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Democratic mayoral candidate pleads not guilty to disorderly conduct , claims free speech issue

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Providence mayoral candidate pleads not guilty to disorderly conduct
Thursday, December 31, 2009

PROVIDENCE — Democratic mayoral candidate Christopher F. Young pleaded not guilty Wednesday to a disorderly conduct charge stemming from an outburst at a November health-care forum at Brown University.

At his Municipal Court arraignment, Young was represented by Keven McKenna, a former Municipal Court judge, and Tom Brejcha, the president and chief legal counsel for the Thomas More Society, a Chicago-based public interest law firm that opposes abortion.

Young, at the November health-care forum, had voiced his anger at Congress for supporting health-care legislation that he said would provide federal funding for abortions.

McKenna argued that Young was merely exercising his First Amendment right of freedom of speech and that the circumstances of Young’s arrest did not meet the standard for disorderly conduct.

“Politically incorrect speech is still free speech,” McKenna said. “Lively discussion, albeit politically incorrect, is not disorderly conduct. It’s ironic that Brown University is trying to criminalize free speech.”

McKenna says his client will file a motion to dismiss the charge prior to the trial, which was set for Feb. 17.
According to a Providence police report of the incident, Young was “using threatening, disruptive and loud language” during the public comment portion of the Nov. 30 forum. At one point, Young approached Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy, one of four discussion panelists, and “threw” a CD case at him, the police report said.

[ NOTE That was a DVD- and the film was Maafa21: Black Genocide in 21st Century America ]

Young continued to address the forum from the microphone. The police report says officers eventually had to escort him away at the request of forum moderator Dr. Edward J. Wing, dean of Brown’s medical school, because he was being too disruptive. The police then tried to bring Young out of the forum entirely, but, according to the report, he resisted, instead sitting down on the floor while continuing to yell at the panel.

Finally, the officers placed him in handcuffs and charged him with disorderly conduct.

Young, in his explanation of the events to The Journal Wednesday, said Kennedy “nodded” toward him, which he took to mean he could hand the congressman the disc, which contained a documentary on abortion. He denied being disruptive.

Young, 41, of Narragansett, said he has also been banned from Brown University property as a result of the incident. The university sent him a letter this month prohibiting him from entering any building leased or owned by Brown.

“This is clearly a retaliatory action against me as a candidate for Mayor of Providence, because I have publicly stated my desire to tax Brown University property and to remove private police powers from Brown University security,” he said in a statement. “Brown University obviously has a vested interest in trying to stop me from becoming Mayor of Providence.”

Marisa Quinn, a university spokeswoman, said the notice, which was issued by the university’s public safety department, is “consistent with the university’s practices and policies regarding individuals not associated with the university who are arrested on campus.”

Young announced his candidacy for mayor in May and is the only official challenger to Democratic incumbent Mayor David N. Cicilline.

He has run unsuccessfully for several offices –– sometimes simultaneously –– in the past. In 2006, for example, he ran in the Democratic mayoral primary against Cicilline and against U.S. Sen. Jack Reed.

The disorderly conduct charge Young faces is a petty misdemeanor and carries a maximum sentence of either $500, 30 days in jail, or 30 days of community service.

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2/16/2010 UPDATED:

Attorneys from the Chicago-based Thomas More Society are appearing in Providence municipal court tomorrow for a hearing on their motion to dismiss disorderly conduct charges against Christopher Young. Young, a Democratic mayoral candidate, was arrested and dragged away to jail after questioning Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-Rhode Island, about his pro-abortion views at an “open forum” on health care at Brown University last November.

Thomas More Society attorneys argue that Young was not “disorderly” but rather was exercising his First Amendment rights when he questioned Rep. Kennedy about his support for abortion in health care reform and tossed a video onto the table at which the Congressman was seated. The video was Maafa 21, a documentary on the history of abortion aimed at African-Americans that charges Planned Parenthood and other abortionists with “black genocide.” Young’s questions were blunt and spirited but wholly peaceable, falling far short of “fighting words” or threats that might have exceeded the bounds of constitutionally protected speech.

“This event was open to the public and widely advertised as an open forum, that is, an opportunity for the very sort of robust, wide-open debate on critical issues to which our nation cherishes such a profound commitment,” said Tom Brejcha, the Society’s president and chief counsel, “and Young was wholly within his rights in putting tough questions to Kennedy, who never answered but sat smugly and watched while his questioner was muzzled, handcuffed and hauled off to jail.” He added, “Kennedy had argued that every person has a divine spark that entitles him or her to health care, and this provoked questions from Young, also a Catholic, as to how Kennedy could advocate health care laws suppressing conscience rights of Catholics and others who deem it abhorrent that the divine spark is snuffed out in so many infants before they even see the light of day. How sad it is to reflect that the younger Congressman’s late father, patriarch of the Kennedy family for so many years, was once outspokenly pro-life, and that the family has strayed so far from those early and eloquent calls to protect the unborn.”

The hearing to dismiss charges will take place tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. For more information or to speak with an attorney from the Thomas More Society before or after the hearing.

Connecting the Left Wing

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Resource – Discover the Networks Web page- click here

Glenn Beck calls DiscoverTheNetworks a “fantastic”

Pro-choice man who murdered girlfriend and infant on suicide watch

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Seattle murder suspect on suicide watch at Santa Cruz County Jail
By Jennifer Squires From the santa cruz sentinel Posted: 12/30/2009

SANTA CRUZ — A Seattle man accused of killing his girlfriend and infant daughter last week is “on a suicide watch and deeply depressed,” but hasn’t decided if he will fight extradition to Washington state, his court-appointed attorney said.

Daniel Thomas Hicks, 30, made his first court appearance Wednesday morning.

The slender, 6-foot-4 Hicks wore ill-fitting orange and white-striped clothes issued by Santa Cruz County Jail. He answered “yes” when Judge Robert Atack asked if he wanted an attorney, but said little else.

Public defender Larry Biggam, who will represent Hicks, requested the case be postponed to Thursday morning so he could confer with his client. The two also met in County Jail on Tuesday at the request of Hicks’ court-appointed attorney in Washington state, Kevin Dolan.

“Because of (Hicks’) fragile emotional condition right now, I need more time to talk to him,” Biggam told the judge.

A King County Superior Court judge issued a no-bail warrant Dec. 24 charging Hicks with two counts of aggravated first-degree murder, crimes that carry a punishment of life in prison or the death penalty in Washington state.

Hicks has a right to an extradition hearing within 10 days. At the hearing, the District Attorney’s Office and police would have to prove Hicks is the person listed on the King County warrant.

“I need to talk to the client this afternoon and see if he wants to fight extradition or waive extradition,” Biggam said outside of court Wednesday.

Hicks is accused of shooting his longtime girlfriend, Jennifer Morgan, and the couple’s 13-week-old daughter, Ema Morgan, multiple times on Dec. 21. The baby had been shot at least seven times; her mother suffered at least a dozen gunshot wounds, police reported.

According to court documents filed in Washington state, the couple’s friends and relative told police Hicks had been out of work for more than a year and was depressed and suicidal. He had wanted his girlfriend to get an abortion, questioned the baby’s paternity and was disappointed the child wasn’t a boy, court documents stated.

He kept several guns and a cache of ammunition in the family’s basement apartment, where he spent most of his time, and left a note for his brother, Matthew Hicks, in a bag of the brother’s personal items, according to court documents. Matthew Hicks was home over Thanksgiving on leave from his military assignment in Iraq.

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QUESTION: Where are the feminists screaming that this child was murdered because she was not a boy and the mother murdered because she refused an abortion?

UPDATE: Pro-choice man who wanted girlfriend to abort, pleads not guilty to murder of girlfriend and infant

California Pro-Life Group’s Office Suffers Break-In, Opponents Suspected

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Sacramento, CA ( — While the pro-life advocates at the Capitol Resource Institute pro-family group in California spent this past Christmas weekend with family and friends, their opponents appear to have broken into their office. Tim LeFever, the head of the group, shares the update with “Despite extensive security precautions, Capitol Resource Institute’s Sacramento office was broken into over the holiday weekend.

While staff was away with family, some took the opportunity to vandalize and take things of value. Unfortunately, it does not appear that this was a random entry in search of electronics and cash. Those responsible for this act apparently spent time poring through files and other things with little street value,” he explained. “CRI is not too worried that our opponents may have gained a glimpse of our strategy; we are pretty up front about what we do and why we do it. But we take this as another sad reminder of the dynamics of the battle we are in. Opponents of our family friendly agenda have not limited their opposition to conventional education or activism. Our web site has been hacked, our signs and literature destroyed, and our staff has received threats of violence. It is a tribute to the determination of the staff and supporters of CRI, and the importance of this work, that CRI has not backed down. Each attack has been met with a renewed commitment to push on.”

Recently a Pro-Life Pregnancy Center in Arizona was arsoned , a pro-lifer was attacked with a knife by a pro-choicer, a pro-life protester in Michigan was brutally murdered by a pro-choicer. These acts of pro-choice violence are mounting and I am calling for the FBI, Janet Napolitano, and others to investigate the possibility of a pro-choice conspiracy to attack pro-life people and organizations.

To learn more about the recent attacks of pro-choice violence – click here

Anita Dittman – A Nazi Survivor Sounds a Warning

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Anita Dittman – A Nazi Survivor Sounds a Warning

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Surviving Hitler’s Hell

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Surviving Hitler’s Hell

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Anita Dittman was a child when Hitler took over Germany. Her life and family were torn apart as she found her mother taken away to a concentration camp and Anita herself faced starvation, illness, assault and a labor camp. Anita was hours from being exterminated when she escaped from her labor camp and set out on a journey to find her mother. This is the remarkable testimony of how Anita came to surrender her life to Jesus Christ as a youth and survived the Nazi Holocaust through a series of miracles and divine protection. Anita believes that America is going down a dangerous road that looks all too familiar to what she witnessed in Germany. This DVD is must viewing for every student and adult. Your faith will be strengthened and you will clearly see that ideas have consequences, your worldview matters and that God will sustain us through His grace and for His honor and glory even in perilous times and even in the face of death. Anita’s story reveals that even when the Church appears to lose, Christ wins. Distributed by

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First Nelson now Stupak- Whitehouse Health Care pressure Chicago Style

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