Health Care- Gov’t plans on home visits for low income women, the Maafa21 plan may be in motion

The new Health Care House Bill includes a section calling for home visits to poor pregnant families and poor families with children to provide cultural/relational and reproductive counseling. ( Sounds a little like the old US EUGENICS COURTS) I hope we’ve learned from our past. Watch the film Maafa21 ( Preview at bottom) to learn how eugenics is still in the US today.

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Listen to Elaine Riddick- North Carolina women eugenically sterilized by the State of North Carolina . The head of that Eugenics Court, Susan Casebolt was quoted by the Winston Salem Journal as saying this,
I plan a tickler file on all persons whose names reach me
regardless of age in order that they may be picked up
as they reach the child bearing age.
— Casebolt, Eugenics board minutes, July 27, 1961

newspapers_002 Article here

Here is Elaine’s Story – her testimony in full can be seen in the film Maafa21 (Preview at bottom)

Listen to Nial Ramirez speak about Eugenics: Here

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