Pro-choicer assaults 75 year old elderly pro-lifer at abortion clinic

This is a rough unedited video from security cameras. Pro-lifer, Esther Boozer, 75, was violently pushed by a pro-choice client of the FPA abortion center (the assault happens about 4 minutes into this video). Tim Palmquist was talking to the woman, and Esther noticed her lunge at Tim several times. Esther silently, prayerfully approached Tim with her hands behind her back, and the woman pushed Esther down. Esther fell into the street just as the client’s ride was arriving. Esther’s head was just behind the rear tire. When pro-lifers called the police the client fled the scene. According to pro-lifers, Bakersfield police officers tried to make them out to be the bad guys through a series of lies.

Here is another example of the conduct of pro-choicers:

for more on pro-choice violence and the media silence click here

One Response to “Pro-choicer assaults 75 year old elderly pro-lifer at abortion clinic”

  1. Anyone available for an interview with Day Gardner for Daily Life News regarding this incident? It would air on the following week and than people could listen at a later date to the podcast. Please contact me if interested. Thank you and great this is via the web. We need to continue to expose the injustice of the prochoicers.

    Lindsay R

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