancy centers.” Thanks to a new local measure, crisis pregnancy centers in Baltimore must be honest with women about the services they do – and don’t – provide. A woman facing an unintended pregnancy should never have to face scare tactics and intimidation, and the Baltimore City Council could win Hall of Fame of the year for instituting strong protections.

Could this “Hall of Shame/Fame” be similar to pro-life Wanted sites ? Could this be leading pro-choicers to attack pro-life pregnancy centers?

Will the media report this as “Pro-Choice Violence” and list all the acts of violence and attacks and murders of pro-life people?

Arizona’s White Mountain Independent reported the story:

WHITERIVER – A fire that looks as though it might be arson at the Living Hope Women’s Center Whiteriver clinic on Sunday, Dec. 20, has closed the facility until further notice.

Hope House burns!
By: Mike Leiby , The Independent

In what may turn out to be arson related, a fire at the Living Hope Women’s Center Whiteriver Clinic has closed the facility until further notice. Agents with ATF and BIA are investigating the fire. Initial evidence indicates the fire probably started in the back of the building after an unknown person or persons first vandalised the Fatherhood Store destroying televisions, VCR’s and other valuable equipment and items. The Independent could not get confirmation from investigating officials if the fire has been ruled arson related at the time this went to print.

President of the Living Hope Women’s Center governing board and former executive director Dinah Monahan said not much is known yet about the fire, but that it looks as though whoever may have set it first vandalized the Fatherhood Store and threw televisions, VCR’s and other items onto the ground outside before setting fire to the clinic in the back of the building in the Mommy Store. She said the fire did not burn the building to the ground, but it did cause enough fire and smoke damage to gut it and make it at least temporarily useless as a clinic.

Monahan said the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) is investigating the fire. A specialist from the Phoenix Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) office came to the mountain and gathered some information on Monday, Dec. 21, but the content of that information is at this time unknown.

Having taken place on Apache tribal lands, the fire, if indeed arson, would be a Federal offense, explaining why federal agencies are involved with the investigation.
Monahan said initial conversations with investigating federal agents asked if the clinic might be involved in anything that certain individuals may not agree with.

The agent very gingerly asked if we were involved in ‘anything controversial’ in our ministry,” she said. “You can imagine what they hear about Crisis Pregnancy Centers, abortion clinic bombings and the like. I assured him that even though we are a CPC (Certified Professional Consultant), our work was mostly pre-natal and parenting and that the culture in Whiteriver is very pro-life.”

According to her account of the incident, an unspecified number of people were seen running from the scene and a witness living behind the clinic ran after them, tackled one and held him down until police arrived. According to her that person is now in jail.

The Independent contacted police in Whiteriver to inquire if anyone had been arrested or questioned about the incident, but they were unable or unwilling to disclose any information and referred us the BIA.

A call was made Tuesday morning to the region’s BIA office inquiring if they had any information they could release, but as of press time no return call had been received by The Independent. As for the fire itself and resulting damage, Monahan said it was quite a blow. “When we think of everything we had in there it is a bit overwhelming. We had just gotten two new computers, a new ultrasound machine, a very large screen TV and of course our beautiful, huge Mommy Store. But these are things that can be replaced. One greater challenge will be where do we go from here?” asked Monahan.

According to her, available buildings in Whiteriver are “very, very scarce” and the clinic was “perfect” for their purposes “with the exception of the terrible plumbing and the inability to adequately heat such a huge area” and that because of the size of the building they were able to grow in that location.

She said the staff of six at the Whiteriver Clinic would typically handle 400 to 600 visits per month while also visiting jail inmates and teaching parenting classes.

According to Monahan, Living Hope staff had a very real impact on the region through the Whiteriver Clinic and that they will continue by now offering classes at the Assembly of God Church in Whiteriver, but without a Mommy store, which she said provided so much needed assistance to clients in that community trying to make ends meet. Kimberly Hash, current executive director of Living Hope Women’s Center, said people can come to the Show Low Mommy Store at 1000 E. Huning to shop for clothes and other items. She added that as soon as possible the Assembly of God Church in Whiteriver will have items as well so clients will not have to drive as far.

Monahan said the people who went to the clinic and shopped at the Fatherhood and Mommy Stores in Whiteriver could not believe their eyes when they saw the damage caused by the fire.

As our staff stood outside the building, clients would come and cry as they looked at the devastation,” she said. “This ministry is so loved by so many there. We are looking at our options, one which is to lease a large lot and build or place a modular on it. Whatever we do, build, remodel or use a modular, we feel strongly that the people of Whiteriver are the ones who should do it.

“As I stood there a man and wife came by and he said, ‘I’m a carpenter, what can I do to help?’ The one thing they can’t do is raise funds, so the ministry will be doing this, but the work will be done by the Apache people.”

From the Living Hope Website

Mission Statement

Living Hope Women’s Center of the White Mountains is a Christian ministry dedicated to the sanctity of human life, the belief in abstinence until marriage and the teaching of sound Christian precepts of life-style and parenting.

It is an opportunity for Christians to reach out in love to pregnant young women and single mothers and assist them emotionally, spiritually and physically. In the process Christ’s message of love and redemption will be seen as well as heard.

It is also an opportunity for Christians who are Pro-Life to put actions to their convictions. Young women who are in crisis pregnancies need to know the truth about abortion before they choose. It is our goal to influence a woman’s choice of LIFE for her unborn baby and to come along side her in practical, tangible ways throughout her pregnancy, delivery and afterwards.

Here is the pro-life clinic before the arson:

For more on the pro-choice violence the media is not reporting click the “Pro-Choice” violence tab of this site and read this : Here

Brutal murder of pro-life activist exposes epidemic of pro-choice terrorism and violence

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