President’s advisor, Valerie Jarret speaks to the National Abortion Rights Action League a radically pro-abortion group

The President’s most trusted advisor Valerie Jarret addresses the NARAL Pro-Choice America’s 18th National Power of Choice Conference at Cipriani in New York City.

Jarret addresses told the radically pro-abortion group at the conference that President Obama would not sign any Health Care Legislation which does not support abortion.

According to Jarret, “Nothing in these bills and nothing the president will sign will change existing policies or erode the choices that women have today.”

“The goal is of course simply to protect you…and we plan to reach the goal – THIS YEAR !”

What does it say about the President that his close advisor is invited to give speeches to the nation’s largest pro-child killing organization?

Open your eyes – these people are radically pro-abortion and if Health Care passes in any fashion they plan on not given us any “Choice” in using our tax money to slaughter innocent babies in the womb!

Just Say’n !

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