THE AFRICAN POPULATION MUST GROW:Our friends will give us free malaria tablets, our enemies will give us free condoms

By Chief A.S Ngwana

The earth is one of the eight planets in our Solar System, Pluto is no longer considered a planet. The superficial area of the earth is 510,066,000 KM2, made up of 148,326,000 KM2 land surface, and 361,740,000 KM2 water surface.

The present world population of 6.801,911,900 Billion people has an average global density of 45.669 people per KM2. Singapore population density is 7022.8 people per KM2, with an income per capita of US$39,500. If the average world density per KM2 were that of Singapore, then the world could in theory, support a population of 1,045,975,832,000 or 1.045 trillion people.

However according to the United Nations Population Division, a professional demographic centre, not connected with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the world population could level off at about 9 billion, by 2050. A decade ago the projected peak was 12 billion. It would appear that according to these projected figures, the world population will never reach 20 billion not to talk of 1.045 trillion.

Taking other factors into consideration, the world population has been projected to peak in the year 2150 at 9.746 billion and from there start a rapid decline. World historical and predicted populations (in millions)

Region 1750 1800 1850 1900 1950 1999 2008 2050 2150

World 791 978 1,262 1,650 2,521 5,978 6,707 8,909 9,746

Africa 106 107 111 133 221 767 973 1,766 2,308

Asia 502 635 809 947 1,402 3,634 4,054 5,268 5,560

Europe 163 203 276 408 547 729 732 628 517

Latin America and 16 24 38 74 167 511 577 809 912
The Caribbean
Northern 2 7 26 82 172 307 337 392 398 America
Oceania 2 2 2 6 12 30 34 46 51

At creation of man which could have taken place any time between 10 million and 700 thousand years BC, the world population was only 2 people, Adam and Eve, one man one woman. According to the Holy Bible, God blessed them, saying to them, “Be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and conquer it”. “Thou shall not kill”. These two people, man and woman, have been able to populate the earth and now their descendants are today about 6.801 billion people. The human race can only increase through births. In fact it is estimated that since man inherited the earth, there have been about 110 billion people on this planet.

The growth of the world’s population has always been influence more by selfish, political, economic and other materialistic considerations, than by God’s commandment to fill the earth.

When Europe and America wanted their populations to grow, they used slaves from Africa, and in addition, enacted strict laws to encourage population growth. . Individuals have sought to increase their families for economic reasons as during the agrarian era, to enable them produce more food and become rich. Countries and governments have sought to increase their populations in the past by enacting laws and regulations which encouraged Births and discouraged Deaths. The motivations have varied. Governments have been influenced by economic arguments to bolster their working force, so ensuring that the working population was big enough to sustain dependents; they have been persuaded that national defense requires a larger pool from which to recruit troops; and they have been seduced by the notion that national greatness is linked to population.

In 1873 the U.S. Congress enacted the “Comstock Law”, which regulated public access to birth control devices, medicines, or information for the next 60 years. It was illegal to distribute any device, (condoms etc), medicine or information designed to prevent conception, this was applicable even to physicians. In Europe totalitarian regimes of far-left and far-right and fascists regimes, imposed taxes on unmarried adults. State loans were giving at weddings, only to be written off when a couple produced children. State childcare and subsidized goods for children were meant to further encourage reproduction. In France in the 1920s, laws were introduced to limit the sale of contraceptives and payments were allocated to women who stayed (giving birth ) at home

All countries and governments encouraged their population growth, and treated abortion, manslaughter, euthanasia and murder as serious criminal offences, punishable in some cases with the death penalty.

Malthus was wrong when he said people would starve to death as a result of population growth running ahead of food production; so were the 1970s population-controllers who said massive famines would sweep the populous Third World and wipe out millions. This has been disproved by historical facts. Roger Revelle, Former Director of Harvard Centre for Population Studies, estimated that the less developed continents (whose food supplies are most precarious) are capable of feeding 18 billion people, about six times their then population, while Africa alone is capable of feeding 10 billion people, twice the then world population and about 20 times its own population The fact is that the world has developed so quickly and become so rich because the world population exploded in the past 64 years, from 2 billion to 6.707 billion today. GDP has increased by nearly 40 times. The world is much richer today than it was 64 years ago despite the great increase in population.

MAN is the center of development. Development is by people for people. Where there are no people there is no development. This is the basis of economic development. People produce technology and capital; they are discoverers of resources, the makers of communities, cities, the creators of wealth. As shown by the late Julian Simon, Population growth is positively correlated with economic growth.

The population of Europe today is about 830.4 million that is a density per square Kilometer of about 81.5 people. The population of Africa today is 1 billion that is a density of about 33 people per square kilometer.

For the population of Africa to grow and have the density of Europe per square Kilometer of 81.5 persons and enjoy all that the developed Europe enjoys today, the African population must increase to 2.463 billion people. But according to United Nations projections the African population will only reach that figure in the year 2150, while the population of Europe by the year 2150 would have dropped to 517 million people. The African Population must grow fast to catch up with that of Europe per square kilometer, today.

The predicament of Europe and other industrialized countries like Japan is that their populations are ageing and declining and soon the consequences will be disastrous and catastrophic. Their problem will not be too many children, but too few children, too few children to fill the schools and universities, too few couples buying homes and second cars. Too few consumers and producers to drive the economy forward, and too few workers to provide support, through their tax dollars, for the ballooning population of elderly. All the industrialized countries of Europe and Japan are making serious efforts to stop this declining situation.

“Cash for babies,” Governments across the globe are resorting to bribery to raise birth rates as women increasingly choose not to have babies, (“Women’s Rights) creating a demographic chasm. “Propaganda,” Campaigns have had even less effect. “Immigration,” Many of the countries facing serious population decline have resorted to changing their immigration laws to allow in migrants quickly as a short-term solution to the labor shortage. President Bush decided to reverse American’s policy of depopulating the world. On January 22,2003, President Bush declared in a broadcast that the United States “must protect the lives of innocent children waiting to be born,” but that decision has been reversed by his successor President Obama, and America once more sponsors the killing of innocent children globally through abortion. Europe, Japan and the rest of the industrialized world are trying to stop the fast decline of their populations, but they are not succeeding because decades of false propaganda of “overpopulation” have now had their effect. The “contraceptive and abortion mentality” is now firmly established and their women do not want to have babies. The popular attitude towards children is that they are inconvenient, expensive and, as a group, a threat to the environment.

As we have seen in other exposures, population growth is a must for economic development. Without people there is no development. Africa has to continue growing steadily if it must develop and grow rich. The current world total fertility rate or TFR is 2.2 per woman, not far from replacement rate of 2.1 child per woman and is falling fast globally. Although it is a fundamental right for every African couple to decide the size of their family, government policy should be to encourage every African woman to have at least 5 or 6 children. This material and spiritual sacrifice will pay the parents in their old age and Africa will benefit immensely if it invests in families.

However, there are serious efforts to stall the African population growth and to keep Africa under-populated, underdeveloped and poor.

There are serious Political and economic interests against population growth. After the sudden collapse of communism and the end of the cold war, there was a shift of priorities from military to economic security. The populations of Africa and other developing countries were growing too fast and they could become demographic superpowers causing a shift in the balance of power. Population size is getting more and more important as the determinant of international power. The United States of America and Europe have taken the fight to reduce the populations of developing nations as a priority. The populations of the developing countries must be stopped at all cost.
The methods they use are:

“OVERPOPULATION SCARE”: Sustainable development. Fallacy of Malthusian Theory. Population crisis ideology to influence international agencies and governments.

“WOMENS RIGHTS”: Invoking so called new “Women’s Rights” while underestimating and undermining the woman’s vocation to give life.“ENVIRONMENTAL QUESTIONS”: Invoking them in an excessive or improper way to justify coercive population control.

“CONTRACEPTIVE IMPERIALISM”: Spreading abortifacient products such as RU486, Norplant, and the Pill to very poor countries.

“STERILIZATION AND CONDOMS”: Spreading globally the use of Sterilization and Condoms.

“THE INTERNATIONAL PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION” with branches all over the developing world as the most effective organization to control population growth.

“COERCION AND DECEIT”: The main organizations being the IMF, USAID, UNICEF and UNFPA. Countries to reduce their populations before they can get aid or soft loans. Many desperately poor developing countries feel they have no choice but to accept this Faustian bargain.

The population-controllers of the 1970s said that massive famine would sweep the populous Third World and wipe out millions. This has been disproved by historical facts. Now they are trying to convince the world that fertility is the cause of environmental destruction. Therefore Africa and other developing countries should control the growth of their populations. Whereas the ozone layer is being destroyed by the developed countries, through their industries and their wanton way of living and extravagant consumption. They produce more than 70% of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while Africa produces less than 4%. Climate change is caused by the developed world, not by Africa or the other developing countries. But some governments and NGOs with special economic and political interest want to use this as an opportunity to control the African population. “Slower population growth….would help build social resilience to climate change’s impacts and would contribute to reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions in the future,” the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) says. It said the battle against global warming could be helped if the world slowed population growth by making free condoms and family planning advice more widely available.

The UNFPA would like the UN to fight climate change with free condoms.

One analyst criticized the UNFPA’s pronouncement as alarmist and unhelpful. “It requires a major leap of imagination to believe that free condoms will cool down the climate,” said Caroline Boin, a policy analyst at International Policy Network, a London-based think tank.

In its 1987 report, the UNFPA warned that once the global population hit 5 billion, the world “could degenerate into disaster.” At the time the agency said “more vigorous attempts to slow undue population growth” were needed in many countries.

In 1993 the African Academy of Science refused to sign a declaration, put forward by the Western Academies of Science, in which they had advocated for a “zero population growth”. The note of the African Academy of Science read: “in Africa, population goes on being an important factor for development, without which the natural resources of the continent would remain latent and unexploited”. They also warned that “in some parts of Africa scanty population is a serious problem”UNFPA would like a “UN Climate Agreement” in Copenhagen to include population linkage so that it could facilitate its population control policy. However African countries took a concerted action and boycotted the UN climate talks in Barcelona, saying that scientist say industrial countries should reduce emissions by 25 to 40 percent from 1990 levels by 2020, but targets announced so far amount to far less than the minimum.

The UNFPA was founded with the main hidden agenda of controlling the African population and those of other countries. This UN agency helped set up and run the Chinese one child policy which is responsible for millions of horrible coercive abortions. Because of this policy, there are 37 million more men than women in China. This gender imbalance is the major force driving sexual trafficking of women and girls in Asia.

President George W. Bush stopped American Policy of depopulating Developing Countries. He stopped funding the UNFPA, but his successor President Obama has revoked the suspension and has renewed the funding of UNFPA to carry out its murderous work of depopulating Africa and the rest of the world. Europe is the main supporter of UNFPA, and votes million of dollars every year to UNFPA. African countries should not contribute to the UNFPA because the money is used mainly to depopulate Africa.


In 1921, Margaret Sanger, the racist and eugenicist woman founded the American Birth Control League which eventually became known as Planned Parenthood. The movement was designed primarily to kill black babies. Sanger was a racist who advocated eugenics, so called “selective breeding”, euthanasia, sterilization, and abortion. She published several books in which she often referred to blacks as “genetically unfit” and “human weeds.”

The International Planned Parenthood Federation is the most effective organization used to kill African children and children all over the developing world through abortion. It has branches all over the developing world.

Today its main activities are spreading CONDOMS, promoting ABORTIONS, and spreading immorality among the youth and destroying family values.

Condoms prevent pregnancies thereby stalling population growth.
Condoms do not stop the spread of AIDS in fact they promote the spread of AIDS.

This is a fact scientifically proven and practically tested. Africans love children.

Polygamy, fornication, and promiscuity are not considered sins, by African customs and traditions.

The HIV/AIDS is spread mainly by sexual intercourse. Polygamy and the African excessive love for many children, encourage Promiscuity, and promiscuity encourages the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Hence Africa South of the Sahara has the highest rate of HIV/AIDS infections in the world about 76%. Condoms are promoted by the agents of dearth, to help the spread of AIDS which eventually kill the victims and stalls population growth. Condoms also promote promiscuity and promiscuity promotes casual sex, which promote unwanted pregnancies leading to abortions. Condoms are a terrible evil.

To control the spread of AIDS, Africans must change their sexual behaviors and embrace ABSTAINANCE before marriage and FIDELITY after marriage, because the more condoms they import, the higher the rate of HIV/AIDS infections.

Our friends will give us free malaria tablets, our enemies will give us free condoms.

Today UNFPA and the International Planned Parenthood Federation are spending millions if not billions of dollars to spread and promote the use of condoms to stop the growth of the African population. Today they are spending millions of dollars to promote the heinous crime of abortion, the killing of the African child. They destroy morals by promoting casual sex. They encourage the “woman’s choice” to kill their children by abortion, contrary to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which declares that “everyone has a right to life, liberty and security of person”. Therefore any person or organization or government, who or which promotes or encourages abortion, has no moral right to condemn torture, unjust wars, genocide or terrorism. Abortion is genocides against children. African governments must control the murderous activities of the UNFPA and the International Planned Parenthood Federation. They are the agents of dearth.

European culture has its roots in Christianity and its laws and customs were based on Christian values and the sanctity of life. Europe has become one of the most anti-Christian Countries in the world. Before, divorce was forbidden, adultery was an offence, abortion was an offence, contraceptives were forbidden, homosexuality was an offence, suicide was forbidden, euthanasia was forbidden. Prostitution, bestiality, necrophilia, paedophilia, pornography, and incest were forbidden, today most of them are legalized or allowed. Europe even wants to remove the Cross, the symbol of Christianity from public places.

There are billions of good God-fearing people in Europe, America and throughout the world, they must rise up against the few misguided or evil people who manipulate public opinion, and control most of the governments of the world. We cannot be indifferent to the destruction of marriage, the family and the sanctity of life. We must rise up to defend them. The choice is between Good or Evil, Light or Darkness, Life or Dearth, God or Satan. GOD MUST REIGN.

Chris Ambe is a remarkable journalist based in Cameroon.He is currently Publisher-Editor of The RECORDER,an English language tabloid in Cameroon.Mr Ambe is also an executive member of several journalist associations in Cameroon and a public relations consultant

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