UK Newspaper pic of Black Babies to solve carbon emissions appears Eugenic !

The article printed in the UK Guardian is entitled:

Rich nations to offset emissions with birth control

This is the picture shown is this one:

And this is the caption used under the picture:
Babies in Dakar, Senegal. The cost-benefit analysis commissioned by the trust claims that family planning is the cheapest way to reduce carbon emissions.

The article begins:

Consumers in the developed world are to be offered a radical method of offsetting their carbon emissions in an ambitious attempt to tackle climate change – by paying for contraception measures in poorer countries to curb the rapidly growing global population.

As Frank Furedi ,Professor of Sociology at University of Kent, writes , “Looking at the article by John Vidal in the Guardian, which contained that photo of 12 black babies and reported on the OPT’s new initiative inviting people in the West to offset their CO2 emissions by sponsoring ‘family planning’ in the developing world, I am not sure what I found most shocking: the message conveyed through the photograph, or the absence of any anger over the OPT and its supporters’ casual devaluation of human life.

He continues, “What is truly disturbing about this, from a humanist perspective, is not simply that there is a silent crusade against the unique quality of human life, but that there is an almost complete absence of anger about it, a lack of any critical reaction against it. In modern times, there have always been small coteries of Malthusians, eugenic fantasists and bitter misanthropists who were estranged from children and who regarded babies as an imposition on their existences. Thankfully, these people tended to be consigned to the margins of society. Not any more.

“Why is it that, today, the provision of contraception can be promoted as a sensible way of reducing carbon emissions? How do we account for the silence of religious movements whose theology still upholds the unique status of human life? And why are prominent so-called humanists so uninterested in countering this lethal Malthusian challenge to some of the most important ideals that emerged during the Renaissance and later developed through the Enlightenment?

Once newborn babies are dehumanised and recast as little pollution machines it becomes possible to advocate their elimination as an exercise in the reduction of carbon emissions.

Here is an interview from Fox News which I find interesting?

Fox News anchor Alisyn Camerota introduced a new and controversial line of reasoning in the dispute over federal funding for abortion . While acting as the moderator for a debate about an amendment introduced by Sen Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) that would place strict limits on federal funds going to abortion, she asked conservative panelist Kate Obenshain the following question:

If there is no federal money used to subsidize abortions for low-income women, doesn’t that mean there will be more low-income babies, and do any of these amendments talk about the health care for them?

Camerota’s argument — that federal funding for abortions should be provided as a cheaper alternative to the eventual cost of insuring an otherwise increasing number of “low-income” babies — was seemingly made while playing devil’s advocate for the Nelson amendment opposition.

Now children or the lack of them especially Black Ones as the above picture and this “line of questioning”: indicates will “Save the Planet” , “Save the taxpayer”, and selling “Family Planning” to “low income women” and third world nations is the way to do this. Gee..I wonder who the top dispensers of “Birth Control” to these “Black” mothers-to-be will be? My guess is Planned Parenthood the world’s top eugenic organization.

Planned Parenthood was founded on racist and eugenic goals and those who delve deep into Planned Parenthood’s records say this goal has not changed ! Perhaps Obama’s Science Czar will be pleased when he solves “Global Warming” and “Overpopulation” in one push to “Sterilize” the world thru pills and potions as Rev. Jesse Jackson once warned. The question is- which populations will these elitist preachers “reduce”? Perhaps that answer lies in a statement released in a recent New York Times interview where Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg told Emily Bazelon this about the legalization of abortion, “...I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.

Let’s look at where all these abortion clinics are located – African American and Minority Communities. And the stats prove that more African Americans are “sold” abortions than whites. The fix is in and who is being duped ?

Who are these so-called “low income” babies? Perhaps they too are lumped into this term “Populations we do not want too many of” and show up in pictures of articles on carbon emission reduction through family planning.

The “Populations” Ginsburg referred to in Ginsburg’s interview, the Guardian Picture, and the term “Low income babies” is clearly defined in a new film about eugenics, population control, and Black Genocide called: Maafa21. If you have not ordered Maafa21 and watched it- do it now ! You will learn that there is an agenda to limit certain peoples and races and if they can “sell” this eugenic plan through abortion funding in “National Health Care”, “Saving Mother Earth” “Global Warming” and “Carbon Emissions Reduction” they will do it !

Just Say’n!
(Short Clip of Maafa21 Below)

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