Death Panels? H1N1 shots refused to people over 64 years old ?

I found this post on another Word Press Blog:Posted by Bob Aronson in journaling.

If you are over age 64 and you want the H1N1 flu vaccine (swine flu) forget it! Even if you meet the criteria set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) you will not be allowed to get the vaccine. I know, today I was refused a shot. This development has great significance for everyone over 64 and especially transplant patients with compromised immune systems.

What also interested me were the responses to this post above – although some responded that they were over 64 and were able to get a Swine Flu Shot, many agreed that they were told they could not get one :

2. Jim – November 19, 2009
I recieved a liver transplant at the Mayo Clinic 3 years ago and when I called them to find out if I should have the H1N1 shot, they said “YES”. The only problem is they do not have it as it is not given to the clinic to dispense to us that need it. I checked in our area with the public health nurses and was told the same thing as you. I was told that members of a fire department were able to get the shot though. I will have to check on this more. I am on a volenteer fire department in my town, so maybe……., I hope.
3. Claire L. Safford – November 19, 2009
My local health department (Adams County, IL) gave me the same response — even though I, too, have a compromised immune system due to chemo/stem cell transplant at Mayo 3+ years ago, as well as diabetes and heart issues. It seems like the CDC guidelines leave a gaping hole for people like us, who fit all the guidelines but are over 64. I think it’s an oversight, rather that a rationing thingie, but it needs to be corrected.
5. Judie McConville – November 19, 2009
I, too, tried to get the shot. I had my heart transplant 2 years ago and told them at the local Health Dept. But because I’m over 64 they
wouldn’t give it to me. So, I simply and politely told the nurse on duty that I supposed that if I got the flu and died, it was OK because I was over 64. Go figure!

6. Markman – November 19, 2009
It is not fearmongering…open your eyes and look around. I know several high risk folks over 64 who were refused for age alone. I got my shot and it says right on the sheet you have to fill out that you must be under 64 years old.

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3 Responses to “Death Panels? H1N1 shots refused to people over 64 years old ?”

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  2. I have a real death panel!
    Mine are Doctors that are forcing me to use highly addictive Opiates rather than an herb of which I have a license to use and which was prescribed by another Doctor. The Transplant team has kicked me off saying that I must be an addict even though I have never done intravenous drugs or even drank to excess,and got the Hep-C from a tainted transfusion from Doctors in the 80’s .
    First they give me the disease, then they try to get me addicted to horrible drugs and then when I choose a safe alternative prescribed by a different Dr. They sentence me to a Painful Bloody Death that often includes loosing ones memories and then their mind. They also told me not to complain too loudly because they would see to it that I never get a chance for a liver Transplant…. EVER!!!
    They have no oversight making them a Summery Judgment Death Panel.
    Thanks and I will see you later . . . NOT!!!!!!!!

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