You’ve heard of the pro-life Stupak Amendment. Well, now get ready for the controversy over the Mikulski Amendment. Pro-Life groups are NOT HAPPY. The amendment was offered by pro-choice Senator Barbara Mikulski and it was agreed to by the Senate today.

At first glance it sounds fine. It would basically guarantee that, “all women receive an annual health exam — at no cost — and requiring all health care providers to cover comprehensive women’s preventive care and screenings with no copayments.” But Pro-life groups believe it will allow the government to deem abortion a “preventive service” and thus federal funds would be used to pay for abortions.

Senator Mikulski describes her abortion/health care amendment according to what is posted on her website:

Would require all health plans to cover comprehensive women’s preventive care and screenings And cover these recommended services at no cost to women

Preventive services covered would be based off of guidelines supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

Bill also gives HHS Secretary authority to require plans to cover additional preventive services


Cervical cancer screenings for a broad group of women, annual mammograms for women under 50, pregnancy and postpartum depression screenings, screenings for domestic violence, annual women’s health screening, and, family planning services.

Never has abortion been defined as a preventive service. This amendment clearly only covers preventive services

Pro-Life groups say it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that this is a way to get abortion covered as a “preventive service”. And did you notice what services “could” be covered?

Mikulski lists “family planning services”. Pro-life groups say that is code for abortion and indeed when pro-choice groups refer to “family planning services” abortion is part of it. They don’t deny that. I mean stop and think about this for a moment. Mikulski says “family planning services” could be covered and abortion is considered a family planning service so does Mikulski think pro-lifers won’t catch on to this? Mikulski tried passing an amendment similar to this back in July so that Planned Parenthood clinics would be included in the definition of community health services.

Watch the video below where she is pressed on this by Senator Orrin Hatch.

If Congress were to grant any Executive Branch entity sweeping authority to define services that private health plans must cover, merely by declaring a given service to constitute ‘preventive care’ then that authority could be employed in the future to require all health plans to cover abortions,” a letter from the National Right to Life Committee to lawmakers said.

“Therefore, NRLC opposes both the Mikulski Amendment No.2791, and the underlying language of Section 1001, unless additional language is added to explicitly exclude abortion from the universe of services that might be mandated as ‘preventive care,'” the pre-vote letter added.

NRLC legislative director Douglas Johnson indicated that other sections of the bill that bars the HHS Secretary from putting abortion on the “essential health benefits package” list would no longer be relevant because “every health plan in the U.S. would already be forced to cover all abortions under the global ‘preventive care’ mandate issued under authority of Sec. 1001 of the bill, as amended by Mikulski.”

Americans United for Life and the Family Research Council, among other pro-life groups, joined NRLC in asking senators to oppose the Mikulski amendment because of the abortion promotion concerns.

AUL staff attorney Mary Harned released her own analysis of the amendment and said her group opposed it.

“The Mikulski amendment, in pertinent part, requires group health plans and health insurance issuers offering group or individual health insurance to provide coverage for and not impose cost sharing requirements on ‘preventative care’ for women ‘as provided for in comprehensive guidelines supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA),'” she explained.

National Right to Life said the concerns are not hypothetical and pointed out how the pro-abortion movement has talked about making abortion considered as “preventative care.”

The Mikulski amendment that passed the Senate today may be a victory for pro-choice groups for the time being but actually it really could backfire. Don’t think for a moment that Pro-Life Democratic Senator Ben Nelson and his staff aren’t aware of what’s going on here. Senator Nelson was already determined to inject strict pro-life Stupak type language into the Senate bill. Now with this Mikulski amendment in there, don’t be surprised if this makes Nelson even more determined to get his way. Pro-choice groups are happy today but if Nelson doesn’t get his pro-life amendment passed the current healthcare reform bill in the Senate is going down in a ball of flames.


Here is why- Maafa21 (Clip Below)

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